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This Is My Ship

by Dartz

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I run in the park, I laugh in the park. But I never just sit in the park. If you want to understand the park. You've first got to be the park. At half past two. I lost my watch, broke my watch. But I never just looked at my watch. If you want to understand the time. You've first got to be the time. Be the time. At half past two. Meet me in the park. At half past two
The animals are deafening me. What do the children to for fun? The whim of a science man. And the day the destroyed the sun. A simple hypothetical. We've got a job to do. Calculated diagrams and plans you can't disprove. A simple hypothetical. We've got a job to do. Logically we cannot fail with elements and test tubes. A complex hypothetical. We've got a job to do. Innovate and ascertain and theory will make it truth. Lab coats, check. Oxygen, check, check. Photographs, check. We've got a job to do. This formula. X plus Y plus X plus all of my time. This could be ours. Hold your head up high. Because we'll be remember as inspired. I think I've made an error here. The figures don't align. Huge miscalculations on nobody's behalf but mine. My loyal apprentice. Get out right now. This formula. X plus Y plus X plus all of my time. I think I was wrong. Hold your head up high. Because we'll be remember for this crime. I think I was wrong. Throw your lab coat down. My precious ideas. Are destroying us now. They've destroyed us
Two strong steps on the pavement and we're on our way. Made an acquaintance tonight I won't forget or ever meet again. He said 'There must be someone here who is not afraid?' Come now, planes fall out of the sky when it rains. Be calm take a moment to relax. Today we'll all admire an interesting fact. Reporters cry once, twice, again! We'll ignore it all and get away without them. But I'm quite simply useless without my medicine. I'm worried about how tall the buildings are and who built them. I can see it in their faces I can see it in their stares. Let's save our sanity even if we can't save there's. We'll meet in the city underneath a neon sign. That calls the fleeing forward and just into the light. We'll meet in the city where nobody will see. To let the bodies file out and realise. They are free
I prefer cold holidays because I don't like the heat. There's a beach somewhere with its tired facade. As we're running around in the streets. Signs upon the windows in the capital. People in the windows of the capital. I've had enough of illuminated lights. To avoid a week of Friday nights. Where there are no apartments. There's just unavoidable fights. I like capital cities. They've got a charm I don't understand. I'm disappointed with the season. I'm disappointed with the sand. Let me lead you onto bridges upon which we can dance. We've got long sleeve jackets and polaroids in our hands. I prefer cold holidays when you need to wrap up warm. An iridescent ride through the city tonight. Will make you feel at home. Groups of searchlights on the roof. That highlight me and you. The perpendicular is constantly my favourite view
The shapes that fall from my roof. It seems there's never enough. This girl she's looking for me. But shapes are all she can see. You have three sides but you're not a triangle. You have three sides and you are a square. You can come and settle down. Look what is left here of my house. This was the one place I could hide. But now I'm left with space and lines
Laser Eyes 03:12
If I had electronic eyes. With lasers as their main component. I'd kill all those who I despise. I'd find them, I'd find them. It's not impossible to dance. A.I. love robot romance. It's not impossible to feel. When your heart is made of chrome and steel
It's my turn. It's your turn. It's my turn. Time to leave. Take a bag and pack it neat. I've got no future so I'm marching east. Copses and cardboard boxes. A mystery to the world. I don't feel exotic driving Japanese cars. And I don't see the value. Of roofs and paths like well made graphs. It's not enough to cling to. Sandy polystyrene haunts my recollection. Of a frozen face that wanted your affection. And I hid the fact. I always hid the fact. I'd like a room in St. Petersburg. With rotting walls and character. Where I can hide and stay inside. And be a mystery to the world
Harbour 03:52
Take me to the harbour so I can get away. Today. Meet me at the pier. Any static choice I doubt. Keep this to yourself. Tonight we're getting out. I realised while glancing at maps. Do you know what I am? I can't make you a promise. But I'll let you in on my plan. I think this year we should do things a little different. We'll skip our birthdays and have fireworks at Christmas. Because this last year felt far too systematic. If I arranged things for myself they might be less more traumatic
Documents 02:40
There are fields for what you think and what you feel. Paraphrase your life, they don't care for detail. A yellow paper canvas with cells for your conclusions. Sign the dotted line and law will make it truthful. They'll file us close in a heavy steel box. Cast away not guarded or locked. As we were, that's how we'll stay. Aside from the files you placed in the way. We'll smile adjacent phrases. The ink documents my mistakes. This will be the last you here from me. We can't be friends. We're nothing but paper and pens. We'll always be close in the box where we rest. R for rejected and S for success
It glows! I've found us a cheap hotel. Our fortress for tonight. A fantastic apparatus. And our means to stay alive. The glittering skin of a brand new person. You can't keep ignoring us. Don't worry it's probably nothing. But then, I suppose this time it could be a real emergency. Ascend the stairs and press your head against the wall. You can almost make out the words. We're trapped here, please help us. It shows! You're shocked by what you've found. Our fortress for tonight. The fantastic apparatus was a trap. Penned beneath this very ground. You can't keep ignoring us. You can't keep ignoring me
DARTZ! is good for your brain. It's not a crime to have opinions. Teaching me to dance
Lamp posts alight like dominos. There's a stillness in tonight. Fluorescent eye in a concrete sky. That beckons us to fly. Prepare for the fact you won't be welcomed back. I've realised that's alright. Everyone has gone to sleep. It's just me and the cats eyes. I want to be a writer. And scribble about you and me. How you can't understand someone so severe. Alone in the driving seat. White lines and flight paths. This is my ship. I'll take care of my passengers. Lamp posts are ice burgs to be hit. This is my ship. We're all just chasing fish. While an author takes his life. The radio will flare and moan. There are things you can never make right. We fought one hundred times tonight. I know I hit you hard. With cliche upon cliche. I keep my chest closer than my cards. I am a torch with complex batteries. I've failed to show the way everyone left
Ulysses 04:17


Dealing in equal parts visceral punk, splintering math rock and kinetic pop, Dartz! bring the noise. It's a fun, riotous listen with genuine heart and intriguing complexities. It's not often that words like "discordant" and "melodic" are thrown about in the same sentence, but the band's willingness to let loose with raucous dance-punk abandon while delving into more adventurous, angular soundscapes -- all without losing sight of each song's irresistible hook and propulsive beat -- makes for a cohesive and addictively explosive good time. Instantly captivating and undeniably enduring, This Is My Ship keeps an animated pace throughout its twelve exuberant tracks. Songs like "Prego Triangolos" and "St. Petersburg" give you an idea of which dynamic, spiky Q and Not U-esque school of indie rock these boys attend, but the handclaps and catchy hooks on cuts like "Once, Twice, Again!" remind us that, first and foremost, the band is here to make you move. Still, pigeonholing DARTZ! as anything other than an extremely intelligent, complex and exciting band would be doing them an injustice. Off-kilter riffs and catchy choruses rip a melodic groove into your brain while intersecting instrumental passages are compelling enough to keep the hipsters zigging and the punkers zagging. Make no mistake: This Is My Ship is an phenomenal release...one of the most memorable, enjoyable debuts in recent history. (DER-466)

"In the last few years the northeast corner of England has produced a cluster of post-punk bands with a penchant for spiky riffs and melodic vocals. The Futureheads and Maximo Park have garnered the most critical attention, but Dartz! are now making waves of their own. Stragglers in a scene of jagged art-rock they may be, but to these ears they are indebted more to similarly rambunctious punk-orientated bands from across the Atlantic such as Q and Not U and Les Savy Fav. While Dartz! may wear their influences on their sleeves, This Is My Ship is idiosyncratic enough to avoid being derivative. Much of this is in the delivery, if not always the actual material. Dartz! have the brazenly north-eastern accents, but they also combine a wit and intelligence with intriguing lyrical targets, while refraining from any of the condescending social commentary. Dartz! are at their best is when they just seem to be having fun. This Is My Ship is rife with edgy riffs and catchy choruses. Intelligent, memorable, and quite often unprecedentedly danceable, they're not quite the finished article yet, but they're well on their way." - Pop Matters

"One of the biggest mistakes I made as a music fan last year was not getting into Dartz! sooner. Now that I have spent a considerable amount of time with This Is My Ship, I can say that I should kick my own ass for brushing them aside for so long. It's obvious that the band draws a lot of influence from the D.C. scene. The angular guitars, frenetic energy and abstract lyrics will undoubtedly draw comparisons to heroes such as Faraquet and Q and Not U. However, Dartz! also have a more accessible pop side, and tracks like the infectious Once, Twice, Again! highlight their ability to cross the lines between angular indie rock and infectious pop melodies at will. This Is My Ship is a very strong debut and the energy on this record never falters at any point, giving it a very high replay value. Dartz! is easily one of my favorite new bands and if their debut is already this good, I can only imagine how good their future albums are going to be. Keep your eyes on these guys: I have a feeling you will be hearing about them quite a bit in the future." - Absolute Punk

"Deep Elm tends to find some gems when it comes to the European imports, and the debut full-length from the UK's Dartz! is no exception. Dartz! imagines the danceable post-punk of Q and Not U as fronted by that charming English accent and spiced up with a bit of caP'n Jazz's frenetic vigor. This Is My Ship dabbles in clean guitars and perfectly executed time changes, with vocals that delicately convey lots of excitement without coming off overbearing. In the hands of other bands, the album might come off a bit trend-riding or obnoxious, but Dartz! walk a constant tightrope with confidence and aplomb. In more laid back yet energetic numbers like Once, Twice, Again! and Fantastic Apparatus, Dartz! prove themselves to be melodious masters, while other songs like Harbour feature moments of restraint and order. But when the band bust loose, it's all good times. This Is My Ship proves to be a musical success, drawing carefully from its influences to produce a warm, inviting and cheerful creation." - Punknews.org



released September 18, 2007


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