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Unreleased No. 2

by Various Artists

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an ego's crushed. faster than it is built. but it doesn't take much. to get it to rebuild. when fate says it's time to go. you must move on. pack your bags and leave. the pressure takes its toll. the process designed to install us. is killing us all. the pressure is enough to break your back. i'd like to talk to you. oh. i guess there's someone better. maybe sometime soon. even i will do lunch with you. i so value your opinion on the situation. i'd like to talk to you again. oh yeah. sometime soon. i see you're talking out loud. don't forget your role. your old. all this light is burning me. if it's all the same, we'll i prefer to stay. i'm willing to play
i hear you talk in your sleep. you should be talking to me. i hear that bad things are coming my way. a forced decision on me. something i can't be. this is a bad dream coming to life. i am just thinking of me. thinking about my city. and how crowded it is with you around. you're complicated. and i'm not ready for that right now. you're a complication. you keep on wishing but it won't come true. i got the telephone cord. it's wrapped around my neck. i don't have to hang up to disconnect. and all this talk about how things should be. this ain't a game we're not playing. sorry. i'm not ready for that right now
with the time that you have spent. wondering where the time went. you could have done something more. than just hiding behind closed doors. these walls weren't built by hand. complex patterns. you may never. understand. flashing yellow lights. late at night just might. scare you
this is one you know. you can't face your way. take these words. use this key to lock the door. is this the one you want. the spider wall. death to all the moths. and the flies. this is the meaning. discount the reason why. would you like this world. to fall down. take this web of words you speak. you're all the same
phone rings and i run and i pick up and listen to the other end. where someone tells me vote for so and so. thanks for the tip and i'm aware that it's up to me to get involved. but as far as i'm concerned i hope you're overthrown. that's how i feel. and nothing you say appeals. phone rings and i run and i pick up and listen for a second time. to nothing new and nothing worth a damn. next time it rings i'm gonna make the sorry operator pay the price. i can't be held responsible for what i am
tell me a story. tell me one like you used to. i'll listen closely. embracing your every word. i'm not bouncing off the walls every second. but i'm still the same, whom you felt so close to long ago. and i feel quite content. i feel more alive than i've felt in years. hope i didn't let you down. well, did you think that i would be exactly the same. why'd we lose touch. i never said then that i counted on you for so much. it seems to have all slipped away. don't worry there's plenty more where that came from. i appreciate you for more than who you used to be. so let's drive all night long. just like old times with nowhere to go. like always, you'll end up with a smile on your face. feeling glad that we talked for a while
you stick around. you have your reservations. she feels you out. you strain for conversation you reach for what to say. all you're left with. are cliches and hand-me-downs. you fight to keep your distance. you put up some resistance. when you feel it coming down a mercenary love song. played by a heavy metal band. you give up and you settle. and she wakes you and you drown. a man woke up in someone else's bed. he put on someone else's clothes. and walked around pretending he was dead. he heard a little voice repeating in his head. today is just the next day. of your long and boring life. a woman waits until her nails are dry. she puts a pot of coffee on. and spends the morning staring at the sky. she knows she loves him but she can't remember why. she made him her accomplice in this long and boring life. you stick around. you act as if it suits you. she waits you out. a marriage you commute to. you reach for what to say. some emotion to display. but now you're out
i heard. i saw. and you seemed so proud. of the things you said. and at least not then. nothing at all. it's the way that you think. it's the way that you speak. with your fucked up attitude. and your lust for gratitude. it's time you realize. things won't go your way
cold and needing. here we go again and we're getting nowhere. torn and bleeding. here it comes again and we're getting nowhere. if we want this. let's pretend. no past life. start again with no infractions to amend. lost and missing. there we are again and we're going nowhere. torn and hissing. there we go again and we're getting nowhere. if we are this. let's rescind. the half-lies. start again. all these years spend stumbling through. with no destination. no idea at all. let's sanitize and cauterize. 'til nothing's left at all. wipe these years away. wipe those tears away. i am sorry. and swear i will sing no sad songs for you now
all aboard this train. its leaving here at noon. don't forget your bags. better yet leave them at home. i got your letters. you sounded so good. you can't deceive me. you know i know you. there's a sadness in your smile. i can hear it in your note. and i know you're better. than anything you've done. hardly speak with you. so i'm singing you this song. i got your message. you sounded just fine. i can't believe this. what is it this time. there's a sadness in your voice. i can hear it when you speak. of all the girls in the world why you. i can't believe the kind of life you've lived through. and i'm just waiting for you to come around


Our new Unreleased compilation series delivers never before heard songs from the bands that make Deep Elm the label it is today. It's not a sampler...it's a full-length CD of all new songs! These are not "b side" tracks, but the same high quality recordings you've come to expect from all Deep Elm releases. Highlights of Unreleased No. 2 include songs from The Appleseed Cast, Race Car Riot and Cross My Heart, secretly collected and quietly stashed tracks by veterans Walt Mink, Camber and The White Octave, plus new recordings from Benton Falls, Drive Til Morning, David Singer and Slowride. A must for all Deep Elm fans...new, young and old. Again, all songs are exclusive to this series - this is the only place you'll find them. (DER-411)

"Another ten unreleased gems from Deep Elm see the light of day, and some of these are so good it's astonishing they've been kept secret for so long. Take Complications from Cross My Heart for example. This band has long since broken up but they have left some incredible music in their wake. The raw recording only enhances the weight of The Appleseed Cast's song and makes you weak in the knees. Walt Mink was a new experience for me, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. This band has a really groove-filled rock sound unlike everything else that gets sorted as emo around these parts. Downright Presidential is a superb change of scenery on this album, which has all kinds of diversity in the first place. The acoustic track by newcomers Drive Til Morning is a real treat and I really fell for Camber's song Lantern Circle. I've made a note of a few of the outstanding songs, but there is not a bad moment on this entire CD. I got to hear a few of my favorite Deep Elm bands (Slowride, Benton Falls) and a few from the distant past, and there's nothing more I could ask for." - Punk International

"Unreleased No. 2 boasts standout cuts from Walt Mink, David Singer, Race Car Riot and The Appleseed Cast among others. This Deep Elm comp neatly eschews the traditional emo sound. Walt Mink sounds more like they're into Pleasure Club than Promise Ring, and tunesmith David Singer's A Mercenary Love Song is nearly worth the price alone. Race Car Riot are in the Hot Water Music school of hardcore and their track is snarled out with white knuckle intensity. The Appleseed Cast song is another brilliant storm cloud of sound. Unreleased No. 2 is a solid collection and if you buy this, at least one of these songs will make you pickup the band's LP itself." - Culture Bunker

"Deep Elm's Unreleased No. 2 finds some of the label's finest artists with new songs that you can't hear anywhere else. The White Octave opens with A Chinese Character, which is absolutely sick. Cross My Heart is next with my favorite song, Complications. It's a real rock anthem...fast, fresh and emotionally driven. The Benton Falls song will make you understand how great their next album will be. I never heard of Walk Mink, but their sound is quite tight...kind of chaotic with guitars that are melodic at the right time. Drive Til Morning's contribution is my favorite acoustic song ever. If you are a fan of Deep Elm Records or you just want to hear some fine music, get ready to buy Unreleased No. 2." - Truepunk



released March 2, 2003


all rights reserved



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