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The Pistol

by Sounds Like Violence

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not so long ago. i passed out. couldn't move and i hit the floor. i'm badly broken. i know that you will turn your back on me. and then again. i do the same thing over and over again. then it gets to me. i've been through this too many times. you give me heartattacks. you know you give me ten times back. you give me heartattacks. you're stabbing knives in my back. you give me heartattacks. you know you give me ten times back. you give me heartattacks, ahhh. i am braindead. it's because you shot me in the head. and it wont take long. before i break down and then collapse
Cry, Oh Cry! 04:14
friend. i've lost another friend. pretend. that things will never end. time. time go really slow. the only thing we know is that we'll die someday. cry, oh cry. cry yourself to sleep night after night. my, oh my. dance away the pain that you feel inside. cry, oh cry. cry yourself to sleep night after night. my, oh my. baby, maybe (tonight). love. love. what about love? teens. lost little teens. waiting for something to appear. but they'll turn into machines. riot. let's bring up a fight. fight on through the night. cause i wanna taste some blood
The Pistol 04:13
do you know what keeps me up at night? too many times i've seen the light. there are things that have never been said. for example: i've been dead for quite a while. i've got a gun and i shoot it bad. it's the best thing i've ever had. the ones i hated baby. they're all dead. i shot them in the forehead. pain. i can't feel pain and i know that it's a shame i got no feelings. and i never cry out loud. i don't even care for the ones who saved my life. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wanna rise high above the sky. i'm not a superman nor a fly. i've got the whole world in my hand. the sun, moon and the stars. they're all mine. i've got a knife and i stab it bad. it's for the love i've never had. i regret it. i take it back. but i guess it's too late
Grow / Blow 04:10
i see you fail and i laugh. you took a hit. and you got no backup. you fucked it up once again. i blame you for that. still give you no backup. i watch it blow. i watch it grow. now you're so low. you watch me glow. i watch you blow. watch you blow away. you're so astray. and that's for sure. you leave me no choice. still give you no backup. they hit you hard. you feel no pain. and you don't care. i guess you're too stuck up. i watch you blow away. there is no change in you. let it go
Afasi 06:11
it's beautiful with drunken eyes. i love it when you tell me lies. you're the devil in disguise. here's what i get for all of my tries. something's happened with my head. feeling dizzy. i might be dead. i'm running but there's no end. trying to catch you again and again. you make me faint. just a little bit more. blush. just a little bit more. sick. just a little bit more. tense. just a little bit more. i hit you just to see you cry. you kill me just to see me die. guess i love you but i don't know why. guess it's time to say goodbye. i used to care for everyone. i used to drink just for fun. i am a desperate one. are you sorry for all that you've done?
Perfect 06:15
you got a perfect life. you got a perfect wife. you got it all made up. cause you got this perfect plan. how does it feel to be perfect in everything you do?


Sounds Like Violence convey their white-hot, angsty music with a crushing sense of urgency....and all the way from hometown of Angelholm, Sweden you can hear it. A melting pot of emotive sensibilities, they roar, wail and gush melody with the greatest of skill. Their raw, tactile edge as evidenced on their debut The Pistol is utterly devoid of any kind of preened finish, leaving it stripped to the core and downright gritty, gripping and real. The band have their own way of softening the brash sound they immerse you in, adding a spoonful of sugar to their bitterly performed rocktastic stomp. Their compelling melodies draw you in with ease, limbs flailing and self-control subsiding as Sounds Like Violence's bounding energy shows little sign of being defeated. Guitar lines whip up storms of nostalgia, nodding their heads in the direction of early nineties American rock. Andreas Solderlund's signature vocal style combined with jagged melodies, jarred tones and that messy-together sound they produce gratefully infects your consciousness. These are the boys that will no doubt make hardcore and punk kids strut the dance floor with a new grace and style. Recorded by Mattias Nilsson. Insanely good. (DER-429)

"Soul-crushingly magnificent. Sounds Like Violence, in actual fact, sound like pain. Searing pain. Think the hypnotic guitar patterns in Interpol combined with the erratic precision of The Walkmen, rounded off by a vocalist who sounds like he just ripped his own heart out just to see what it looked like. This Swedish quartet have such a fullness and intensity of sound that these tracks are positively compelling. KKKKK." - Kerrang

"Can anyone tell me what the Swedes have running through their veins that they are able to make such great rock music? Sounds Like Violence is Deep Elm's newest signing and these guys have a style on The Pistol which is unique to the bone. One could compare them to a band like Planes Mistaken For Stars; the music is so intense that you can feel it under your skin. The Pistol is an impressive debut from a young band which will definitely create a sensation." - Uncle Sally's

"Stripped down, yet fleshed out with such corrugated dynamism, The Pistol from Sounds Like Violence is a gritty blend of soaring melodies and cool, hip-jolting rhythms, where jagged guitars and adjunct pre-grunge posturing flows with a gripped and concerted ease. Drawing upon the brash pop sensibilities of The Posies and The Afghan Whigs, Sounds Like Violence subscribe to the notion that good pop hooks are made more affecting and personal when left unpolished. Just take Grow / Blow and Afasi, two songs that are brimming with passion, allowing SLV's true talent to shine through each heart-wrenching wail and gritted guitar jerk. You can keep your Saves The Days and your Thursdays, because we've got Sounds Like Violence, and true, soul-prickling emo has never felt more alive." - Drowned In Sound



released May 31, 2004


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