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The End Of The Ring Wars

by The Appleseed Cast

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fall down. marigold. fall sounds of rain. why can't i go. those days when spokes wound baseball cards tear hear them roar. and faster still those boards which let fly souls. honeysuckle walk right afternoon time dies. wish for sometime soon. i'll work it out. my way. so many faces. so lost. why can't i go back when this mess was not made. forever turns out just the same as two months. that rages on then after
Antihero 03:55
last thing i saw this winding road goes through that valley ahead. this day what fear. i'm already dead. what shock to find i'm free. cut loose from the binds i invented for me. this now. i claim. in love. insane. kicked down thank you. i would have been so lost without your pain. "your lies are too much for you" he says "twisting tree this wind world" eyes blinded
On Sidewalks 03:40
footsteps. my name. spelled out in treason. on sidewalks fall dreams of life. in the cast of a play without lines. prerehearsed and fake. white light across the lake. should have been gold. into this woods. into this woods we go. take the shadows of life to heart. and know you can't be right
Moment #72 03:06
secrets of. curtains love. blinds. a hideaway. long hand falls. the moment slows down. and nothing moves. count the seconds passage. lies. concealed your hands. wear this moment's wretched finery. this moment's words fade away. the silence says more. the secrets fall. you shout out lies by just standing there. a face of smile. i could not see you. only my reflection
Stars 03:57
sing loud. the stars laughed. sweet sound. i finally understand you were with me
i write to you an empty page. no words for what i want to say. and who could forget that night when you my friend. my friend. found light. and "why" is a question i'll always ask. seven years and more. it shines
this sacred word. this sideways phrase. these pieces let me down. it's what this waking heart will find. and i watch for why. as if it might just now. suddenly appear. it's what these weighted hands will find empty of this pen and vacant moves define. the ring is lost. white picket fence. and sideways now this raging rushing traffic heart. it's what you are. and i am not. what we were in my head and in my heart is lost. this precious ring which was the last i had to give. and would only fit your hand
16 Days 05:41
see your face. i know that the time is right. and i wanted. one more day. i know that the time is right. and you were so lost. for all the times i tried to find the reasons why and i found you instead. of this lie. the reasons why i will not forget
Dreamland 05:44
hammers and nails i've used them for building my face this time tomorrow. when i see you again outside. and inside i can hide my sorrow. talking. found a way i could come back. catch your eye it's just the same as reminding me of what i wanted. tried my list of excuses. ran outside lost in pain. put it on turn up the music. laugh and laugh about how lost i was. it's what you are my friend. things change you know. don't stand around and wait. take a step. one more step. don't fall down. balance now. there's no denying this is what you are
Portrait 04:44
we have come. and we are here for you. the sovereign low. the time has come. the serenade begins. here i am. dress the fool and what i say is wrong. i am not the one you're looking for. the cool one. the fine one. i am just this man. incomplete. and unsubstantial. and i am here for you
Untitled 1/2 04:23


A stunning display of powerful emotion shines from the post-hardcore glory that defines The Appleseed Cast. The End Of The Ring Wars is a moving story about tragic loss and the battle to overcome the sorrow that lingers on. Disturbingly honest and passionately-realized, The Appleseed Cast reminds us that sometimes the only way to feel alive is to grip closely the pain that made us who we are. This record will make your heart soar.

"Subtlety is not a word in Appleseed Cast's musical vocabulary. Every moment of the band's latest full-length effort, The End Of The Ring Wars, is wrought with raw emotion and passion. Whether expressed through aggressive, post-hardcore riffs, woeful guitar interludes or frontman Christopher Crisci's strained, yet powerful vocals, the band's message remains crystal clear: Sometimes life is a bitch, but the only way to deal with it is to hit back with equal force. Tthe Kansas quartet distinguishes itself by using dynamic song structures (sometimes incorporating piano and saxophone melodies), hurricane-force rhythms and ultra-vivid lyrics to paint bold portraits of Crisci's pain." - CMJ

"The music of The End Of The Ring Wars has stuck with me, days and weeks later, filtered into my subconscious mind. I've caught myself humming a beautiful little melody, with no clue where it came from...until I listened to the record again, and it suddenly appeared as the intro to "Marigold & Patchwork." This album IS a very beautiful album, just more subtle than a lot of others out there. The melodies are the sweetest I've heard this side of Spent's first album, the choruses are majestic and swaying, and the songs themselves are drawn-out and shimmering, almost enough to even forget there are lyrics to the songs. "Stars" is almost dreampop, more Spiritualized than "emo" and even features a nice saxophone part. On the other side of the coin, the angry rejection song "The Last Ring" cranks up the noise, never losing the underlying sad beauty, and "16 Days" speeds along like a night-time drive on an empty highway. The music on The End of the Ring Wars will remain with you and creep up on you when you're not even thinking about it." - Space City Rock



released August 10, 1998


all rights reserved



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