Coma Kid

from Paperking by Wlots



surrender to the sound we're beautiful. our roots are strong and they wanna see us fall. we do what's right, we're not alone. their force is strong but together we stand tall. in the streets the city sings. a sound so loud you just cant shut it out. you and me and everyone. an undying bond. imagine the freedom it's love. the aimless. the voiceless. wake up to the sound. our roots are strong and they wanna see us fall. we do what's right. we're not alone. our roots are strong and together we stand tall. the hopeless. the ruined. there is no one to blame but yourself. you are responsible. now your roots have been unearthed. you have been detached. and life is rolling by on a movie screen. the moment you seek the release, the awakening from this dream. it can't be done on your own. you are paralyzed. you are dying but not living. but your veins they're connected. and blood runs through whether you try or don't. the paper king in his castle. the friend on a rooftop. are you the seed? could you brake through the pavement? wake up the aimless. wake up the voiceless. we're beautiful and in the streets. a sound so loud you just can't shut it out. imagine the freedom. its love


from Paperking, released September 30, 2021


all rights reserved



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