Everybody's Gone

from Calendar by Starmarket



everybody's gone. everybody has vanished. i don't know where. gone off to outer space. or somewhere over the oceans. they are hiding. we're just looking for a reason. that will get us out of here. where there's room for some more seasons. than winter all the year. i don't know. i guess it's up to me. can't decide. this time i will not care about the rest. i'll have it my way. untie the ropes that keep me tied down. keep me tied down. here it comes again. get that feeling too often. much too often. a sense of something lost. a hunch that it is over. you were left out. there is nothing left in this place. nothing left to say. i don't have to prove i'm stronger. i walk the other way. you will find there's no place. where you'll find peace of mind. when it's just your own mind. that needs change you will find. what you love. what you hate. what you do. what you don't. what you lose. it's up to you


from Calendar, released May 4, 1999


all rights reserved



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