Don't Leave Me This Way

from Four Hours Light by Starmarket



sweetheart tricks went down the drain. we're two rats left on a sinking ship. another weekend trashed again. long for work to get away. like a hat that doesn't fit. although you've tried it a thousand times. this is how I feel about you. we can't seem to get along. what is it you want from me. i can't recall a single time you were being good to me. still it goes the same way every time. don't leave me this way. i'm sure we are better off being together. don't end it this way. i'm sure there'll be times when we get along better. you will understand this later. you'll regret what was destroyed. we mustn't fight about every detail. mustn't try so hard to break each others' heart. see you up the tallest tree. you sulk for hours and won't come down. i'm sitting right here on the ground. say i'm sorry a million times. you say yes and i say no. if you say stop then i will say go. but should it be so fucking hard. to not fight about everything. why don't you just leave here. i promise i won't try to twist your arm. but every time the door slams. i run to get you back inside again. it's a drag. yeah i know. we've had it coming for so long. it seems like nothing went our direction. we're on the last verse of a sad song


from Four Hours Light, released April 11, 2000


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