Sounds Like Violence - You Give Me Heartattacks

from Sampler 5: This Is How I Kill My Tears by Deep Elm Records (Various)



Deep Elm's fifth sampler is undoubtedly one of our strongest ever. This ain't no wussy "woe is me" sampler...hell no. It features 20 blistering rock songs from nearly all the bands comprising our 2004 touring roster. Two songs each, back-to-back, to give you a real kick in the arse. Every new release in the Deep Elm catalog is featured - they are all here. This is our way of saying thanks to all the fans (new and old) that support Deep Elm throughout the world...and that means You. (DER-430)

"Deep Elm is one of those labels that means the world to the people that buy their records. When reading their press releases and liner notes you really get the impression that this is a label in it purely for the music, an admirable quality indeed in today's industry. This is strengthened by the fact that This Is How I Kill My Tears is totally free. Much like the label's acclaimed Emo Diaries compilations, the quality of acts on offer here is high, raging from post hardcore anthems (Sounds Like Violence) to piano laced rock goodness (Desert City Soundtrack). You know what to do." - Big Cheese

"This Is How I Kill My Tears is one of the strongest samplers that Deep Elm has ever released. It features established acts like Desert City Soundtrack, Slowride, Red Animal War, Settlefish, Surrounded (one of my personal faves) and Benton Falls, as well as new bands such as Sounds Like Violence, Fire Divine, Burns Out Bright and Lock And Key. In particular, the four new bands give me the impression that there are amazing things on the way from Deep Elm this year as they all managed to blow me away. Two songs by each band and the best thing is that this sampler is for free!" - Voice Of Reason

"This Is How I Kill My Tears features 20 amazing rock songs from the 2004 Deep Elm roster. Not only can you hear the latest from Slowride, Settlefish, Benton Falls, Surrounded and Desert City Soundtrack, but also yet to be released songs Red Animal War, Sounds Like Violence, Fire Divine, Lock And Key and Burns Out Bright. This is filled with different styles of rock, from the catchy and melodic Fire Divine and Burns Out Bright, to the post-hardcore of Sounds Like Violence and Lock And Key, to the indie rock of Slowride and the chaotic and dark Red Animal War. If you're a fan, or if you're a curious person who likes real indie rock, check out Deep Elm to get this sampler for free. I bet you can't find a better indie rock compilation out there right now." - Truepunk

"Most samplers only serve to prove how most record labels have a handful of good bands and spend the rest of their resources on releasing garbage. Not the case with Deep Elm Records. Documenting the best indie bands for eight years, this label from Charlotte, NC is notorious for quality all around. So you're not sure about this so-called emo genre? Shitty mall punk bands getting you down? Look no further than This Is How I Kill My Tears. From the dark throb of Desert City Soundtrack to the ground breaking indie rock of Sounds Like Violence, not to mention rock stalwarts like Red Animal War, Benton Falls and newbies Burns Out Bright, this sampler is the comprehensive resource to prove what heights indie rock can still ascend." - Flex Your Head


not so long ago. i passed out. couldn't move and i hit the floor. i'm badly broken. i know that you will turn your back on me. and then again. i do the same thing over and over again. then it gets to me. i've been through this too many times. you give me heart attacks. you know you give me ten times back. you give me heart attacks. you're stabbing knives in my back. i am braindead. it's because you shot me in the head. and it won't take long. before i break down and then collapse


from Sampler 5: This Is How I Kill My Tears, released March 15, 2005


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