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The Connection

by Ride Your Bike

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i saw the connection between the signs on the road and the end of the street. it was the day la saw stars someone pushed aside the smog. let them see what they've been missing. i wish i knew what i do know now. i know it's dim but it's the truth somehow. and later on i learn you yell loud. what the hell happened to you. when will this sly chemical give up and pull her teeth from me. dawn is a sweet delusion. best not to think it's free. i laid eyes on the golden gate. it felt so strange. and there i drove across the sea. into that city. oh elly i saw you in the sky tonight. yes sir, long after the stars died and i. hold on. i wish i knew what i do know now. i know it's dim but it's the truth somehow. and somehow the truth feels like i'm free now i felt it crawling in my hands when thailand was still siam
Spark 03:22
this is how it all went down. we made love by the cliffs of plum island sound. and on the stones we scratched out knees. we bare scars of sweet memory the night that you fell asleep. but my eyes caught her at a spark. i showed her a flower that just opened up. and maybe we can fix this maybe i. could be your prince and wake you up by the oceanside. there she sleeps on a bed of nails. wrapped up in beach plum thorns shoving key limes into mexican ales. my real life fairy tale stoned and drunk to all hell don't worry i would never tell. oh yeah, and she'll wake up on her own this time. take one look around this island and go back to sleep. can you blame her i know that this is not what you had seen when you were imagining your first. time with me. i know just breath. yeah
Coat Rack 03:56
so if you're looking for a place to call your home. i'll offer you my room it's not much but it can be your throne. and it come with my heart you should know. and by the way i saw that journal reading cop. and i told him you say hello. so is this a place where you could hang your hat. don't ya see my hat's always been hanging on your old coat rack. the one in the corner that held your father's overcoat. and jackets way too small now cause everybody grew up. so put your dress on and you can do my tie. and i swore that i'd listen last time that you did this. but here i am with my tie in my hands. see that brown sweatshirt in the closet. my that's mine your mom washed it. that time you got car sick and i never got it back. i want it back. but it's useless we both out grew it. hold it up to your eyes a sacrifice. i'm yours if you can tie this right
Firefly 02:39
fireworks and rain oh what a shame it happens. it was the fourth of july. glowing summer tan you scrapped your knee again. and i know it was a making you cry. cause they light up the night. and they shine so bright in that summer sky. and the fireflies do the same. an insect the stars try to emulate. little weeds and flames. day and night it seems. and we sang it was the fourth of july. those were the days. escaping to the shade. and i know we were getting it high. and each firefly grabs a strand of hair. beautiful medusa with your eyes wild red dear
Bus 03:26
so i got to the back of the bus. learned that to live is to love. it's the only thing that makes sense. it gives purpose to all this time spent. if there's one thing i know. time it don't move slow. if there's one thing i've seen. you gotta breathe deep. cause i have a feeling that someday. air it won't be free. and when that time come remember. this thing. and so i look around here. there used to be paintings in the streets. but they have been ruined by the souls of soldiers feet. and i can't repair them. cause i can't paint worth anything. if there's one thing i'll dream. it's bright lights and a screaming sea. if there's one thing i'll do. it's kiss i'll kiss you. cause i have a feeling that someday. you'll be gone from me. and when that time comes remember. this thing. so i got to the back of the bus. i learned that life is a whole lot of lost love. but they say the glove only fits. if we make our hands shrink a little bit
i thought for a second there you woke up. but i was wrong. and all that girl wants is a song. and all the guy wants is to feel like. he wrote it for someone. you can rewrite, rewrite and rewrite you diary. but there's no need. they know exactly what they're doing. and they anticipate expression before they've told you anything. and they've got plans but i say fuck them. and i had a dream this one time. you had a candle and i. was kneeling by an epitaph except it wasn't mine. what does it say i hope it's kind. beloved father beloved son he was so young. we will always keep you room. always the way it was. and that's all he could ask is that we remember. a piece of his past. do you know that i once loved you. and i still do but i don't want to. and i have yet to meet somebody genuinely unscarred. and for that i'm sorry but i'm not him. i'm the one i know you could fall in love with. beloved mother my lovely dove she was so young. we will always keep you painting up on the walls. and that's all she could ask is that we look at. a piece of her past. this song's for the time we took those chances. this song's for the thing that we did wrong. this song's for the time we took those chances. this song's for the things we did right. this song's for the lovers the ones that put it on the line. they just don't see it will they ever regret it in time. i had a dream this one time you had a candle and i. was kneeling by an epitaph but this time it was mine. what does it say i hope it's kind. beloved brother beloved son he was so young. we will always listen to your songs when we're having fun. and that's all i could ask is that you listen to a piece of my past


Ride Your Bike's narrative sensibility and songwriting ability is innovative, unique and simply unforgettable. On The Connection, frontman Mike Getches boldly rejects pop's routine formula, seizing instead the genre's affinity for melody and injecting it with unpredictability and whimsy. Getches' voice is warm, soaring but tempered with fragility. But unlike so many bands, Ride Your Bike avoids overwrought emotionalism, instead creating indie anthems peppered with unusual instrumentation like strings, horns and gang vocals. "On The Connection, I wanted to trigger special memories within people...the kind of memories that spark a half smile and a warm heart. The lyrics are image-based, written in a unique way to show the listener the song, rather than just listen to it. My inspiration comes from the feeling I get when I write a song...like I am doing something with purpose, something that is really worthwhile" says Getches. The Connection overflows with catchy hooks and airtight sing-along choruses, proving Getches to be a true pop craftsman with more than a few eye-opening tricks up his sleeve. (Note: artwork on the physical CD is different than the artwork on the digital version of the album. The digital album artwork is shown here). (DER-501)

"The Connection is the follow up to the Ride Your Bike's debut Bad News from the Bar. They deliver a 6 song album on Deep Elm Records that is reminiscent of The Get Up Kids and Stay What You Are era Saves The Day. This record is punctuated with catchy hooks; sing along choruses and narrative lyrics that paint the scene perfectly. The flow of the album is perfect in my opinion. It's the right mix of slower and up tempo tracks. The title track, The Connection, starts with a slow beat and builds perfectly to a danceable chorus that gets stuck in your head almost instantly. The addition of some stringed instruments to this track just puts it over the top for me. Perfection all around. The third track on the album, Fire Fly, is a track that reminds me more of Saves The Day. I also hear a little bit of The Anniversary. Again...awesome. It's almost like this album has elements of everything I loved about pop punk circa 2000. Once again, you are hit with a catchy chorus and the vocal style just sticks so well. PERFECT. Overall...go get this. Right now. Imagine if The Get Up Kids didn't go the direction of On The Wire, this is where they would be. Definitely 5 out of 5 on this one." - Stereo Killer

"Deep Elm is one of those rare labels that never signs bands that are already big or that are hyped, yet you always know that it's going to be worth your time. That's once again the case with Ride Your Bike's 'The Connection.' If The Get Up Kids hadn't gone all mellow on us, I'm imagining this is what they would've sounded like. Think of 'Stay What You Are' era Saves The Day or Death Cab at their most boisterous. The songs on here are upbeat, come with catchy hooks and good lyrics and have a way of staying in your head for the rest of the day. My only qualm with this release if you can call it one is that it's just six songs long. I want to hear more dammit! If you are looking for some seriously rocking songs with pop sensibilities, look no furtherŠThe Connection is all you'll need." - Punk Rock Theory

"Perhaps the most aptly named band I've reviewed, Los Angeles natives Ride Your Bike play the sort of contemporary heartfelt and melodic indie-rock that bands like Saves The Day or The Get Up Kids helped popularize. A six song effort here, frontman Mike Getches wanted to write the best songs he could that would help people realize the interconnectedness between everyone, the planet, even the universe. With endless hooks, dynamic pop sensibilities, and sing-a-long choruses on 'The Connection', even if you don't try to understand just where Getches is coming from lyrically, it's pretty hard not to succumb to the pure harmony and catchiness of the songs. Ride Your Bike are worth a listen for anyone who enjoys warms, soaring indie rock that oozes with pop melodies and intelligent, articulate wordplay. For fans of Copeland, Say Anything, Death Cab For Cutie and Honorary Title." - go211



released February 18, 2010


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