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Nothing to think, nothing to write, but the pen needs to move, so I let it. There is rarely a decent product spawned from such efforts, but who the fuck wants a product? Too many products and not enough money. No matter your circumstance, few appreciate what they have. Thus, the story of the bum, of the writer, of the musician, of the politician, of the millionaire, of the billionaire, nobody's satisfied. You can't just say, "get rid of it" though, cause the greed provides jobs. It keeps the status quo, but who the fuck wants a "status quo"? You've just got to deal with it; release the tension. Whether or not you want it, it will exist. Money, drugs, religion, murder; everybody's got to think that they have power, until they realize that power is nothing more than a word, and words are meaningless once we've found our graves, and worth less before. They're more fun to play with than to hide behind, so maybe this will bring me closer to greatness, but who the fuck wants greatness? If money is what dictates success, then I don't seek success, but if success is what you make of it, and everyone's making their own, then things are going as they should, but who the fuck wants that? You've got to live according to your own mind, regardless as to whether it agrees. But first you have to find your thoughts, and that takes time, but who the fuck has time? Truth is, time is all we have, but we're too busy giving it to careers, millionaires, billionaires, wars, taxes, gas, and all the other bullshit they say we don't need to worry about. It's for the best of society they say, but who the fuck wants society? When we finally catch up with their standards, there's something new to throw money at. Technology moves too fast. The human mind moves too fast. I don't. They see it as a problem, that I'm not up to par with their idea of style, but who the fuck wants style? Religion is the opiate of the common man, led down the path with blind faith, believing that some greater being is watching their back, protecting them from physical harm. But they still die. It's inevitable, and still, they hide behind faith, but who the fuck wants faith? Some of them react like some sort of alpha-male, running around with their diamond-studded guns. Hitler was one, Napoleon, too, Bush and 50-Cent. They all share that one common idea that contentment is brought through conquest, but who the fuck wants conquest? Yet it's carried to the streets, and these men become idols that spawn the continuation of thought. Passing ideas from one leader to the next, they say it creates structure, but who the fuck wants structure? We create it with our taxes. We paid the bill, but we're still in debt, and without a way out. So how do they fix it? Create more taxes, and raise the ones they already had. That's my money, motherfucker, but who the fuck wants money? Truth is, I could go on, the pen could continue to dance, but I'd run out of ink before I'd run out of disbelief and it would seem long-winded to continue my rant, so I'll leave you with one question: who the fuck's been listening?


from Sampler 10: The World Won't Spin Forever, released December 31, 2010


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