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Hopes And Denials

from Hopes And Denials by The Ghost Of Otis



The thoughts always come faster than the words. In fact, once a thought is there, It's always there. It's always questioned. (the constant progression) Some see life in this way, but they're far and few between. When you find them, though, you find hope but hopes were made to be dashed. So you lose confidence in the common man and make yourself an unjustified legend. You go out with your ideas already set, but your hopes are crushed again. You come to your own conclusions, contradicting the ones you had before. The thoughts always come faster than the words. By the time words are ready for form, the thoughts have backed up, And it's hard to handle. All you can do is form your own meaning. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. It's the way of things. To find yourself, you can't follow the carpenter, the shepherd, or the prince, unless that's what you happen to be. So my words don't get taken offensively, please understand that I'm not trying to preach. I'm just spreading the words of my savior, myself, my mind. It's so hard for some to break the habit. Lessons taught for thousands of years seem so logical to believe. After all, 10 million Jesus freaks can't be wrong. But it's all up to speculation and interpretation, so everyone's busy thinking their own thing, but seeing structure makes it hard to see individuality. Everyone's searching for their golden path, leading to their city of gold. But such things don't exist. And some spend too much time searching for their golden life that they can't see the pyrite; sure, a little less pricey, and a little uglier, but well worth the search. Plus, by the end, their head won't be stuck up their ass. But there's more to itä I wonder if the first men saw the shiny shit and said "Oooooh." Sure, it was pretty, but a chicken must have held more value; all those eggs and a meal near the end of its life, what a wonderful life that must have been. Why don't we take a step back before we see it all crumble before us? It's going to happen. I'm not sure how, and I'm not sure when, but it's going to happen. And it's going to have happened because of us, the human race. We fucked up. Why do you think a monkey still shits in the forest? Because they're smarter than us. They can survive without our tools and look at us as if we were assholes and do it with true confidence. Keep your thoughts but accept new ideas, accept changes. It's all going as planned. Both the calendars of the Mayans and Egyptians have us down and out in 2012. Funny thing is, Nostradamus stopped his prophecies at around the same time, and the Bible Code would agree. And we're all bringing it closer with our modern conveniences without second-guessing our actions. I can't stand it. I can't see how you could. Stop feeding the fire, or you're going to get burned. That's it, enough said. There's still time left. Don't give up yet. There's still time left. Don't give up yet. There's still time left. Don't give up yet. There's still time left. Don't give up yet. There's still time left.


from Hopes And Denials, released April 20, 2011


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