This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 2

by Various Artists

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"We entered this war because violations of right had occurred which touched us to the quick and made the life of our own people impossible unless they were corrected and the world secured once for all against their recurrence. What we demand in this war, therefore, is nothing peculiar to ourselves. It is that the world be made fit and safe to live in; and particularly that it be made safe for every peace-loving nation which, like our own, wishes to live its own life, determine its own institutions, be assured of justice and fair dealing by the other peoples of the world as against force and selfish aggression. All the peoples of the world are in effect partners in this interest, and for our own part we see very clearly that unless justice be done to others it will not be done to us...The moral climax of this the culminating and final war for human liberty has come, and they are ready to put their own strength, their own highest purpose, their own integrity and devotion to the test." - Woodrow Wilson (1918)
this crater will patch itself. i'd rather die here. then spend my life saying maybe. but maybe we could pretend. and nervously steal glances. from across this room. i guess I should've seen this coming a long way off. but still. what if I told you. that all those things I've said meant nothing. and the quiet whispers in my head. are the best of me. but I don't know if you should do this to yourself. but this grey will do for now. its so perfect. i can feel it. in the back of my mind. and how come I remember your name. when I can't remember mine. and I could write for days. lie through my teeth. bring you to tears. and feel fine. like this won't happen. like we both won't end up alone. lately I've dreamt in foreign languages. i've looked up and seen red. its an unfamiliar ceiling. and I guess it kind of feels like home to me. i only fool myself. maybe theres hope. maybe we won't. run this into the ground
new york city gleams for everyone it seems to those left behind while others say goodbye. but i would be lying if i said i'm fine. that city's trying to take friends of mine. well i just can't compete with the glow from neon streets. so when their cars are packed i'll smile and wave right back. but i would be lying if i said i'm okay. new york is trying to take more friends away
i got the idea but no words to describe it. but it kept alive. follow the seams of the streets and the cracks. at the side of the road I travel. it's emptying of all the names I knew. sit in the seat of the stream with my back. at the feet of the waterfall. it's emptying. it's comforting. to think i might fall and slip from the tree. like a leaf that's turning on the breeze. and the old gathers. but the cold shiver. is what feels good to me. follow the seams of the street and the black. at the side of the road I travel. it's emptying. it's comforting. to think I might fall and slip from the tree. like a leaf that's turning on the breeze. and they all gather. but the cold shivers are what feel good to me. and the skin quivers as the chill runs down your back and pools at the spine
world of the sparkle. lore of the end. dream on and higher. fake and make it real. sauver vous. si vous pouvez. quand les etincelle se lancer. et les tetes s'exploser. il s'git d'une chanson pour i'eternite. sauver vous. si vous pouvez. i'll be the road ahead and smile when all subsides. i'll be the road ahead. just blink when all subsides. waves convey the secrets engraved in our souls. swaying and still dancing. you. you shall not resist. we got to take it and make sure it stays. yes. we got to take it and we will make sure it stays. who are you? so who are you? what makes you fall and run? can your forget the past and let it rest? so who are you and what about your tongue? can you pass the test and let it all rest? let it all rest. your road ahead. I'll take you on. and i know you'll take me home. we are going down. underground. they're all around. look. they are all around. world of the sparkle. lore of the end. tears. they will stain the asphalt. bitter is the drink. snatch every bit of courage. spirits. they are all lifted. fire. we'll jump right through it. burn at both ends
i've got nothing for you phantom. no one's sleeping in my house. i've got nothing for you. for you phantom
i thought we believed in this. i thought we believed in this. i thought we believed in just leaving. arm in arm and our fingers crossed. it was an avalanche. it was a test engine. a disaster with flaws. the van was packed and we had nowhere to go. and you are red as the moon. it hung hurting over you. i've been there and we'll make it through. arrogance be damned. i've been there and we'll make it through. over and over again. making and breaking amends. over and over again. strengthen these bones and hands
met a girl named thelma lou. far out west where the skies are blue. she has watering eyes like the morning dew. fell in love one summer night. made sweet love by the railroad site. by some passing trains. i put my sweaty hand by her side. she promised me that she'd come along for the ride. in which i was grateful. thelma lou took off one night. gave no word no trail in sight. but birds were calling from the ocean side. she talked about the sailing seas. longing for that ocean breeze. in which I longed for too. just before she left that night. i was certain she would be my wife. in which I was grateful. been so long since I've seen her face. left me lonesome and out of place. ocean melodies bring me the blues. i've been trailing the trail of tears since thelma lou has disappeared. never to return. suddenly a light flashed across my eyes. thelma lou was watching for the skies. in which I was grateful. thelma lou and the ocean blue made all her dreams come true
i want a brand new life. i want to push the world away. looking for something pure. looking for something beautiful. i want a brand new life. laying down a new foundation. i hope that its stronger than the one that i just destroyed. i want to feel alive in my heart. i want to feel alive in my dreams. i want a brand new life in my heart. where i'll forget all my schemes. i want a brand new life. no choice but to create my own. i am the architect of my nightmare and my salvation. i want a brand new life. another one that I won't fuck up. i'm tearing at the seams. sick of this desolate scene. i want to feel alive in my heart. i want to feel alive in my dreams. i want a brand new life in my heart. where I'll forget all my schemes. i'm trying to make something that's honest and right. which is everything that I am not
can't you tell i need this. i've never been given any help to accomplish what i just have to accomplish. can you brace me for a fall. i'm just exhausted from giving my all when i didn't have to give my all. can't you tell i mean it. there's nothing left here for me to feel if there's nothing behind the songs we're singing. can you brace me for a fall. i'm just exhausted from giving my all when i didn't have to give my all. can't you tell i need this. despite your smile so counterfeit i'm still willing to take a chance. i'm reaching out to make amends. i'm standing up in your defense risking the loss of life or limb. i'm telling you. i need this. can't you tell i need this. i've never been given any help. can't you tell i need this
when I look up at the sky. i can not help thinking. i know that you're not wrong. everything is going well. i'm looking for my window. how long i walked this way. i can't believe it. your words. everything I heard. what could i say before I leave. what could i say. you are so weak. it always disappears. everything is not true. am I feeling so good. we are walking the same way. what could i say before I leave. it's not enough to think your feeling. don't need my help
stimulate my brain. take in haste. exchange. discriminate this taste. seperate my face. don't you see my fear. i need to hold you near. never let go my dear. pay no attention. to these tears. because i will surely fly. away from all of those. except for you and i. i will surely die. away from a large dosage. of your pesticide


This Is Indie Rock "Volume Two" features unreleased songs by The New Lows (New York, NY), The Forecast (Peoria, IL), Jena Berlin (Southampton, NJ), Death Ships (Skokie, IL), The Silent Press (Troutville, VA), Maxel Toft (Chicago, IL), Sedona (Raleigh, NC), Cameran (Austria), Meredith Bragg and The Terminals (Alexandria, VA), The Call Up (Watertown, MA), Bernard (St. Augustine, FL) and Nature Living (Japan). Created to document the music, spirit and resolve of the independent artist, each volume of This Is Indie Rock: The Best Bands You've Never Heard features twelve unreleased and exclusive songs from the hottest new indie rock bands throughout the world. You'll find a diverse mixture of hardcore, punk, rock, emo, metal, pop and more. By uniting all genres of indie rock, these open-submission compilations are destined to surpass the popularity of Deep Elm's other highly acclaimed compilation series. "Deep Elm have proven themselves as one of the founding fathers of contemporary independent music...the leading light of the indie scene that progresses to a new level with every new release" says Big Cheese. (DER-446)

"Having raised the bar for compilations to unthinkable heights with the quality of success of The Emo Diaries, Deep Elm returns with their second helping of unknown talent that attempts, and I believe succeeds, to resurrect the great indie rock movement of the early 90's, when good music played with passion was what mattered. Every band here, sans The Forecast, was completely new to my ears, and I was very impressed with what I heard from Jena Berlin and The New Lows, as both bands employed thick guitar riffs while also generating wonderfully contagious harmonies. The big noise of Cameran was a favorite of mine, but it was offset quite nicely by the more reserved efforts of Meredith Bragg and Death Ships, while Nature Living's track was accented by well placed screamo-backing vocals. The Forecast are now currently employed by Victory Records, and one can hear why, but my choice for stardom is The Silent Press, whose Can't You Tell is a sing along favorite waiting to happen. This is a brilliant release, as the bookend tracks of the opening, experimental, hushed, hum of Maxel Toft worked in perfect synchronicity with the atmospheric intricacy and sporadic force of Bernard's closer. This will restore your faith in music." - Jersey Beat

"Just one of those perfect ideas that was waiting to happen, where a super-hip independent label doesn't just make a compilation full of its roster members, but accepts the many demos sent them and turns the best into a record. We find that there's a good reason to know of the imaginative folk rock of Death Ships and of the brilliant potential of New York's The New Lows. This sent me straight to Google to find more than the one song." - Punk Planet

"Deep Elm seem to have been around since the dawn of time, releasing some of the finest bands out there from an increasingly broad genre set. For years it was the Emo Diaries compilations that would introduce us to new acts, but now the label has a new baby, This Is Indie Rock. So what is This Is Indie Rock? It's Deep Elm introducing you to some of the finest bands around, that's what. The mix of talent on Volume Two is nothing if not eclectic. We start with the electronica tinged guitar amble of Maxel Toft before lurching into the all out Dugong-esque rock of Jena Berlin, and then into the bittersweet acoustic song New York by the excellent Meredith Bragg. Now that's covering a lot of bases...and that's just the first few tracks. Two of particular note here are a stunning band called Sedona, a steel string Americana tinged wonder that will have you stomping your feet and clapping right along, and also album highlight Death Ships with Thelma Lou, a Papa M inflected number that is one of my new favorite songs. This is a document as to what indie music is about in all its guises. I suggest you dig deep and let Deep Elm introduce you to some of your favorite new bands." - Tasty


released May 10, 2005


all rights reserved



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