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Konrad - Flip Light Switches / Spin Cycle

from This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 3 by Various Artists



my cyber neural bullshit hit center transistor twist flips non-snacks five course meal dinner. internship on the spaceship. flip light switches. turn mountains into ditches. nuc-u-lar unclear cellular salute. marching mad murder with a combat boot. detector. laser ray suit deflector. pixelize my mind. put it back together with vector. never mind the government beware of private sector. there's loop holes larger than the ozone's tear. energy that's more hidden that david blaine's treasure. probably a case of never versus forever. raptor bite style magnanimous map. stainless steel solid silver slip style slap. my cpu static bits stop need to reboot. loop-bay noose over manifest truth. crossfire beers stained tears caged deers. kodak caught the moment malnutrition momentum. last place disguised as the wish cash hearse. it's the curse of the evil diggin six feet of dirt. operation stick-in-the-spokes. mesmerize masses with the rock jack asses. a six pack of slack washed down with a track. my solid state compliance commands no alliance

i had a dream last night that i got high with charlie parker. got high with charlie parker. woke up with track marks across my arm. so i called silkk the shocker. so i phoned silkk the shocker. he wasn't home so i walked to the kwik shop. bought a bag of slow pokes and a box of pop rocks. i hopped the bus bout a quarter to nine. rode down to the laundry mat. rode down to the laundry mat. threw in the flag and turned it on. spaced out on the spin cycle. spaced out on the spin cycle. played me a game of donkey kong just to pass the time. heard this girl call out my name. she spoke from behind. she spoke from behind. she said surely you remember me. your name must be suzy. her name was suzy. went to school with you in the fifth grade. you stole my rubik's cube. i want back my rubik's cube


from This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 3, released November 8, 2005


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