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Assisted Living

by Clair De Lune

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Killjoy 03:18
this party's giving more light. pills popped in time for night life. oh come on, watch and see addicted personalities split. about this time next week, she'll have found another reason. applaud. we'll pass it off and on and on and on. one counters one more follows. moods come with pills she swallows. surprisingly she stares and mates the blame on things she won't share. (oh) dare i say it? it's not that complicated. daily life became a fight. that's what we all share tonight after night after night. she drowns in suicidal sanctuary. think she'll bleed it out? she's wasted now. people crave attention. people get what they deserve. about this time tomorrow she'll have lost another. (oh) it hurts to be excused. who needs her abuse? this burning bridge. this drama queen. she's falling head first out of reach. i guess her seed is sown. this is getting so sad. these cries for help, i got broken bones of my own. (oh) dare i say it? it's not that complicated. daily life became a fight. that's what we all share tonight. can she feel this or should i let her know? should we smash the television and unplug the telephone? is this the last retrieval? i should push her overboard. can she feel it? yeah
Checkers 03:05
put on your shoes. put on your lies. cover your eyes. play the fool. you won't let life pass you by. now they know. we'll never escape. this will be your first regret from many attempts where we pretend to hide. mind in bloom as culture moves around us. ignore the trends and social cliques. we only see their faults. you don't recall and you won't pretend. you don't recall and you won't pretend anymore. you bite your lip. put your tongue to the scissors. there's blood on the floor. there's blood everywhere. take off your shoes. remove the lies. open your eyes. you're no fool. you won't let life pass you by. they all know you tried to escape. this will be your first attempt at many regrets where you will take the fall. there's no coattail you won't ride to get your way
Airplanes 03:59
airplanes in flames over your house like fireworks in chinatown. lovers on their night out gaze in awe at flaming clouds. its beauty we believe distracts us from the tragedy of bombs in the night sky. that comes as a surprise? our questions, our answers. are questions, are answers. shoot back light our tongues on fire because we're tired of sucking up the fabrications, saying yes to propaganda. send the message to each other. we're distracted. pay attention. i'd like to think that i can trust the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle. but they don't fit together. it's like being lied to. i'll say it again
crawl out of bottles a day before the week ends, only to crawl back in. find me on the floor, shake me and pick me up. sick in sweat. drunk in my bed. assure me it can't get any worse. you sit back, i hold on. put my limbs into tourniquets. the whiskey stopped drowning the nerves in my skull. my shattered bones are crawling out. days start to bleed, consistently exposing me at my worst. you stand by looking on, ready to catch me if i fall. blurred nights seem easy somehow. stand close, i'll lean on. put my limbs into tourniquets. the whiskey stopped drowning the nerves in my skull. my shattered bones are crawling out. the days are reserved for forgiveness. the nights induce mouthfuls of theories and bourbon. smoke until my lungs bleed or waltz with the devil. where are we now?
this costume feels so out of place. my weary limbs, weathered face. contorted vessels full of lies. and it makes me feel like...left for dead like a doll in a vacant house. like abandoning guilt in a desert town. horses branded and fed, caught and drug around. digging deeper until the ground has given way. never really believed in that dried up house. never really believed in that desert town. shoot the horse in the head. get us out of here. drive out to the plains. black heart charades. like sinking. lie. practice a straighter face. cheat. until you've won your race. need. take and need some more. lie. cheat. need. lie. steal like a whore. lie. practice a straighter face. cheat. 'til you've won your race. dig deep, fake it like a one night stand. detach yourself from your number. sand kicked in your eyes. and all at once i feel the weight. and all at once i feel. there's no happy ending. is your house a home? guide me by manipulation. black heart charades. i should know its for the cause. black heart charades. i'll pretend it just gets easier. black heart charades
Catapults 04:40
who's selling property? land is running out. not much room to breathe. time she cracked the ground. and pay back the captains of industry. feed them their own drugs. sever their heads and put them on catapults. lob them back at development and into the laps of their wives. full of distractions and chemicals. deep down that's what we are not. let's sever their heads and put them on catapults. lob them back at development and into the laps of their wives. warn you arrogant rich. you'll need buckets for the tears. crash comes upon you. your money is corrupt and your fine clothes reek. your greedy luxuries are a cancer in your gut, the sores in your heart. will you ever have enough? what goes up must come down. do you see the cities? progress. castles. massive gravestones. all these littered towns are mirrors of all we've taken for gain. be not roman
you talk too much. you're trying too hard. you think out loud how worried you sound. enjoy this silence and verbalize not. you talk too much. you're trying too hard. you think out loud how worried you sound. you're so above it all. i said hey, you talk too much. you think out loud. would you please shut up? here you come with your sour tongue, oh that's just what we don't need. but you don't know because your skull is so thick. the obvious is never enough. when you open your mouth it destroys my ears, with your poo-chatter playing the judge. and that's because you, sir, are a shallow prick. i hope that makes you feel better
XXXX 04:14
holding life on pause to bring her back. the one you loved before. after telling yourself never move backwards again. so scared yet needing her back in your arms and with you always. she wanted one more chance. you just wanted the chance you never had. when you told her forever you thought she believed it too. but it seems she wasn't ready, all of her doubts still in place. so why should you let yourself cry again? you've been through this before. still you can't help the haunting dreams to wake with nothing there
knowledge is ignorant, stupid and sexy. sexy is easy. the streets about to crumble so give the bum some lipstick. does it comfort you to live under pressure? check list of merchandise. so much spent to make a better life. if you get the bug, then you get the pills. like that pretty price tag with all the baggage. smoking body, so who cares? i'm sorry if i offend you. i forget how sensitive you are. but our culture's got so many problems. we're only making things much worse. your face has got so many problems. we're only making things much worse
Criminal 06:08
i am a thief. i am a criminal. i have blown a poisoned kiss upon a friendly ear. i told a tale that never revealed. i wish i never had made some of those decisions. but here i am…and you can't help but feel sorry for the storyteller in this tale. but there's nothing right in this wrong. it was all physical. just a means to a fix. i suggest you side with what appears to be the lesser of the two. so i lied. what do i say? besides i'm a goddamn fool. i miss my friend. what was lost? what was gained? what is this criminal? for the loss, for the pain. criminal. i wish that jimmy was here right now. he's the king of all these things. he would say something. something funny. something that would make me laugh. something that would take everything away
the lights can't stay on burning until dawn. the living can't stay awake for that long. the living can't last that long. the shadows moving, pass through the ceiling. the curtains dancing. the stories never seemed real, until you're feeling, until you're hearing the darkness breathing. you've never been more alone. wake to anchored legs. wake with heavy arms. the lights can't say on all night burning until dawn. the living can't stay awake. i'm bound in body prints. this cast has a grip. no will in my extensions. i wake to find i'm paralyzed. thought i heard a sound (the shadows moving). something watching. thought i heard a sound (the curtains dancing). something watching


Assisted Living continues this Minneapolis quintet's emphasis on social commentary - substance abuse, governmental deceit and consumer greed - and entwines it with their intensely passionate, kinetic indie rock bombast. The result is an album's worth of bruising yet beautiful anthems and more unpredictable twists and turns than most bands can muster in a lifetime. Although Clair De Lune draws from punk's raucous urgency, emo's textured dynamics and hardcore's reckless breakdowns, they never succumb to stereotypes and Assisted Living's passion is matched only by its eagerness to experiment with new sounds. Assisted Living is like two freight trains on an inevitable collision course: one engine spewing white-knuckled riffs, a throbbing rhythm section and anthemic call-and-response vocals; the other powered by warm keys washing over the more introspective moments which provide the framework to songs like "Criminal" and the album's title track. The record's beauty is not in the collision itself but rather in the uniquely orchestrated chaos of the aftermath. Clair De Lune is a force to be reckoned withŠa force whose quieter moments speak just as loudly as those occupied by the unrestrained whirlwind blasts the band has become known for. All around marvelous, this is post-hardcore for the literate listener. (DER-456)

"Instead of lashing out in unintelligible screaming and abrasive instrumentation, Clair De Lune opt for controlled, calculated fervor. Toting punk's rowdy urgency and unrelenting fight, the quintet flaunt their unmistakable brand of experimental post-hardcore with intriguing arrangements and symphonic melody. Assisted Living picks up where the band's debut Marionettes left off, further fine-tuning their approach and nimbly introducing and incorporating new sounds to their overall sonic stamp. Weighty, poignant, yet always danceable, Clair De Lune pounds out fiery thinking-man's rock that hits and sticks with the listener. The band's biggest strength may be its songwriting. Arrangements are greatly varied and always inventive. Never predictable. Sit down with Assisted Living and dissect it. This one's a keeper." - Aversion

"When a package from Deep Elm arrived, I said (out loud, I swear), 'I sure hope this is a new Clair De Lune album.' And damned if it wasn't in there. The easiest touchstone for these guys is the Mars Volta, except that Clair De Lune stays solidly in the punk. The guitars can get prog-y or mathy, but the sound has been sanded down a bit. That lends just enough ragged edge so that whatever tangents these boys may follow, you always want to return to base. Clair De Lune specializes in writing songs that almost break down before they resolve in some of the most mind-blowing ways imaginable. CDL are some of the most creative and yet accessible songwriters around. You'll never get lost...unless you really want to, of course." - Aiding & Abetting

"There's a palpable sense of frustration running through Clair De Lune's Assisted Living, whether it's with pill-popping wasters, social alienation or excessive consumerism. But while most of these outbursts never lead to satisfactory answers, the tension inherent within the Minneapolis quintet's music makes Assisted Living incredibly dynamic...and completely uncategorizable. Think a more nuanced At The Drive-In crossed with the moody atmospherics of Cursive, all thrown together with post-punk spikes, solid hardcore breakdowns and startlingly beautiful orchestral moments. Post-rock's future is now." - Alternative Press



released January 27, 2007


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