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We Are Still Alive

by Latterman

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if we've ran a million miles to get to this place we'll keep the pace. because I haven't found answers yet along the way to all my questions on where I need to be or what to believe. if I can lay claim to any achievement here's my secret: I'm still unsure of everything. but I'm sure that hell has our names cause we're failing everyday as we search for a home where we won't die alone. I need to back up from these dead ends. so back me up my friend. if today the ground gives in I hope we won't fall alone because you know I don't want to go alone. so hell can have our fucking names because we'll fail and fuck up until we're in the grave. so I'll search for someplace where we wont die alone someday. you know I need to back up from these dead ends. so back me up my friend
lose ourselves in the fire we have lit. we'll cross our legs and keep on moving. yeah we'll keep on moving even though there is no easy answer to where we want to be. pack me up in your mind wherever you go. where to go? with our feet set only to just send us home. the minute hand seems a little off this time around but just like us it will find it's place so let's just give it some time for now. I don't always have all the right words. we don't always have all the right words. lose ourselves in the fire we have lit. don't worry I won't get burned by it. send another expression to take with me wherever I choose to go. lets take a moment to throw our cautions to the wind. let's see you and me by way of our new days. if I'm understating everything feel free to let me know...
it's cold outside on the porch. in the silence of the snow. my lone voice asks way too loud, "where did everybody go?" i remember when this place felt like home. i didn't worry about singing these songs alone. don't explain why you left you know i know you know. you know i know. things aren't the way they used to be. why would they be? how could they be? this house is falling apart. and i've got nowhere to go. the tv's on way too loud and my bike's covered in snow. sometimes i feel like i don't have a home. i never want to sing these songs alone. so let's go out and find something all our own. it's all gonna decay with every new day. and i'm so afraid. everybody needs a place to call home. i know it's hard when we all feel so alone. everybody needs a place to call home
fuzzy voice over the telephone. you know how much i miss you so. i only got 3 more days to get out of this town so i'm coming to see you soon. i never let those moments go. they're here with me as i stumble and fall. if i had my way i'd see you everyday but we all have our things to do. this is what i have to give. a simple melody i hope you can remember. if i had my way we'd sing it everyday. if you think punk's dead you haven't met my friends. they're always at it again and again. if you think punk's dead you haven't met our friends. let's make our homes in each others hearts
how do they work?
when anxiety's asking who's gonna answer. it's not gonna be a god or master. I'm trying to stand tall after ever fall because after all it's only gonna be just me. I'm starting to forget all the things I promised I'd remember. money, the devil, or god you sell your soul to - you'll never get it back. a shell of a human is easier to crack. so I'll suck the life out of these ciggerettes like this town sucked the life out of me. I promise I remember the sinking feeling that led me here. and I swear I'm gonna run into these mountains and I'm never coming back. moving on is the only option I have left
these ghosts are good at what they do. haunting hallways floors imprinted by 24 years of footsteps. the ceiling is wearing thin and any day it could all give in. ideas based on cracked foundations. we hoped it wouldn't fall apart. but it's falling apart. it's fallen apart. wake me up and get me from this place. the devil seems happy to smile at me. I'll play the part the best I can but move on and leave him to his work at hand. if you can set the pace I can use the change. let me know when you want to go. I'm letting go of these empty spaces and hopeless faces. we're worth more then this. we're worth so much more then this. wake me up anytime you can...
do you have the time? because I have somewhere I need to be. at least I hope because these walls are falling in around me. how do we reply to the homophobic scrawls on those bathroom walls? our fears and insecurities remain faceless through the days. if the ship sinks what would we bring to the table other than another drink? our best laid plan. our best laid plan? I need to find a new path. we are all counting down in the same time. at the same time we're looking for moments to shine. it goes on and on to the day until the day when we're all fucking gone. we need a shoulder to rest our heads on. so just get me out of here. I think I have the time. to question where we need to go. even though you feel beaten down, let's get out of here before these walls start falling down. I've been waiting. we've been waiting. the fleeting feelings keep us searching. we have some time but maybe not too long
'Dozer Rage 03:01
license, registration. phil ain't got none. i can't stop thinking what these fields and shores looked like before we all had to drive. highways mark like a scar. concrete cuts like a knife. it could happen tomorrow. this place is gonna burn to the fucking ground. but i hope it doesn't. i don't want to die without you around. because i miss you. so let's ride out of the city. before it's lights that change for no one and burned out buildings. let's make connections count like a clock while we still have the time. the taste of tobacco don't remind me of you anymore. it just makes me think how i'm gonna die. we're all gonna die. if you don't smoke the water's fucking poison. all these lit up billboards and bright city lights can't keep all the stars from coming out tonight. yeah the sun's gonna rise and light this cold dead city. it's all gonna burn but we are still alive
there's blood in all of our mouths from tearing everyone down. and I'm dying to hear the sound of your voice. but you seem so far away. I don't want to be a fucking cop. but I'm pretty sure I can tell if something is fucked up. when everyday it's alienation. it leaves no room for communication. let's talk. until the boys learn to listen. and you can talk and I promise this time I'll listen. "We got an education in separation." I'm still learning. we're all still learning that we never have enough space but we seem so far away. I'm listening


"If we've ran a million miles to get to this place, we'll keep the pace" sings Latterman as We Are Still Alive begins...and with the release of the critically acclaimed No Matter Where We Go..!, inclusion in nearly every Best Of / Top 10 List last year, reissue of their classic Turn Up The Punk We'll Be Singing, six months on the road in the US plus two months in the UK and Europe, there's no end in sight. We Are Still Alive will strike a resounding chord with the legions of fans who recognize Latterman's dedication to building something real. "If you think punk's dead / you haven't met our friends / they're always at it again and again" sings Latterman, reaffirming their hope about punk rock and its power to create community. It's this search for a "home where we won't die alone," whether it lie in our hearts, in our hands or within our friends, that's the main theme on Latterman's third record. They never want to sing these songs alone...and with all the spirited anthems, thought provoking lyrics and fist-pumping choruses on We Are Still Alive, Latterman doesn't have a fucking thing to worry about. Bands like this don't exist anymore...so wake up, pay attention and feel alive. (DER-454)

"On their third album in four years (and second in two years), New York punk quartet Latterman aren't fixing what ain't broke -- in other words, ...We Are Still Alive is just as anthemic, moving and sing-alongable as the band's prior records, if not moreso. If Deep Elm Records were smart, they'd package every copy of this album with a gigantic Latterman foam finger, because all you're gonna wanna do is point that shit high in the air every time you listen." - Alternative Press

"5/5 Stars: Latterman's much anticipated third album We Are Still Alive shows that they're not veering from their signature approach, and thank God for that! As Water Manes At The Block's End tears from the speakers with mass sing-alongs and huge upbeat melodies, the opening lyric sets the positive but heartfelt tone for the album. The theme of this record is creating a community of friends, not just a faceless punk scene. They play with more passion and sincerity than ninety nine percent of 'punk' bands. Latterman are still alive and we need them more than ever. Essential." - Big Cheese

"5/5 Stars: It's nice to know that even if you have no friends, Latterman will always be by your side, cheering you on. Just like the band's previous Deep Elm releases, We Are Still Alive feels like a good punch in the gut, in a Tyler Durden sort of way. The topical songs are certainly poignant, but the majority are unifying, friendship-centric singalongs capable of inspiring you to whirl your shirt over your head and get sweaty while hollering the words at full blast, even if you're in your Honda on the turnpike. Just don't forget to steer." - Alternative Press



released July 31, 2006


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