Why Aren't I Home?

by Athletics

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Well I'm lost again, as my world finds it's end. No safe place to exist, but to pretend we never did.
Am I a ghost or are you walking through my knowingly? I'm only asking so I can be all knowing on my own, and free of wondering what all of us could be. Am I alone, or are you searching for my face? Without a name, without a place to call my own. I'm fading into space, where I'll be lost before the day is gone. Bring me back before I'm gone. I've been standing right here all along. Bring me back before I've gone away.
Fairview 03:37
Jordan 04:42
Living like animals with no real shame. Like creatures that exist that God didn't create. My body speaks to me and I understand. It makes me say to it, "your wish is my command." Like feeling tired but wanting to stay awake, or spending money to cover up a mistake. Like running fast but always taking long breaks. Just like the feelings that she said she didn't fake. I want to see the best version of me. The me that I know is not my friend at all. A man can trust himself to spend his life away. Trust himself to drink 'till there's a smile on his face. A drink can trust a man to have another sip. A man can trust a sip to stop his trembling lips. Like reading half and never open it again. Saying I was there when I ain't ever been. How I feel about the way God taunts. The same is the way I give my body what it wants. I want to see the way I want to see. I'm all alone. I'm not my friend at all. I'm dead to me. I'm just a body. Is a man really alive if he can't control his own life?
Take my heart. Take everything, and throw it in the well. Even the surface holds no safety. So when the sun fails to rise in the East, I won't see anything that I need. Have mercy on everything but me.
My body's aching for a fix and you're the only one who knows how to make me feel alive. I could just die right now, and I'd be alright. My head's in the clouds. We're falling faster to the ground, and the impacts we make will light up the sky tonight. Fall into the sea. Bring me to my knees.
Lullaby 02:26
So when the shadows in the dark climb through the window to your room, I hope you hear their final steps. I hope they take you to me soon. And when you climb into your bed and pull the sheets over your eyes, I hope my voice is in your head. I hope you've said all your goodbyes.
August 05:05
Found my answer to it all. When your blood boils, mine thaws. Waking up became just another chore for me. You're the sun between my blinds, the morning light I need. But still I need the will to see, you're light light surrounding me. So run until you fall or find your answer to it all. Release your secrets kept, and resurrect the love that you have left. As long as the clouds keep covering up the sun on cloudy days, as long as the sun keeps burning me my love, anyway, I'll be there. I live in reverse, this life that I intend. I'll break until I bend, I'll fall until I stand.
So what's the point of sleep? I live in mountains and the sea, where love can't follow me. And I've seen enough to haunt my dreams. You haunt my dreams.
Affliction 01:49
We're getting older, and yesterday is catching up to our plans of getting out of this alive. We're all alone here with nowhere left to hide. I've never been so scared to breathe and open up my eyes. A new day is breaking off the mold. Our bodies left us hours ago. The second hand takes first again. My fingers, too late to grab ahold of what's ahead, and my feet are dragging far behind. My lungs are bleeding. Without their help, I'm bound to die. The air is much too thin. My will is too weak to survive. Where the fuck are we going? Why aren't we home? This coast is a graveyard. We have nowhere to go. I've been sleeping in interludes synched up to the rain, that is plaguing this Summer, that is causing this pain. To the North is a light, to the West there is hope. We are drowning in debts. We're in need of a rope to hold onto or fit to our necks. My will is dead.


From the opening notes of the title track, you realize Why Aren't I Home? is gonna be one of those records that brings you to your knees, swallows you whole and leaves you in awe. It's one of those surprises that defies all expectations and leaves you shaken. It's one of those albums that reminds you why it is you listen to music in the first place. Produced by Gregory Dunn (vocals / guitars for Moving Mountains), ATHLETICS' debut rises to heights impossible to resist. The crystalline guitars and pulsating bass lines, the soaring vocals and tortured lyrics, the sweeping chords and cascading climaxes, the pounding cadence of the drums...it eventually takes you. No, you aren't dreaming. It's possible to be this hard and this melodic, this mesmerizing and this melancholic all at the same time. It's possible to rock just as much as you post-rock. It's just beautiful, the dual tone and stories told are exquisite. Nothing is off, there's nothing to add. Every song on the album takes flight with awe-inspiring riffs ripped straight from the pages of the band's Handbook On Raw Emotion. ATHLETICS blend styles and sounds with an uncommon depth to form a carefully constructed, cohesive work of art deeply rooted in power and conviction. An absolutely stunning, brilliantly mature debut that will transcend time and genre. Fucking epic...

"Athletics is one of the revelations of the year. A post-rock gem. Already at the peak of their game." - AlternativNews

"An amazing listening trip...the awesome power of this sublime studio effort will overtake you." - Pnut Ponders

"With poise and professionalism beyond their years, Athletics has what it takes to make it..." - Live Music Guide

"We made a record that we love. A record that we would want to listen to. Borrowing lyrics from our song Jordan, this is our 'best version of me' as a band, so to speak. We want our music to evoke the same feelings, energy and passion that we feel as we write, record and perform our songs...be it through love, death, happiness or sadness. It's an intense process for all of us" says vocalist and guitarist Garrett Yaeger. "The lyrics were carefully chosen because there is a story and feeling that unfolds behind every song. We were all there for each other while the events described in the songs were taking place in our individual lives. So we all carry equal emotional weight in every song. And I think that mutual conviction helped us perform with a rare cohesion on this album" says drummer John Cannon. "We were all involved in sports when we were younger, as were all our friends, but now we're far away from being athletes...we're the nerds now. Our band name, Athletics, is a roundabout way of saying that our differences as people, who we are and what we do, simply do not matter. We're still the same, still those same athletes, still friends. The beauty of music is that it strips away those boundaries" adds bassist John Luby.

ATHLETICS is Jimmy Boyce (guitar), John Cannon (drums), Howie Cohen (vocals, guitar), John Luby (bass, vocals) and Garrett Yaeger (vocals, guitar, piano). Why Aren't I Home? was produced, mixed and mastered by Gregory Dunn of MOVING MOUNTAINS. It was recorded in weekly sessions from February to April 2010 in Studio A at the State University of New York, College at Oneonta. Guest vocalists include Elliot Belokostolsky and Adam Moulter. Jordan Fowler previously played guitar. Garrett and John previously played in The Cast Before The Break. The band originally formed in Upstate New York but now resides where Bruce Springsteen first earned his stripes, the home to the famous Stone Pony, the musically rich, seaside capital of the New Jersey Shore...Asbury Park. And yes, ATHLETICS really is as good as everyone says they are.

Recommended For Fans of: Moving Mountains, Explosions In The Sky, The Appleseed Cast, Goonies Never Say Die



released October 26, 2010


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