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Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing

by Latterman

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let's yell if we see it in ourselves. the passion to do something more than live inside our culture's fucking walls. now i don't have the answers of what a perfect world should be. but i know we'll start to find the answers when we find community. so lets get up to see the sunlight. so yeah i must remind myself i can be active with the activists or sleep in with the sleepers. but i don't have the answers. but i know another night on this couch won't do anything for my world or myself. so next time i hear someone call someone a fag or a guy call a girl a bitch i'm going to fucking scream. yea next time the passion hits me i'll try to find out what the pop songs mean. expressing my guilt through a consumer product doesn't mean i've solved anything. but as i've always found a way through my pain i'll find a way through my apathy. the revolution in video games distracts me from the real thing and from where i need to be - in community
yeah let's say what needs to be said. let's be sincere. let's let our feelings out and let's find a way to get past these fears and let's scream and shout. say what say what i just figured out you all mean so much to me. i tried to take this on the fly but i stumbled so many times its about time i'll be honest to myself and never let these fears just get me down. through the fights and the sarcasm this meant the world to me. yes those were great sounds in great towns but none of you have let me down. i sing this with the utmost sincerity. these are more than song lyrics. so i'll say this as straight forward as i can, let's not end this like ian curtis did (the most depressing end ever). in fact, lets not end this at all. remind ourselves 10 years from now just what we need. this song is what i have to give to show that i still care. i believe we should never give up on ourselves. i sing this with the utmost sincerity. these are more than song lyrics
the reason that i do this is not for money or fame. it's so we can create something more meaningful then the mainstream. but there's so much more we/i can do then complain about my life. so i'll get up from my chair and rock and roll tonight. through my life i've seen a world where everybody lets their problems drag them down when they can make their own best days. but i know in your heart you can see it some day. and i say you got to walk away from your pain with your head held high. and i say i understand it's not easy to find a hope all the time. you can always find yourself in the worst situation. but feeling sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. the answer lies in the easiest place in can. it's inside yourself. it's inside you and me. and i hope this gives you a hope to go on with yourself day by day. and i hope you can find yourself in a brand new morning with sunlight shining in. you can find hope
you can't do rock and roll wrong. now that's my fucking way to think. and passion doesn't just come from a simple 3 chord pop punk progression. so stand up and take a look and you'll find yourself in a sea of amazing friends. and it just goes to show that your bank account means nothing to them. it sure doesn't to me or to this diy scene. so what's your score that's been calculated by hollow social norms. and in your heart have you found a place where it seems somewhat clear. where you can rise above and get past creative killing standards today. so let's ascribe new values to our lives. so how can we rate ourselves by numbers and letters and not ignore diversity within ourselves? putting money over mind equates emptiness. when we were young we were told to follow footsteps. but when the foot steps on our dreams it's time to walk away. if we can walk together we can get past those numbers and letters. if we can rock together we will get past those numbers and letters. there's no score. there's too many things our consumer culture just ignores. so in our world let's build a place where it is always clear. where we resist and refute competition and put our value in community. so let's ascribe new values to our lives
well i'm finding myself laughing the days away. familiar faces sitting next to me. i'm thinking something i thought i'd never say. i'm finding out just what i need. i'm sick of always feeling down. and i'm sick of always letting those nights just fade away. so i'm turning my back on those days and walking away. so i'm seeing that it seems easy to find my place. and i'm living positive today. with a smile on my face today. so forget those days today
i heard you're going off the edge in a more than literal sense. your expressions of frustration don't seem to be reminding you that life doesn't end when we pass thirty years of age. so listen to what you feel inside to find your passions today. i never wanted it to be like this. i've heard you cry countless times. and it always seems to make me wonder why you live your life the same way every single day when it leaves you hopeless and empty. it's time for a change. so what does this all add up to if it gets you lost in the moments. i love you no matter what happens but you have to remember something. i've always said if you stay young at heart age can never win. if occupations define ourselves it will leave us alienated from ourselves and our world. so let's get up and find a new way
and so i'm going over it all once again and looking at how i feel today. and i'm ok. the mirror says don't feel down anymore. and so i see i just can't dig that hole i dug back then or i'll fall back in. so it's clear what i need to do from here. remember to live and let live. and while i can't change everything i'll remember the best of what i did. and so we go on living our own lives in search of what we really need that's in front of me. those people whom seem to be a word away and they helped me see. they are the ones who brought me to my feet to help me see. and so it's clear what i need to do from here. get past my pain and get up and live. and i know i can't change everything but i'll remember the best of what i did
i look at the cover and it seems this is the way we're supposed to be buying into some glossed over frame-work of humanity. we need to follow our hearts and dreams. not letting our lives be simply conditioned by magazines. so many beautiful people let themselves feel unfulfilled if they don't fit some pre-conceived notion of beauty. if you let your heart tell you who you need to be you'll find a beautiful person in the mirror everyday. and no magazine can ever give you that. so take those expectations and throw them in the back and live life as your wish. stepping away from all of this. if you let your heart tell you who you need to be you'll find a beautiful person in the mirror everyday
there are reasons to talk about it. this patriarchy we live in (i see it everyday). who's in the front row finger pointing? is the gender ratio in bands disappointing? the female struggle inspires me. inspires me to struggle with my own internal battle. i know the two don't compare. don't call me white. i don't know what it's like but i'll support you in any way i can. let's look around. if we haven't let's start today. let's pay attention to the oppression in the things we say. and the oppression in the things we think. and the inhuman robots they taught us to be. we are all guilty. but i won't let this song end like this. cause i know if we try we can de-internalize. help create the world we need someday. as i walk through the back the problems seem evident. no matter what is told to me. i'm part of the problem. you're part of the problem. i'm part ot the solution. let's both be part of the solution. honesty's a start. let's pay attention to the things we think and say. admit to ourselves. this is not a perfect place today
stumbling on the words again. trying to make it all seem positive. but 40 miles heading south with the radio preaching (not bitching i promise) to me i shouldn't be happy with me. well fuck you is all i have to say because that self-doubt can still hurt me today. but through it all i know i can live my life my fucking way with self-doubt in my heart in my way. while my culture says i'm not ok. but i've spent too many days with a smile on my face to have not found an amazing place. long island diy. and despite our faults we can build something amazing. if we believe in ourselves. and a good friend has said to me he may still wish he's 15. i told him to create his own circumstances. yet i truly understand we can't always make our lives seem happy all the time. just remember the strength is always there. sometimes it's not all easy. so let's take a step back. question everything and tell ourselves we'll make this ok


We said it before: Latterman rules, and this re-mastered, re-release of their classic debut Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing proves that this band has ruled from day one. Overflowing with positivity, originality and most importantly heart, it reminds us what we loved about the scene in the first place: friendship, standing up for what you believe in and the notion that together we can change the world. No doubt, Latterman has always had an affinity toward belting out melodic, foot-stomping punk rock like their lives depended on it, which only lends to the sincerity of a record that has stood the test of time and served as a irreplaceable document to Long Island DIY. While much has changed in the past three years - people have moved away or simply become detached from the community - the ideals held true on Turn Up The Punk still remain...whether it's a notion as basic as staying positive or something more complex like challenging patriarchy, homophobia and racism. As for Latterman, they've never stopped believing in the core message that Turn Up The Punk screams with every note: let's make a difference in the place we live! (DER-443)

"You probably haven't heard of Latterman yet, but in an ideal world, they'd be as big as their peers in Against Me! or Dillinger Four. Combining socially conscious, ready-for-a-sing-along lyrics with straight-ahead 4/4 punk rock, the band are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most jaded street-punker. This remastered version of the band's 2002 debut, Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing, sounds more vital than 99 percent of the punk records that cracked the Billboard Top 200 this past year." - Alternative Press

"Latterman is probably the most jubilant political band in America. They've got poppy snarl like Dillinger 4 mixed with passion and conviction like Against Me!, and a healthy doses of Hot Water Music and Get Up Kids thrown in for good measure. The result is catchy and fun without ever being preachy. Great big sing-a-longs about riding bikes and hanging out with friends transition seamlessly into rallies against homophobia, racism, sexism and patriarchy. I caught them live at Gilman, and their show is an amazing mix of energy and smiles. Turn Up The Punk is actually a reissue of their debut CD. Deep Elm decided the world should hear the debut that started it all. Highly recommended." - Amp

"If only every punk rock record could sound this electrifying. Overflowing with passion and fire, Latterman's debut, Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing, is a fiery experience that should not be passed up. One word sums up Latterman: passionate. The enthusiasm and love of playing is felt wholeheartedly throughout Turn Up the Punk, and this genuine delivery helps create one powerful record. Simultaneously shouted, throaty vocals, upbeat melodic punk-rock with that sharp bass up front and songs that contain enough punch and drive to rekindle that initial excitement of discovering punk for the first time, this record gets the heart racing fast. Turn Up The Punk is one of those fun records that you'll find yourself shouting with nonstop. Along with releasing one of the strongest punk releases of the year (No Matter Where We Go..!), Deep Elm has done an amazing job of documenting and keeping alive a record that would have otherwise gone completely forgotten. Turn up the punk!" - Fake Train



released November 8, 2005


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