Hunt For The Kill

from Miniature American Model Society by Cari Clara



I'd save it all but what for fire like a flare till I don't wanna try anymore you are the hunt for the kill you are a beautiful thrill why tell us the outcome try it for yourself it never really hurts anyone you are the hunt for the kill you are the numb from the pills you are the hunt for the kill you are a beautiful thrill call out for patience self mutilation beg it to stop a dam to an ocean caught in a web a generation destined to sell the soul of the nation warped to an angle stuffed in a coffin cut from the forest choking and coughing left is a carbon a latent image a ring of smoke a drift as a signal a laceration from penetration a warning sign to change our position is nothing changing you must be joking a far cry from what we were hoping it won't stop from this path the crime scene's a blood bath take word from my mouth take the heart and cut it out you are the hunt for the kill


from Miniature American Model Society, released August 13, 2004


all rights reserved



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