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Trying To Figure Each Other Out

by Brandtson

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you spend all your time away from home you spend all your money too bad it's all gone you spent all your friends and now they're done you burned all your bridges too bad they're all gone you're well on your way so don't mind me forget all the others they just don't see you've got everything you need to make it on your own so pour out your insides it won't be that long wishing you the best of luck in everything you do wishing you the best of luck now hoping that you're finding everything you're looking for i'm wishing you the best of luck i hope you make it 'cause it's so important to you
two of us sitting alone again in silence wondering what your eyes might see me as this time sometimes i wish you thought out loud it's so much different now you and i meeting again another circle better than nothing at all i'm glad we came sometimes i wish that we could change and make it past this somehow and all along i never thought we were wrong you said it once we were different from the start what words could i say we sit and we wait in waiting rooms knowing the end can't come too soon i want you to understand my life i wanted you to know and i wanted you to see and understand this side of my life
Leaving Ohio 03:55
take a swing and we're risking everything it's over when we're afraid to break the rules because it's safe i got a letter saying i'm doing it all wrong i think that i'll write back and find out how it's done take a swing there's got to be more to this than what we hear about take a swing there's got to be more to this than what we're all about and you're wishing your days away do you really want to live your life this way when did the fire die i don't see it in your eyes we all fall down so pick yourself up from the dirt 'cause after all you'd think it'd be the fall but it's the getting up that hurts take my hand and come with me i won't let you down this time there's more than the last time it will all work out
Boys Lie 03:49
no matter what words i say she just thinks it's my best line she'll look at me that way and say yeah she'll say boys lie thanks guys you've really done it for me this time now i'm watching her walk away i'm not like all the others i get lost inside your eyes and it comes as no surprise that still she won't believe me she's heard it a hundred times she'll just look at me and say boys lie i'm paying for her past because the last guy didn't last i'm stuck in the middle of this riddle so cruel there's no point to argue 'cause you know as well as i do that it's true crazy that we will never be happy so much time invested you and me and all this wishful thinking so much time you wasted i get lost in your eyes while you just look for the lies
i've heard this one before about the princess and the pauper and i know just how it ends now it doesn't end well it just ends some things you learn from hurting yourself and some things you learn from hurting someone else and anyway i don't think i'll be coming back here again 'cause she's got plans and all and i don't think i fit in she said that i'm a shining star in her sky and i feel that far away i'll make a wish for the best of all the little things that i miss and just walk away always the wrong way never the right way forward and backward over and over talk is cheap so i bought every word you said it scared me half to death now i'm half dead and anyway i don't think i'll be coming back here again 'cause she's got plans and all and i don't think i fit in every time that i fall you're standing over me
i won't be the one to wait outside your door watch it all fall down around your head i won't be that one anymore so shine on me the sun to white out my whole world catch it on my tongue these words once said that i won't be that one no not anymore there's more than a million questions i could ask but it wouldn't matter at all so take me and tear me open i won't bleed until you're gone i don't understand your actions


Brandtson is like a bullet...when they're dead on, their combination of chiming guitars and dual vocals are show stoppers with your heart and soul. Trying To Figure Each Other Out is a triumph of a short player, filled with songs that have immediate appeal but enough complexity for the long haul. The introspective, revealing lyrics leave you with plenty to ponder as crushing guitars lay down fierce, power ballad riffs. Brandtson has taken what they know best, finessed it, tightened it up and locked it down with astounding results. The harmonized vocal rounds are absolutely infectious, bringing you up and down in a swirl of emotion. This remarkable set of six songs is simply sterling and the pristine Ed Rose production quality is second to none. The band far surpassed anyone's expectations with Trying...and then some. Brandtson can do no wrong. (DER-392)

"There's something about Ohio's Brandtson that sets them apart from the chasing pack. The broody quartet have that magical spark that turns a good song into a deeply moving experience. The rich guitar weaving of Myk Porter and Matt Traxler together with the gorgeous vocal harmonies and Porter and drummer Jared Jolley grow into full-on distorted riffage on the likes of 'Bricks and Windows' and the diary-honest lyrics lend an instant appeal to the entire affair. Yet another band destined for greatness." - Kerrang

"Trying to Figure Each Other Out EP is a triumph of a short player. The record comes screaming out of the gates with the emotionally charged 'Sic Transit Gloria' and, though the album slows down, the emotion never wanes. There is a heartfelt, cognitive flow through all five tracks. Brandtson's songwriting and musicianship seems to have taken huge step forward on this release and it is proven in solid, lingering tunes such as 'Leaving Ohio' and 'Boys Lie.' Brandtson has come through and truly produced. Like the promising third year player buried on the team's depth chart who finally get a chance to start and hits the big time...Brandtson is on its way." - Instant

"Revealing, personalized lyrics, broken hearts and tight melodies continue to define Brandtson's sound on Trying To Figure Each Other Out. This is a continuation of the stylish playing displayed on Fallen Star Collection, as guitarist/vocalist Myk Porter exposes the darker sides of relationships on '12th And Middle' and the poetic 'Bricks and Windows,' the concluding track that crests and retreats behind thick guitar walls that fuel a deliberate and moving song. One of Brandtson's greatest strengths is their ability to alter tempo without losing continuity as a band. 'Leaving Ohio' has a blazing guitar riff, but also features an intricately placed shift in mood before concluding with a wave of feedback. Brandtson's music rises to new heights here as Porter is supported by the musical muscle of Matt Traxler, John Sayre on bass and the soulful backing vocals of drummer Jared Jolley, who truly shines on the chorus of 'Boys Lie,' exposing a band that can temper frustration with harmony. Richly textured playing convey heated emotions through playing that delivers power through beauty with the lush 'Grace Thinks I'm a Failure.' I was struck by the darker elements of this record. For playing that is so beautiful, the scenes being articulated are not going to reassure your faith in romance. Heart wrenching and fabulous." - Jersey Beat



released August 22, 2000


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