Black Heart Charades

from Assisted Living by Clair De Lune



this costume feels so out of place. my weary limbs, weathered face. contorted vessels full of lies. and it makes me feel like...left for dead like a doll in a vacant house. like abandoning guilt in a desert town. horses branded and fed, caught and drug around. digging deeper until the ground has given way. never really believed in that dried up house. never really believed in that desert town. shoot the horse in the head. get us out of here. drive out to the plains. black heart charades. like sinking. lie. practice a straighter face. cheat. until you've won your race. need. take and need some more. lie. cheat. need. lie. steal like a whore. lie. practice a straighter face. cheat. 'til you've won your race. dig deep, fake it like a one night stand. detach yourself from your number. sand kicked in your eyes. and all at once i feel the weight. and all at once i feel. there's no happy ending. is your house a home? guide me by manipulation. black heart charades. i should know its for the cause. black heart charades. i'll pretend it just gets easier. black heart charades


from Assisted Living, released January 27, 2007


all rights reserved



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