Coat Rack

from by Ride Your Bike



so if you're looking for a place to call your home. i'll offer you my room it's not much but it can be your throne. and it come with my heart you should know. and by the way i saw that journal reading cop. and i told him you say hello. so is this a place where you could hang your hat. don't ya see my hat's always been hanging on your old coat rack. the one in the corner that held your father's overcoat. and jackets way too small now cause everybody grew up. so put your dress on and you can do my tie. and i swore that i'd listen last time that you did this. but here i am with my tie in my hands. see that brown sweatshirt in the closet. my that's mine your mom washed it. that time you got car sick and i never got it back. i want it back. but it's useless we both out grew it. hold it up to your eyes a sacrifice. i'm yours if you can tie this right


from The Connection, released February 18, 2010


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