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Four Hours Light

by Starmarket

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recall my faith and how I trusted you in everything. in your embrace i would let go of all my sorrows. now i imagine that we meet. see your face across the street. another look and then i walk the other way. one in a crowd and there is nothing left to say. and i won't be back again to your arms. bounds are still between us and i'll always be your son. but for how long will that relation make a difference. and as i feel us drift apart your picture fades within my heart. you've left a space that no one else can seem to fill. it is an ocean wide and deep and hurts me still. feel you love. taking off. slowly fading out. once there were just you and me. now i can't recall
Black Sea 03:21
colors make me blind. and leave me far behind. hate to let you know. usually let go. one more time around. i leave without a sound. there is no black or white. but you're my star tonight. here's the deep black sea. there is nothing left in me. a sinking stone. i think you killed me long ago. there's a deep black sea. somewhere inside of me. slip into the fog. where everything is locked. you're voice from far away. i can hear you say. step into the light. you're my star tonight. and every time. i pretend that i am blind. and i just can't seem to see. any reason to believe
sweet little angel. where have you gone. baby's grown ugly. clumsy and old. spoiled like an emperor. embraced by the crowd. saggy producers don't want you around. where can you go. who likes you now. cause there must be a way out that i cannot find. i can't see straight through the rain. friends are disappearing without a trace. without a way to ask why life has changed. you're going to understand. cause they can be so rough. they'll make you want to die. sweet little angel. sings no more. worshipped at seven. finished at ten. spotlight fades out. your fame is gone. come back in time. help me to ride this out. i can't face another night. i can't face another loss. watch me flake again. help me to ride this out. people say so many things. help me make this tragic ride
i would like to know you. would you like that too. how long will it last. until you see me through. summer ends and i know that my heart belongs here. even though i promised not to let you come near. when you look in my eyes and they're empty. when my mouths speaking empty words. when you feel there is nobody in here. can you promise to disturb. when i don't tell you how much i love you. when the light in my heart is out. when you sense there is no way to reach me. can you promise to not doubt. say you will believe me. even when i won't. that you will have faith even when i won't. winter's here and i feel a spark burn within me. maybe you can lead me out to where i can see. four hours light. this is not the time of year. to feel very glad. god help me cry. it is what i need right now. i don't wanna hide
i remember when we were much younger. when we played down in the neighborhood. year by year the world's been spinning faster. it's so hard to keep the track of time. when i look at you i can't help thinking that sometimes we don't appreciate. all the things that we just take for given. without thinking bout the way we act. hey i'm sorry i was such an asshole and did some things that i don't understand. maybe someday you will learn to trust me. and i will try to be a better friend. when your world is filled with woe and sorrow. then i want you to remember that we're the same blood till the end. well baby's coming back. oh well you know. it's the right side of the track. well it took so long. but i'll see your face again. and it won't be long. i'll never walk away from your side. there's a time for every sin we're making. there's a time for making our regrets. sometimes i wish i could sing like edith and say i didn't wanna change a thing. but i'm sorry for the pain i've caused you. and baby if i could go back in time. i'd be with you in your darkest hour. then i wouldn't turn my back on you. so come on out. see how the weather's changing. though i thought we'd never see the sun. and there's a line forever tied between us. and there will always come a better time. when your world is filled with woe and sorrow. then i want you to remember that we're the same blood till the end
sweetheart tricks went down the drain. we're two rats left on a sinking ship. another weekend trashed again. long for work to get away. like a hat that doesn't fit. although you've tried it a thousand times. this is how I feel about you. we can't seem to get along. what is it you want from me. i can't recall a single time you were being good to me. still it goes the same way every time. don't leave me this way. i'm sure we are better off being together. don't end it this way. i'm sure there'll be times when we get along better. you will understand this later. you'll regret what was destroyed. we mustn't fight about every detail. mustn't try so hard to break each others' heart. see you up the tallest tree. you sulk for hours and won't come down. i'm sitting right here on the ground. say i'm sorry a million times. you say yes and i say no. if you say stop then i will say go. but should it be so fucking hard. to not fight about everything. why don't you just leave here. i promise i won't try to twist your arm. but every time the door slams. i run to get you back inside again. it's a drag. yeah i know. we've had it coming for so long. it seems like nothing went our direction. we're on the last verse of a sad song
ambulance cracking the night. i open up my window. the city streets solemn in the dark. and i can hear the sirens. somebody met the last big sleep. another family tragedy. a tiny note that no one saw in the paper. i went up north. remember it well. could not believe the things they said. i understood when i got there. then it got to me. i can still see the tracks in the snow. you're forever attached to this mold. nothing much changes under the sun. everywhere i can still see your face. your name's written all over this place. nothing much changes under the sun. snow falls hard all over the bay. i see no trace of summer. but was it you that night by the pier. i thought i saw a shadow. where have you gone. where have you gone now. to haunt the empty boulevards. to watch the trains arrive and leave the station. cause there were things we all like to say. we thought there'd be another day. a twisted fate came in you way and it got you. there's a place that i know in the east that still keeps me from grinding my teeth. nothing much changes under the sun
little boy. always scared. never learned how to make friends. pushed around. laughed upon. you are still stuck in a world that's in the past. and it's gonna last. last until you understand. i won't take this even though i'm sorry too. and i know just how you feel. you're not the only one that's striving for the truth. but this is not the way to be. different ways. still the same. guess we never have much choice. without trust for no one. as if everything is all the same today. like nothing's ever changed. will you ever understand. i would like to know your heart. was it like this from the start. is it ever gonna change. will it always be the same. don't you know just what you do. is there only room for you. won't you come in from the cold. won't you leave your lonely road
sun sets in the horizon. so long my friend. hope to see you in the morning. i'm stranded here on this shore upon these rocks. call your name out won't do no good. won't bring you here. without no one you can go far. without no one you can loose a fight. without no one you must face the night. without no one sleeping by your side. sun rise beyond the mountains. hey my old friend. it seems ages since i say you. you never die. always burn beneath the clouds. always alone. growing old on your own
put on a smile and cheer up. it's not the end of the world. got a value of your own. at least that's what i've heard. so hard to face. celebration is what i need. it's a disgrace. but i will bring you down. you're hunted by a million words. have your heart caged like a bird. you're filled with negative creation. to close my eyes not be afraid. to not have my life delayed. what a desired situation. set sail across the ocean. no bounds can keep you in here. always be true to yourself and you will defeat your fears. is there a doubt. a feeling coming from deep inside of being left out. don't let it bring you down
Drive By 03:28
a drive by your house. lit up windows. teevee twinkle. makes me wonder. just one more round. a try to catch you. for a moment. and i know it's over. you can't have it undone. now it's broken. there's no way that we'll get around. i misjudged you. the only one i could trust. now it's all through. and i can't bring back what is lost. you were all that i wanted. all that time i was gone. you were everything to me. one more snowfall. i am leaving. you're still carving out my inside. useless talking. i can't win you. you're not in reach now. and i know
Tonight 06:16
lying wide awake through the night till the break of dawn. gazing for hours and hours at one page in this book. so alone i can't get no rest. last night was a mess. running frantic all over town. just to see you again. and tonight i only feel like a flag hanging still for years. i would give you everything i have to feel your arms around me. and i have lived so many fruitless years without going nowhere. we're sinking into the night. down where that cold river flows. i had some bad dreams last night. perhaps it don't mean a thing. on the bridge you see for a mile. where the river runs out lies the ocean open wide. and so dark in the night. the summer's gone now. what can you do. everything's closing in. something bad afoot in the wind taking everyone. tonight there lies a veil over this town so sad and grey. someone said you're gonna leave this town. don't fit you any longer. and i just wish i could be by your side and leave this place forever. but it's over in my heart and soul. i know it's over. still i cannot sleep until i see you. then i will be gone. then it is over. then i disappear


Remarkable songwriting, effortless lyrics and exceptional production by Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt create a new dimensional sound for the listener - a virtual rock symphony for the ages. Four Hours Light ever so subtly creeps its way into the deepest, darkest corners of the mind and firmly embeds itself. If there ever was a record about girls and boys breaking up, this is it. A more melancholy variation on the aggressive guitar sound Starmarket is known for, this record becomes a sort of soundtrack to your life...trust us on this one. Without a doubt, the biggest moment in the band's history. (DER-388)

"As Sweden's pre-eminent guitar band, Starmarket have created a brilliant exercise in layered, melodic rock with Four Hours Light, their second US release. Starmarket delivers several break-up songs, including 'Drive By' and 'Black Sea.' The latter best demonstrates Fredrik Brandstrom's pensive tenor via lyrics like 'I think you killed me long ago. There's a deep black sea, somewhere deep inside of me.' The dynamic 'Without No I' is built from a wall of guitars, while 'Count With Fractions' is a forceful, string-bending workout. Lush pop doesn't get much better than 'Into Your Arms' or the shimmering emotion of 'Coming From The Cold.' And talk about potential hits, Starmarket's got 'em, even though one senses the band strives toward art over commerce. 'A Million Words' may be the independent pop song of the year, with 'Baby's Coming Back' and 'Don't Leave Me This Way' trailing close behind. Starmarket also exemplifies an unexpected courageousness as evidenced by the sadly stellar, jazz-tinged, 'When The Light In My Heart Is Out' and the downbeat, mellotron touched 'Midnight Caller.' Despite their roots in hardcore, Brandstrom and Company have branched out considerably, serving as a testament to their instrumental abilities. To be succinct, Four Hours Light is a vastly produced, exceptionally performed album. Buy this one and tell your friends." - Music.com

"On 'Four Hours Light' the sound that Starmarket brings is one of diversity. The first song 'Into Your Arms' starts off catchy as hell with a really wonderful piano part that makes me smile and later on they throw in a funk guitar part. Amazing. Actually, the most wonderful thing is that the diversity continues through the whole album. Unlike so many bands out there trying to showcase their entire taste in music on one album, Starmarket can pull it off. From the hard rock sound of 'Count With Fractions' to the steel-pedaled guitar on 'A Million Words' to the beautiful piano finale 'Tonight' it all fits together like I've only wished my life could." - Action Attack Helicopter

"If there was any doubt Starmarket is the best band in Sweden, this unquestionably proves they are. Combining melody, harmony and intensity like no other band...so aurally satisfying...quite frankly, there's nothing negative to say." - Beacon

"The Starmarket sound is definitely unique...the little rock symphony that grows on you. Patrik Bergman and Fredrik Brandstrom possess some very soulful voices and I think that's what really drives this album. There's a lot of passion in their deliverance of lyrics. Starmarket does a good job at making the relationship topic seem fresh, not only with the strong vocals, but the atmosphere created by their instruments. A good example here is the song "When the Light in My Heart is Out," a song with beautiful piano melodies overlapping a moody electronic sounding backdrop. Very endearing, indeed. It seems to be the strongest song on the disc and is definitely worth a repeat listen. Four Hours Light is surprisingly infectious." - Jagged



released April 11, 2000


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