Losing Track

from Calendar by Starmarket



that fixed idea will drive you insane. keeps you from life. keeps you from thinking straight. afraid to live. afraid to try. get out on the streets. step into the burning flames. the emptiness inside. won't stay forever in your heart. it never leaves it never lives. if you only try to hide. won't chase you down here anymore. you will have to chase me now. i'm losing track. and i'm losing grip. can you be my shelter. i need a shelter. been here too long. lost track of time. nothing to do. too much to ponder on. still i reject the thought of you. it hurts to know. it hurts to understand. another endless day. comes to an end. we say hooray. so hard to breathe. so hard to try. so hard to see the days go by. i got sucked and choked. on the thin small town air. somewhere there must be room enough to grow. but i'm not sure


from Calendar, released May 4, 1999


all rights reserved



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