Leaving Rouge - Rooms

from by Various Artists



if these ceilings could speak we'd never need a tv. so much life having gone on beneath. some old brown eyes that once stared above. whispering thoughts about getting on. and traveling places we'll never know. inside we're doing it all again. we're fucked up like we've always been. we're lucky we stand but it's alright. we do it all the time and we're getting by fine. the faces framed on your wall. laugh at you from their view. as you talk yourself into corners. of places you once knew. and i learned about you by going through your things. when your back was turned and my eyes wandering. pitctures tacked on a wall from five years ago. when there was less of you to know. when it was hard and long to think. these are the mirrors where we speak of our lives in the morning. with whatever light comes through. the bathroom window in white shapes that have. nothing to do with me or you. and who will see you off to work. walking snowed sidewalks and. disbelieving in the telephone poles. cause you hear the word heart too much. muttered on the radio by some fuck. as you close your eyes and count your knives. and try to make it all all right. and it's been hard and long to think. these are the rooms where we push off our days in the evening. with whatever light comes through. the bedroom windows in white shapes that have. nothing to do with me or you. what could have been don't ever tell. you don't know now and you never will


from This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 1, released October 26, 2004


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