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Unreleased No. 3

by Various Artists

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And this just started today. I see your halo, it wears me down. And I'm in pieces about the ground. Don't know if I wanted you to say, that you love me like I believe you do. Sitting around here, wasting time, living in denial. I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). And this just started, today I see. That I'm breaking apart at the seems, hoping for you, no hope to see. Solely my fault, I lie, I bleed. Maybe I can make you believe. I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). Maybe I can find some way to make you believe, maybe I can find a way to make you believe. And this just started. And this just started. I can't find my way (wither in denial). I can't find my way (wither in denial). Yeah!
i was looking for some love. i wish it was sent down from above, but when you started talking, i turned my back and walked away. there is a black cloud over me. i want some action from the family. i headed nowhere or at least as it turns out. today i was thinking about my past. i got hammered it will never last. from now on i will do my best to fall in love with another. because i am still deeply in love with myself i cannot forget things with no one else. why should i get married raise up some kids with a coma myself? because there can be no one else that good. there can be no one that do things like i should. i want to love somebody else i wish i could. still i stand here alone and i'm misunderstood. planes just pass me by, there is still no blood inside. do i ask for too much i used to get everything i worked for. i got a black cloud over me. i will never get to raise a family and give me a son so i can see myself in him
timing is everything. even if it makes you scream. i'm reminded of everything. even as i sleep what you dream. the ground i know it clears. the summer's not long off. and as months go by like minutes. even tim's got its limits. you speed through everything. you would chase, then spin and run. you will feel it again. anything. relax for a while because i'm going to look for one smile. and everything will be fine
manatee - dont know what it is in the dark it looks the same. dredge the lake tell us what you found can it wait untill im in the ground. and i know the day will someday surely come. and if i am there i wont tell anyone. tell me what you saw from all the years before
one fine day on a winter november. life came true through a point of view. and death came quick with a killer influence. running through the streets with a clueless tool. mark three birds just to make me feel cozy. everything's fine when the group is flying. high on fire is a healthy companion. fueling my run with a sound so true and warm. i see it coming and i want to look away. but i can't divert my eyes. i hear it calling and it's from beyond the grave. but i'm still alive
if the shoe fits, they say wear it. i say fuck them, i say fuck this. i've got two hands, make that two fists. you won't like me when i'm like this. i could really care less about that. i say what i say, i say what i want. all i ask is that you bury me deep. at least... thirteen feet under the ground. i won't make a sound. i promise you this. i have witnessed, my own train wreck. leaves a bad taste, and a stiff neck. but my backbone, is the backbeat. i'm still breathing, i am dead meat. i won't even make you take it back. i don't care what you say, mind what you say. all i ask is that you bury me deep. so i can get some sleep. i won't make a peep. when i'm thirteen feet under the ground. i won't make a sound. i promise you this
feel like giving some orders. feel like kissing some daughters. and we're never gonna stop. feel like kissing some girls. and feel like changing the world. and we're never going to stop
feeding its demands. diminishing our thirst. slave to its commands. this might be the worst round. another fighter knocked down. babbling and dazed. hang on to this keepsake. battered bruised and burned. one day you wake up dry. it's just a long goodbye. slipped through our hands. and gone forever. choke as it expands. we are surely cursed. suffocate with no sound. bleeding out on the ground. staggering and fazed. wear a body marked with years and days. soft to the kindness of a word. starved for emotion never heard. hard to a world that seems absurd. but always hang on to this keepsake. battered. bruised and burned. bleeding out and shattered. used and spurned. so sad to feel it die. it's just a long goodbye. just slipped away. and gone forever
here on the brightside. everything is so gray. look on the brightside. guess you want it this way. i'm a believer. in everything i have made. a chance for greatness. by the time i'm twenty-eight. i'm hearing you. feeling used. give me the chance. if it's not too late. it's leaving you. your attitude. my clock it is ticking you all away. here on the brightside. with a sunny smile. i'm just a blind man. never really want to know what it's like to see. i promise. everything but the truth. you want me to stay. but i can't stay. it's killing you. your optical noose. exercise the demons that i call my friends. to look at the brightside. with a funny face. carried you kindly up the ladder of trust. watch the rungs just rust away. it's changing you. into the new you. given the choice. i'd do it all the same. i'm framing you into a picture or two. let's leave it at that. and leave it all behind. leave it all behind
you have to be the one. i'll show you to my heart. spend all the time with sentence you bend the truth feeling in disguise. fashion sense, destructive queue, disposition to plunder and up use. so i struggle to care for you but you don't really care. a random guess, condition-less, deserve to grow, a realistic sense. to see big smile vicious teeth, just tear away a shred of dignity. hold my breath, take back to give and hate so find a reason to. anything to love meant nothing a parable to choose. se we got this soft, intervenes, a tele-game, a hopeless strategy. you know, my dear, i love you too
why do i keep doing this to myself? seems like i would have something to live for too. i heard a friend say you're depressing we're afraid to be loud. so sorry. i apologize for you. i brought this on myself. this time (screaming). this life (screaming). this time (screaming). next life (screaming). make sure your lover gets home safe tonight says the voice that's in your ear. don't worry about me, i'll never get through tonight and tomorrow. i assure you, he doesn't try. do listen. i will not forget someone else. (screaming)
you know where to find me. i was in the sea. could you be the air over my eyes? could you be my everything? teach me how to see how to love. you're all that i've got. please love me tender and you are my favorite postcard sender. please love me tender. you are my postcard sender. i love you


Our new Unreleased compilation series delivers never before heard songs from the bands that make Deep Elm the label it is today. It's not a sampler...it's a full-length CD of all new songs! These are not "b side" tracks, but the same high quality recordings you've come to expect from all Deep Elm releases. Highlights of Unreleased No. 3 include secretly collected and quietly stashed tracks by veterans Benton Falls, Race Car Riot, Slowride, Dead Red Sea and Camber, brand new recordings from Sounds Like Violence, Burns Out Bright, Desert City Soundtrack and Eleven Minutes Away, plus two awesome acoustic tracks by Small Arms Dealer and Slowride. A must for all Deep Elm fans...new, young and old. Again, all songs are exclusive to this series - this is the only place you'll find them. (DER-458)

"I dig nearly everything I hear from Deep Elm Records. The diversity keeps you eagerly anticipating what the next band might sound like. All in all, Deep Elm comes out more solid than ever as an unpredictable yet highly consistent label putting out unique and passionate music." - Pastepunk

"Deep Elm has established itself as one of the most reliable curators of indie music. A label that can be trusted to deliver a sound they believe in, Deep Elm always comes through with bands that rock as though it were a new art form..." - Splendid

"These bands are some kind of unbelievable; they are young and fresh, with very original ideas and more importantly, good songs. The Deep Elm Records roster is one of the finest around today." - Truepunk



released February 13, 2007


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