Unreleased No. 4

by Various Artists

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you need to get off the floor. cause i cant take anymore. i need professional help. youve got my mind in a swirl. you need to get on the line. because im loosing my mind. youve got my head in a spin. dont know the shape that im in. when can i see ya again. i love you. i cant pretend. i miss you so much it hurts. this is what no one deserves
i wrote a song today. it had wrote a line. can't turn back. i'm so lazy. i want to sing for you. i sell ideas to myself, most of which really smell. i have a dog named heffe. he has the life of a dog. oh, i wrote a song for real. oh, i want to sound for real
i was there when they came and they told me to stay but i left anyway on the road and its too late. i'm already on my way. i want to do it again alone. when they checked all the stones and i looked all around and i heard the sound underground and it's too late. i'm already on my way. it gets old when you think you're done. one less pen against the prowler. and it gets old when you think you're done. i want to do it again alone.
its time for change to rearrange the people deranged. these clouded thoughts. terrorist plots. and the city screams. i think this is starting to work. politics don't make much sense. you're actually one of them. you're in the dark. heretics they call us in they know what we're going to do. it's time we knew i guess. i cant stand on all these walls. disgusted. defeated and feeling treated. does anyone else? my education was a joke and it's not funny. i swear i'm better off alone
free weapon of choice. won't defend ourselves. why can't you? so we try to say protect and it never really happened. we are young. i try to see if you're awake. how could you forget? it's always away. i swear i'll never forget those nights. i should have never meant to look in your eyes. so it's in all due time. you said i could be the only be made for you. it's not like you. you're afraid of what you've done
the arch of your neck is broken and retired. brace yourself, you say. these are the lonely acts and not distractions. these are the seasons you create. our cage like ribs you become more like. a fraction. reaction. this is your cast. connected and waiting for limbs and leaves to burn. do you know what you're in for? do you really know? have you ever been in a place where you weren't aloud to breathe the open air? have you any idea?
they stole a month. it sure didn't seem real. and bump down! it's a race to the top. machine versus my own two men. we are always dead last. we saw you standing and we had head and make that spot. we went and made it better
i should be concerned by what you say. but it doesn't matter anyway.
it's been such a long long time. since i thought about it. days are getting shorter. but seem so long. can't move. can't breathe. a hectic day in the weeds. your image will never leave. but this drink will help me see. yesterday is gone. i drank it up and gone. mind and body start to change. always been a slow process. i want to feel like i'm sixteen. maybe just today. can't move. can't believe. stuck here on my knees. for the chance that you will see. the simple things in me. yesterday is gone. i drank it up. all gone
I want to let you in. i want to want your skin. i've seen in you. something i can steal. i was on my way to something new. just like you before. all this changed. began to feel the same. it's expected that you lie. despite your empty eyes. and on and on it goes to show. you always know you're right. you're scared somethings changed. i fear it's all the same. i need in you. something new to feel. i was on my way to something new. with all the hurt in mind. i've seen in you. what i've left behind. it's expected that you lie. despite your empty eyes. and on and on it goes. to show you always know you're right. i've said it all a million times. i'm leaving. i'm leaving. i seem to always change my mind. i'm screaming, i'm screaming
this is the last of me. i'll win my back. this war is far from won. and i'll fight the whole way until i go down. now you tumble into the sun. and falling down is half the fun. she likes me best when my heart is broken. you're such a somber shade of blue when i come around. sink your teeth and bury your clothes. rip it out and taste it's blood. my two-second angel
i spent too much time wasting away on lines. spend the day inside. it not only to hide from things to do and be done. hands like stones against my side. sunlight steals the night's pride. cross out one day gone by. like a ghost. i don't know. am i good enough? so i just give up. i just can't get by not being unrecognized. no need trying to pretend. i will lie myself down and patiently await the end. not like i'm missing anything. i've wasted too much time waiting in lines. so i just give up and i walk away
so it's gone. the night you had left behind someone. it's too late to search and rescue myself from this place. i've only got twelve cents to my name. perfect as a stranger i'm out to live again. she said, oh my god, what do you say? reasons are reasons but please don't throw it away. you know my kind. we love and die. to fear, to hate. we lose our way. empathetic lies roll down my spine and i keep smiling every time, oh yeah. i found a reason distraction is a great escape. a drug that loves so you don't have to leave. so bring me in the tables and chairs. there's always a storm cloud over me. i'm on my own. dance with and tangle with my soul. well, my friend. you left me behind again and you knew someday i'd find you
if i drive fast. recklessly. i will be there eventually. i'm by myself. it doesn't hurt to call. sees diversion of the wives' routine. her heart will always be loved. i feel its touch. a drug one cannot resist. for it, i'd die. should i at least feel sorry? i stole too much. her heart. i don't want to be reminded. it's touch. it hurts it feels like poison. try not to be broken. it's done
it's paralyzed and i'm missing all of my virtues. wilted yet, the fact it breathes is fine. the world continues in my absence. hopes to spend the condition of good fortune. my life will slip away (screaming). distraction my escape (screaming). everything's okay. sorry i let you down


Our new Unreleased compilation series delivers never before heard songs from the bands that make Deep Elm the label it is today. It's not a sampler...it's a full-length CD of all new songs! These are not "b side" tracks, but the same high quality recordings you've come to expect from all Deep Elm releases. Highlights of Unreleased No. 4 include secretly collected and quietly stashed tracks by veterans Benton Falls and Dead Red Sea, plus multiple brand new recordings from Slowride, Desert City Soundtrack, Free Diamonds, Burns Out Bright and Eleven Minutes Away. A must for all Deep Elm fans...new, young and old. Again, all songs are exclusive to this series - this is the only place you'll find them. (DER-459)

"I dig nearly everything I hear from Deep Elm Records. The diversity keeps you eagerly anticipating what the next band might sound like. All in all, Deep Elm comes out more solid than ever as an unpredictable yet highly consistent label putting out unique and passionate music." - Pastepunk

"Deep Elm has established itself as one of the most reliable curators of indie music. A label that can be trusted to deliver a sound they believe in, Deep Elm always comes through with bands that rock as though it were a new art form..." - Splendid

"These bands are some kind of unbelievable; they are young and fresh, with very original ideas and more importantly, good songs. The Deep Elm Records roster is one of the finest around today." - Truepunk



released February 27, 2007


all rights reserved



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