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Tossing A Friend

by Muckafurgason

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Consuela 02:39
consuela she told me. maybe we should just slow down. and i know. there's nothing i could do without her. and i know. she doesn't know. consuela she told me. we shouldn't hang out for a while. and i know. there's nothing i could do without her. and i know. she's fucked up but i care about her. and i know. she doesn't know. i'll admit my problems. if you show me yours. and that's when we'll both realize. we're a little bored
Spanish Fly 03:55
so i asked my girlfriend to pretend. that she was foreign. i asked her to imagine. that she came from spain. and i told her to whisper in my ear. and in spanish. and if you do this for me. i will never ask for anything again. and she said. ole. por favor. mon senior. matador. afterwards she asked me. why had i wanted her to do that. so of course i lied. and said no reason. why what's wrong. and she looked down and sighed. pulled back the covers. and said sometimes it feels like. there's someone else on your mind. since that monday night. down at the fort sidewalk. when we saw the flamenco dancer. dance her flamenco dance. i've spent all my time. brushing up my spanish. so if i see her again. i can stand up tall and cry
Go Teens 02:58
i wished that i played guitar. so i could have been a teenage star. recognized on the street. on the cover of teenbeat. i wanna be a rock and roll teen. bubble gum and little jeans. cute band alert in sassy magazine. i'm the new kid on the scene. my hit video is on mtv. if ben lee's the prince i'll be his queen. debby the princess i'll be her queen. fifteen minutes of fame. fifteen years of age. number on hit the charts. right before high school starts. sean cassidy. donny and marie. the partridge family. nkotb. ben lee. brandi. debby. and tiffany. john lee is a rock and roll teen
Crying 02:42
well it happened again. i let you slip away. now i know just what it was. that made me feel this way. so many things make me think of you. and believe me. i ain't trying. but i guess. that's just how it goes. when your heart is cryin'. cryin'. my heart was for you. cryin'. and i guess it's still true. well you left me. when i left you. and i guess that's only fair. no my biggest fear in the world. is that you really don't care. our love was thing that will never die. and in that there's no denyin'. but i guess. that's just how it goes .when your heart is cryin'. cryin'. my heart was for you. cryin'. and i guess it's still true. cryin'. my heart was for you. cryin'. and i guess it's still true
Nightdriver 02:44
nightdriver. all alone. nightdriver. the road is your home. and it's always the same. seems just like a game. one car. one lane. nightdriver. the road is your friend. nightdriver. there is no end. and it's always the same. is it real or just a game. one car. one lane. repetition's got you down. nightdriver. nothin' but your engine's sound. nightdriver. no one but yourself to blame. nightdriver. one car. one lane. nightdriver
you know. some guys drive cars. some guys smoke cigarettes. i've even seen guys doing drugs. but i didn't like that. i play the guitar. in a rock and roll band. i'm a bad ass fucker yeah. when it comes to chords solos and those harmonies. chords solos morrissey. well i'm a bad ass fucker yeah. if you don't believe me go ahead and ask my fucking mom. cause she's a bad ass fucker yeah
Sweetie Pie 02:58
sweetie pie i love you. sweetie pie i hope you love me too. just as much as the sun and the sky. sweetie pie speak to me. i know it's hard for you. but i need to believe. that you'll be ready when I'm ready for you. sweetie pie when i'm with you. you keep me warm the way that you do. and i don't even mind that stain on my shirt. sweetie pie. sweet as can be. you're full of loving goodness. and i'm glad that you love me. sweetie pie i love you so. but sweetie pie i hate to see you go. in the oven for so very long. sweetie pie pretty soon. i'll take you out and get my spoon. and i'll eat you. my sweet berry pie. sweetie pie goodbye
Lunch 01:35
lunch. my favorite meal of the day. and i'm happy just to be hear so i can say. that i'm eating it. like it's going out of style. i eat big lunch like a big crocodile. it doesn't matter home or the beach. as long as a refrigerator is in reach. i'll even munch on a big ripe peach. cause i'm eating my lunch. tasty. lunch. it's not the same as breakfast. dinner or a snack. lunch is serious sit down heart attack. chewing. ripping. chomping and munching. it's late. i've got a one o'clock lunching. i remember one day in june. i told my baby to meet me at noon. i said okay. but i wouldn't arrive. i forgot i'd eaten lunch from nine to five. lunch. tasty lunch. i like spaghetti with oregano sauce. something wholesome in my bowl. i like pizza with olives on top. i like my pineapple a la dole. lunch
Atari 03:11
plug it in to the back of your tv. come with me back to 1983. reliving my happy childhood. with my 2600. atari. choose a game from your game library. test your skills and test your strategy. hand and eye co-ordination. endless hours of entertainment. atari. no it don't get any better than the system that gave us. pac man and space invaders. arcade classics. i'm sure you'll remember. asteroids and defender. more games more fun. more fun more games. boxing breakout and maze craze. more fun more games. more games more fun. pinball football and home run. reliving my happy childhood. atari 2600
i want you. i need you. yeah i really care for you. and when i see you. i get really blue. with the sounds of love. the sounds of love. i want you. i need you. yeah i really care for you. and when i feel you near. i think i can hear. the sounds of love. the sounds of love. oh yeah i want you. i need you. i really care for you. but now that you have left. i surely do protest. ah. but i guess. that's just the sounds of love
Punk Rock 03:15
singing loud and out of tune. blow job in the dressing room. pills and booze until i puke. stay in bed all afternoon. cuz i wanna be punk rock. don't you. piss and spit on all our fans. smash my head against the amps. swear and curse in interviews. blame it on my fucked up youth. one and one and one is three. and we're at war with society. it's all power chords CFG. i hate you but you love me
Sweethearts 02:40
at the corner of the general store. sat a girl with golden hair. with an ice cream cone drippin' down her wrist. she didn't have a single care. at the filling station across the way. worked a boy whose eye she caught. and before you know it she was wearing the ring. that the young boy's money had bought. everyone said that they'd be sweethearts. but she had plans of her own. she said one day she'd go far away. she ain't never comin' home. well she had hopes and she had dreams. oh lord will they ever come true. she played them off like silly whims. but deep down inside she knew. one day she'd be the talk of the town. the apple of everyone's eye. but the boy still thought that they'd be lovers until the day they died. oh so in love. but somethin' must go wrong. a sharp dressed man from the bright light city came and sang his city song. she packed her bags. said no goodbyes. it broke the you boy's heart. but no small town can hold this girl. and she knew it from the start
where else in the world. can you watch a naked man masturbate. in the park opposite your apartment. as you're sitting on your fire escape. oh forsyth street. and where else in the world. can you walk home at the end of your day. and see a homeless man in the gutter. with a needle in his vein. oh forsyth street. and where else in the world. did I meet my girlfriend edie. but at eighty-four forsyth street. apartment number three. oh forsyth street
Wasting Time 11:35
i'm not the boy you're dreaming of. i'm just the guy in your bed. and if you say you're falling in love. i'll have to ask you who it's with. if you try to buy me. i'll say that i've been sold. and if you try to raise the stakes. you know that's when i'll fold. if you try to explain. i'll say you're wasting your time. if you try to make me see your point. i'll say that i've gone blind. nobody likes wasting time. but everybody likes wasting mine. let's waste some time


An eclectic mix of hip and loser, these three cynical savants called Muckafrgason explore everything from rock to pop to country to hip-hop on their journey through Genreville, leaving no era of the radio untouched. All of them sing - sometimes solo, in harmony, whatever - and they rotate instruments like musical chairs. So are they confused, lacking direction or suffering from multiple personality disorder? None of the above. Fearing no style or instrument, their debut explores more musical territory than most bands do in a lifetime. While they're panning a genre or astutely emulating its style, you'll either be peeing in your pants or simply impressed their uncanny ability to pull it off with flair and finesse. Admission at their live show will undoubtedly reward you with a smile from ear to ear, where the quirky harmonies, irresistible melodies and smart lyrics come together in that "ahhh, I get it" fashion. Tossing A Friend is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to anything and everything. Dubbed "the Benny Hill of Rock" and "the next great American sensation." Produced by John Kimbrough (of Walt Mink) who recently won his second Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Music and Lyrics for co-writing Hugh Jackman's opening number at the 2009 Oscars. (DER-363)

"This New York Trio writes perfect little pop songs for post romantics who still haven't given up on true love. Cynical savants, they chronicle their despair with a sense of humor that's more than a match for their sense of melody. Making a play for all those indie broken hearts out there..." - NY Press

"Covering more rare territory than the Mars Probe is what Muckafurgason is doing these days. Andy, Chris and John are one brit and two yanks and the pacific is their playground. Musically this trio spins plays ontop of long sticks to circus tunes...and they do it with a snicker. They are the Benny Hill of rock and the Anita Hill of roll. Their latest release 'Tossing a Friend' sports artwork which will make you check withyour local police department on the proximity of convicted sex offenders. It was produced by John Kimbrough of Walt Mink with the grandeur of an 8-track. 'Sweetie Pie' brings to mind the glamour and truth of prohibition times whilst 'Spanish Fly' gives you the standing eight-count. They explore the harmonic miracles of Elvis Costello whilst capturing the grit of the Clash. Instrumentally these lads are as inventive with strings and winds as David Van Tiegham is with pipes and drills. Look for big things from these guys as they have captured the ingenuity of early They Might Be Giants on a very low budget." - Salt For Slugs

"Starting off with Weezer-esque pop harmonies and gliding effortlessly from there into any number of genres, be it country, hip-hop, or punk rock, each Muckafurgasong is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to anything and everything, whether it's the fuzzy Clash guitars of "Punk Rock" or the human beat-box Beck anthem about "Lunch," or a nostalgic pop song about a beloved Atari game ("plug it into the back of my TV/ come with me back to 1983/ reliving my happy childhood/ with my 2600"). I have to admire any band that aspires to be in the next "Cute Band Alert" in Sassy Magazine." - Consumable



released February 24, 1998


all rights reserved



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