Camber - Dealt

from Brandtson / Camber by Various Artists



god damn it you fooled me. i got suckered again. with so much to digest. set-up for the conquest. man you really impressed. yeah, you nailed me. in the fight for who ruled me. you came on like a friend. all that beating your chest. claiming you were the best. you've been put to the test. but you failed me. how you set yourself apart. was my duty and pleasure. to cast a vote for your performing art. when you said that you loved me. that really blew your stock right off the chart. but i got dealt from the start. in your blitz krieg for power. gave the facts quite a spin. you cajoled and finessed. practically effervesced. big ideas you expressed. yeah, you thrilled me. now you sit in your tower. wiggled out of your skin. now i've got to protest. you've become self-obsessed. serving your own interest. yeah, that chilled me. when you grin-fucked me to hell. i was first one in line to suck in. your very sexy show and tell. thought that we were in love. that paid message pumping overtime. you were all over the dial. to get a leg-up for the climb. amazed at how far you can get. on a promise and a smile. vote no for substance. yes for style. but you said that you loved me. just one final request. can you give it a rest?. it's your noise i detest. now i've shaken off your spell. and ripped your sloganeering button off of my lapel. thought you said that you loved me. i am no longer buying what you sell. i got screwed from the bell


from Brandtson / Camber, released August 11, 2003


all rights reserved



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