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by Starmarket

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everybody's gone. everybody has vanished. i don't know where. gone off to outer space. or somewhere over the oceans. they are hiding. we're just looking for a reason. that will get us out of here. where there's room for some more seasons. than winter all the year. i don't know. i guess it's up to me. can't decide. this time i will not care about the rest. i'll have it my way. untie the ropes that keep me tied down. keep me tied down. here it comes again. get that feeling too often. much too often. a sense of something lost. a hunch that it is over. you were left out. there is nothing left in this place. nothing left to say. i don't have to prove i'm stronger. i walk the other way. you will find there's no place. where you'll find peace of mind. when it's just your own mind. that needs change you will find. what you love. what you hate. what you do. what you don't. what you lose. it's up to you
Losing Track 03:31
that fixed idea will drive you insane. keeps you from life. keeps you from thinking straight. afraid to live. afraid to try. get out on the streets. step into the burning flames. the emptiness inside. won't stay forever in your heart. it never leaves it never lives. if you only try to hide. won't chase you down here anymore. you will have to chase me now. i'm losing track. and i'm losing grip. can you be my shelter. i need a shelter. been here too long. lost track of time. nothing to do. too much to ponder on. still i reject the thought of you. it hurts to know. it hurts to understand. another endless day. comes to an end. we say hooray. so hard to breathe. so hard to try. so hard to see the days go by. i got sucked and choked. on the thin small town air. somewhere there must be room enough to grow. but i'm not sure
sunshine. right outside the window. laughing in my face. once again. get up. don't give in this morning. maybe things will change. today. bad dreams haunting. keep forgetting. slip into the fog. you can't come. cause you belong to no one. decided on your own. you belong to no one. tread alone. safe inside your castle. safe behind your bars. you belong to no one. car sound. following the sunlight. soon another day. will be gone. call her. she might understand now. and she might take you in. at last. seasons changing. not our distance. green will turn to brown
Wither 02:43
fade in. fade out. caught in a trap. thick walls in the castle. through which nothing can pass. how could i not. how can i keep it. i thought you'd take away the pain. it had a purpose. but that is over now. why did it have to come again. filled up. still empty. locked deep inside. would you help me. if i tried to tear it down. cause i think the stone is weathered. it is always on my mind to get through. i've got nothing to go back to
Choker 02:18
it's up to you. that's what she said. and i knew it was coming. it rang in my head. until i was struck dumb. like every time. i was swept away. i just felt like running. start counting days. to come back again. i don't know what this is. or how to make it better. cause again it calls me up. although i should not be there. it's my truth. and my faith. and has always been my shelter. it's going to drown me. what is the point. not to get close would make us feel much better. maybe too late for that anyhow. i don't approve and there is no time. i wish i met her later. if it was my choice. but now it's not
North 03:46
new light. slips in through my venetian blinds. let's fly out now. it will light up your mind. it still burns in the west. make it cozy here up north. but it still stays the same. and it still smells the same. it's better to stay put instead of choosing a side. you are not scared. but you will feel the shame this time. watch you join the crowd. leaving me with scornful smile. stay down. don't fool yourself to let it out. for just a short while. a chance to feel all right. rain still pours. on a roof of a small suburban house. it still sounds the same. it still tastes the same. if we could only just one time. before we'll be divided. if we could only just once reach out. out of our small lives. then there would be no more
all your hatred soaked up in the walls. terrifying as it fills the room. pouring out and hitting anyone. no regrets and making your eyes glow. faces looking down. no one makes a sound. you know i hate you still. and everything you did. it just makes me shudder. i guess it always will. you crushed everyone. who wouldn't play your game. and i came in your way. no compassion. always striking downwards. intoxicating everyone around. you gave your fear to me and made it grow. it's still there awaiting to be found. and always when we meet. i get freezing cold. all those words escape me. though they should be told. thrown back to that time. and all those years you stole. i turn into stone. and everything goes down. who knows where it started
Top Floor 03:33
what can i do. say what is new to myself. where can i hide. and get aside from myself. i'm getting so tired of this. it shades my sight. i'm going blind in all this. i cannot fight. once again things fall inside me. once again i then deny me. once again things fall apart. and once again i have to start. rebuilding everything i know. what is the point. i've been so far from myself. it makes no sense. i should be a friend of myself
your fingers were crossed. you held a thumb across your lips. swore to be true. this time the promise wouldn't be a fake. but you just did it again. made me believe. that i was safe. i thought i found a way. to you trust is just a word. things we say in privacy. were meant to stay untold. but you seem to disagree. you can sell your friends. you don't seem to understand. the difference between a good friend and a bad friend. give her a clue or just a detail. sure she's not the only one. she can't resist the chance. to share it with somebody else. all the confidence was gone. you left me cold down to the bone. but you can tear things apart. you can break a heart or two. and it don't make you feel ashamed. you'll be alone. and die on your own
don't believe it. it's all lies. don't let it get into your heart. you always got along. it was your fear that made you strong. don't believe it can't get better. this is what you have. this is what you will get. nothing of that matters. matters anyhow. you gave it all away. cause you really had to. and you will never reach it. never reach it now. don't let it get you. cause you'd fall out. you better stay behind that line. you learned to live this way. so don't you care about what they say. trust yourself it's so much safer. turn off the light. and lock the door. let no one know. no one at all. it's been too long. since you were out. and no more


The leading torchbearer of dynamic song-structure in Sweden, Starmarket now makes its debut in America. Armed with the powerful idea "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Starmarket creates an irresistible mix of driving hardcore and post-punk rock that pulses with furious energy. Originally an EP only available in Europe, Calendar was re-mastered to include "You Can't Come" and more. Unreleased song "Last Verse" on Emo Diaries 3. (DER-374)

"Starmarket are characterized by emotional ebullience, guitars which balance pristine clean-channel sections with the dirtiest of distortions and tempos which are more groove-oriented than spastic. Calendar sends guitar melodies, jazz chords and harmonic screeches bursting forth in a supernova of energetic abandon. Pay special attention to the middle section of "Losing Track" where the guitar chords ring independently of the firmly bound bass and drum accents. The mellow and deeply affecting "You Can't Come" boasts an offbeat ride cymbal pattern which impressively never falls out of step. Each song supplies a unique flavor to the overall feast. Best of all, the variety maintains the listener's interest throughout. Sweden has truly proven to be a prolific breeding ground for many of today's most promising bands. Starmarket has made a highly satisfying contribution to its offerings." - Pitchfork

Starmarket are the real deal. This album is an exercise in powerful, disciplined melodic hardcore pulled straight from the depth of the soul. The passion that roars is crushing, enveloping and all encompassing. Despite their Swedish origins, their lyrics are incisive and the vocals intense. The whole assault leaves you gasping for breath and needing more." - Kerrang

"Probably the best blend of indie-melodic-punk-pop-hardcore you will ever hear. I kid you not, the playing, production, emotion and delivery on this outstanding release will leave you breathless." - Flipside

"Starmarket actually bends the formula much more to the power pop side of the subgenre, displaying an affinity for solid, developing melodies and ace guitar-bending. There are hints of early Dinosaur Jr. and even Swervedriver here and there to differentiate the band from its emo trappings. Musically, Starmarket is technically adept. Drummer Magnus manages tricky rhythms and transitional passages with aplomb, giving plenty of structure for guitarists Frederik and Jesper to saw across. The more emo-core bands tear down the walls of their own rooms, the more compelling the music will become. Good as it can be, emo is in sore need of some fresh air. Starmarket is one of the few bands doing just that, and they're making some arresting, aggressive pop music in the process. Calendar is just that breath of fresh air, and it feels good right in the middle of your chest." - Eye



released May 4, 1999


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