from Four Hours Light by Starmarket



lying wide awake through the night till the break of dawn. gazing for hours and hours at one page in this book. so alone i can't get no rest. last night was a mess. running frantic all over town. just to see you again. and tonight i only feel like a flag hanging still for years. i would give you everything i have to feel your arms around me. and i have lived so many fruitless years without going nowhere. we're sinking into the night. down where that cold river flows. i had some bad dreams last night. perhaps it don't mean a thing. on the bridge you see for a mile. where the river runs out lies the ocean open wide. and so dark in the night. the summer's gone now. what can you do. everything's closing in. something bad afoot in the wind taking everyone. tonight there lies a veil over this town so sad and grey. someone said you're gonna leave this town. don't fit you any longer. and i just wish i could be by your side and leave this place forever. but it's over in my heart and soul. i know it's over. still i cannot sleep until i see you. then i will be gone. then it is over. then i disappear


from Four Hours Light, released April 11, 2000


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