There Should Be More Dancing

by Free Diamonds

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i'm gonna show you up in show and tell. i'm gonna bring my friends from the gates of hell. i got a vampire who cannot fly. i know a werewolf who's afraid to try. you gotta help me help you. help me help myself. you gotta help paul. help dave. help scott save himself. and i know it might seem like it's over. and we've both lost this summer forever. it doesn't matter what the other kids say. I'd rather hang with the monsters any day. it's the international gathering of champions
there is a list of everybody i don't like alright. congratulations you're number (one, two, three, four) five. drop down to the ground. i wish that you would. don't stop apologising. i've gotta girl who likes to hold my hand. and this love is gonna last
Blind Boys 02:47
stop what you're doing to me. i've gotta headache from the things that you're saying to me. i gotta girl who likes to party a lot. i'm just a boy who doesn't like to party at all. save me. i've gotta headache from the things that you're doing to me. i've gotta heart that keeps getting broken a lot. i've gotta a heart that i've gotta keep fixing a lot. stop that disco beat. i've got a headache from the pills that you're giving to me. i've got a loose grip on my reality. let the blind boys come and take you away. i said save me. i've gotta headache from the things that you're doing to me. i've gotta heart that's bigger than a parking lot. i've gotta heart that you're trying to fuck a lot
i've often asked myself why sometimes lovers die young. you might as well douse yourself in kerosene and run into the sun. your love can't get me any higher. any higher then i've been before. and your love it's gonna have to kill. gonna kill me once and for all. you might as well steal yourself some money and buy yourself a gun. lovers die young. L O V E. free diamonds know how to party
we fell over ourselves when we were twenty-two. we fell over ourselves when we were falling over you. i know that you should be sorry. i know that i should be sorry. i know that we should be sorry. for losing you. there was an avalanche. we slept through our year when we were twenty-two. we slept through our year when we sleeping next to you
we've got some missing bodies in this old town of ours. there's still some missing children. did you dial m for murder? and you know everybody in this whole town. and everybody hates you when you come 'round. don't be so worried and don't be so scared to cry. cause the love that you borrow is the love that we provide. somebody call the sheriff. the sheriff called the army. i know you took those children to make the parents sorry. so this is her revenge now. the hand that rocked the cradle. and when it's really quiet. you can still here them screaming
she's been going nowhere for the best years of her life. and she's never gonna settle down again. i know that sometimes life can move slowly. she's shipshape and bristol fashion. that girl is my captain. and if she left me i'd never party again. looks like we've got some enemies. must be some kind of mutiny. kids don't need romance these days
a hundred miles an hour. a hundred different girls inside a week. a hundred miles an hour. a hundred different discos and no sleep. a girl is nothing without a boy. a boy is nothing without a car. i love somebody who loves somebody who loves somebody much taller than me. and we're much too old to have time to kill
cuban heels and cuban deals. she got in trouble with the law. hanging out in discos and smoking cigarettes in vintage cars. its not like she's misunderstood. hanging out with movie stars and smoking cigarettes in vintage cars. it's a lot to throw away
i just got home one hour ago. and i didn't want anyone to see me like this. let's go. we'll build bridges to get us across. yes we will start some wars before they start on us. i never thought that i could be so human
we were born just like giraffes. all heads and shoulders above the other cats. and we kicked it down on the school yard. when the other kids were stuck at home. its one for sorrow. two for joy. three for girls. and four for boys. five for kids who make mistakes. and six for kids who get tough breaks
hearts in clubs and shapes and diamonds. in my old town you can smell the violence. we played the house and the house always won. i know its sucks and we can move to the city. we can start again. and the whole damn story started like this. i bet on diamonds and i lost everything. so i'm never betting on diamonds again. D I A M O N D S
J.P.L.D. 03:25
we don't need no calculator. we've got the math. we don't need no measurements. and we don't need a graph


Free Diamonds is poised to set the world on its ear with a debut that pulses with a dangerous mix of nervous energy and sexually charged, aggressive rock 'n' roll swagger. Call it post-punk; call it art rock; call it an ass-shaking, eardrum-splitting, dizzying set of extraordinary songs that cohere into a truly remarkable, irreverent whole. Perhaps the most riveting aspect of their approach to songwriting is the acrobatic way that each song careens from dexterous jazz rhythms to clean and concise post-punk stomp to joyful guitar bombs that find the band gleefully wreaking havoc upon their instruments. Even more amazing is how Free Diamonds subvert traditional rock structure, yet remain melodic and danceable. They yelp and coo, jagged and jittery, with an assuredness and a sense of humor that renounces even the slightest hint of indie pretension. There Should Be More Dancing is a simple enough proposition, but the complexity, dexterity and confidence with which England's Free Diamonds tackle the suggestion is worth a thousand listens. (DER-452)

Free Diamonds hail from the same school of sassy post-punk that's previously birthed the likes of Q and not U and The Blood Brothers. These guys focus on an angular danceability that's disturbingly chirpy, though still packing a bite. With the flamboyant vocals yelping around choppy guitars and a certain jazzy know-how, Free Diamonds are pretty hard to ignore. Ever wonder what The Blood Bros covering The Blues Bros would sound like? Check out M Is For Missing and wonder no longer. This hyperactive mish-mash of influences really shouldn't be allowed, but Free Diamonds somehow get away with it. It's like an unspoken agreement between the band and the listener: we won't say anything if you don't. That, or everyone's way too busy dancing." - Kill The Noise

"There Should Be More Dancing. In five words, Free Diamonds managed to reel me in and melt my heart like someone handed me an ice cream cone and a pink balloon. Free Diamonds is like someone having a seizure while listening to Blood Brothers. Spastic and jagged best describe the vocals. From a pre-pubescent wail to a makes-you-want-to-run-and-hide whisper, combined with lyrics that are far from sane, Free Diamonds makes music to be explored. Instrumentals are laced with jazz and dance beats as well as stomp-your-feet punk beats. Give this record a chance; it's weird, but it¹s special in the sense that it's new. If you like There Should Be More Dancing then I like you too and we should go dancing." - Punkbands

"I can't agree more with the title of Free Diamonds' deathly-catchy debut There Should Be More Dancing. There just isn't enough GOOD music to dance to these days. If you're wondering how dance-worthy FD is, just think a less tech-ed out Faint blended with the new-wave styles of Death From Above 1979. Throw in a touch of old school indie rock like Weezer or Pavement and voila! Another thing that's really cool is they're all very memorable tunes: rebellious, in your face, the kind of music that shouts 'live life to it's fullest!' I will be clapping my hands and moving like a madman to this one for a long time to come." - Review4u


released March 14, 2006


all rights reserved



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