New World Time

from Interregnum by Our Lost Infantry



rolling around in this old house. missing glass from the windows. the gaps in the floorboards. creak an elegant discourse. your mother leans on the door jamb. her eyes are puzzle of bloodshot kindness. and sighs. that run almost liquid. building the ladder. reaching that unseen door. tearing the curtain down. we'll learn what our breath is for. new world time. a mingling of camphor and cordite. hear cliff faces falling from miles away. soft rain playing rudiments. who knows where the time all went. a gale growing outside. dust stirs in the hearth, where the grate once lived. a stone floor. where a young man sits. distant seaboards come alive. an ocean of arms thrown open wide. singing compassion, forgiveness, redemption. the endgame is coming, divine intention. cold in the glare of a million eyes. stars hang upside down in the sky. hand pressed to sternum. you vow that you're burning. but you're clueless as to why


from Interregnum, released July 24, 2015


all rights reserved



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