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Brandtson / Camber

by Various Artists

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all you wanted was to be wanted. maybe even loved in some kind of dream. it's over and you smell him on your clothes. touch the wall to see if you're alive. you're asking yourself why. frozen over and even colder and no one knows why. but they don't understand. you're barely breathing. your heart stops beating. i can see it in your eyes. all you know is how you're treated. and this thing called love is just a child's dream. it's colder still when morning finally comes and you're driving home all alone. frozen over and even colder and you don't know why. i can see it in your eyes, you don't understand. and you're that girl with pin-straight hair and curling iron burns just below her ear. let's meet up at the dirty lake and we'll talk the black skies blue. we'll spit and cuss as they rain on us and watch the trees start screaming
god damn it you fooled me. i got suckered again. with so much to digest. set-up for the conquest. man you really impressed. yeah, you nailed me. in the fight for who ruled me. you came on like a friend. all that beating your chest. claiming you were the best. you've been put to the test. but you failed me. how you set yourself apart. was my duty and pleasure. to cast a vote for your performing art. when you said that you loved me. that really blew your stock right off the chart. but i got dealt from the start. in your blitz krieg for power. gave the facts quite a spin. you cajoled and finessed. practically effervesced. big ideas you expressed. yeah, you thrilled me. now you sit in your tower. wiggled out of your skin. now i've got to protest. you've become self-obsessed. serving your own interest. yeah, that chilled me. when you grin-fucked me to hell. i was first one in line to suck in. your very sexy show and tell. thought that we were in love. that paid message pumping overtime. you were all over the dial. to get a leg-up for the climb. amazed at how far you can get. on a promise and a smile. vote no for substance. yes for style. but you said that you loved me. just one final request. can you give it a rest?. it's your noise i detest. now i've shaken off your spell. and ripped your sloganeering button off of my lapel. thought you said that you loved me. i am no longer buying what you sell. i got screwed from the bell
woke this afternoon to skies of gray. got my fingers crossed it blows away. a familiar tune stuck on replay. chances are i'll probably sleep all day. cause i don't care. got a mean depression on. and i don't care. a wallow-in-it marathon. and i don't care. any hope i might have had is gone. and i don't care. but i don't care. no i don't care. far from upbeat. underfed. got a battle raging in my head. in full retreat and full of dread. chances are i won't get out of bed. and i don't care. think i'm clinically undone. but i don't care. and i'm tragically unfun. but i don't care. dragging bags around that weigh a ton. and i don't care. and i don't care. no i don't care. alone now all my friends are gone. got my old smiths records on. gonna drink until i'm blind. cause i might not like what i find it's safe to say. curled up in a ball lying on the floor. chances are i won't get out the door. but i don't care. hate the stuff i once adored. cause i don't care. and i'm bitter to the core. but i don't care. even depression's become a bore. and i don't care. and i don't care. cause i don't care. no i don't care. cause i don't care
watch while it grows. from embryos blooms a rose. dressed up in clothes. borrowed just so you can be them. through audios. you expose long agos. for kids at the shows. promise 'em all that you'll see them. next year. all been done and you've had your fun. the campaign's run its course. concede it. pay through the nose. weathering blows, highs and lows. tossing hellos. to anyone willing to hear them. sparkles and glows. cameos on radios until they dispose. of everything that you held tightly and dear. job well done your time in the sun. pretending that you didn't need it. bleary-eyed watching worlds collide. the future's open wide, just see it. it's right there in front of your eyes. it's time for you to go so wave goodbye. now that it's through you can believe it. was worth the try. but now it's time for you to leave it. and wave goodbye. the past is gone you can't retrieve it. have a good cry. and you'll be okay in time. job well done now you've had your fun. just run out of a way to feed it. the truth has left no place else to hide. a new life opens wide so seize it. it's right there in front of your eyes


Two veteran Deep Elm bands have joined together with all new, unreleased songs for the third release in our Split Series. The past two splits between The Appleseed Cast / Planes Mistaken For Stars / Race Car Riot DER-378) and Red Animal War / Slowride (DER-412) have been extremely well received by fans, press and radio, so you should expect no less this time around. You get Brandtson's masterpiece of catchy, melodic perfection called "Dead Animals" plus three of the best songs Camber has ever recorded. From the songwriting to the lyrics to the outright quality, these four songs are a prime indicator of why these bands continue to receive accolades and praise from critics and fans around the globe. (DER-426)

"Split EP of the year? I think so...this is a real gem. Deep Elm rarely fail to produce the goods and this release featuring Brandtson and Camber is no different. In fact, it's nothing short of sublime and makes me want to track down more songs from each band. Brandtson's track, Dead Animals, is so good it leaves me wanting to put on their other records. It carries on in the same melodic vein as Death & Taxes and is sure to win even more new fans. Camber provides three songs for this split and it's the first time that I've come across them, but I can assure you that it won't be the last. There's probably more of a throaty or raw vocal style which gives the band an edge. I Could Not Care Less sound absolutely fantastic while Goodbye Mr. Spaulding shows that they have a quieter side that proves they can be just as effective unplugged. In short, this is one release that you must own." - Punktastic

"This split EP features previously unreleased material from some acts that have been on Deep Elm long enough for the label to call them veterans; Brandtson and Camber. All in all, an enjoyable barometer for where emo is going and a healthy example of artists pushing the form beyond its boundaries. With more forward-thinking releases like this from Deep Elm, perhaps at some point the appeal of a lazy tag-on identifier like emo will become obsolete." - Rockpile

"Brandtson leads off the third release in Deep Elm's Split Series and rest assured you will not be disappointed with its precisely placed vocal harmonies, interesting half times and broken down break up lyrics. Next is Camber with an assault of squealing guitars and pounding backbeats which definitely makes them the stand out act here." - 30music

"This is the third installment in Deep Elm's Split Series and it's further proof that this label is the reigning power in punchy indie rock. Brandtson are poppy bliss. and if you're feeling sweet, these guys always deliver. Camber start off with a noisier beast, featuring off-kilter vocals and some nice, swirling guitar riffs. I'll be looking forward the next chapter of Deep Elm's Split Series." - Flex Your Head



released August 11, 2003


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