The Appleseed Cast / Race Car Riot / Planes Mistaken For Stars

by Various Artists



Igniting with "Staggerswallowswell" by Planes Mistaken For Stars and ending with The Appleseed Cast's entrancing "Remedios The Beautiful," this three way split also includes three songs from Houston's infamous Race Car Riot (including a rare vocal performance on"Rain Check) and the conclusion track to The Appleseed Cast's "Ring Wars" story titled "Tale of the Aftermath." We originally heard about Race Car Riot from Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. We fell for this band so hard that we started to think of what Deep Elm could do as a label to help bands that did not live in New York City (back in the day, Deep Elm only worked with locals bands in an effort to support the local scene, like Dischord). So the idea was a open-submission compilation series...thus The Emo Diaries was born. Of all the songs on the infamous Chapter One "What's Mine Is Yours"...from Jimmy Eat World to Jejune to Samiam to Camber...the Race Car Riot song caused the biggest stir. And there were no lyrics, it's an instrumental. Sometimes words aren't necessary. The music just speaks to you. It's that good. This is the first release in our self-titled Split Series.

"The trio is rounded up beautifully with a brace of songs by The Appleseed Cast picking up seamlessy from where their "End of the Ring Wars" album left off - that's to say with music that evolves as you listen, from fragile melodies and edgy vocals into massive waves of surging guitars and powerful vocals. Another flawless Deep Elm release, one to own if you already love these bands and essential if you want to check them out." - Fracture

"Six solid, dynamic guitar, sensitive guy rockers from three bands all coming from a similar sound school. All quite good too. Race Car Riot throws two energetic instrumentals and one vocalized track in to the mix. Appleseed Cast turn in with both a punch rocker "Tale of the Aftermath" and the quiet final track "Remedios of the Beautiful." Planes Mistaken for Stars (which could very well win the best "emo" name award) turn in the best track of all with the scream/sing intensity of "Staggerswallowswell." What a good bunch of kids." - ReadySet...Aesthetic

"This six song, three-band split EP is another delicious helping of the pop-punk we've come to expect from Deep Elm. The Appleseed Cast bring us two tracks from completely different ends of the sonic spectrum. 'Tale of the Aftermath' combines pounding drums, slashing guitars and Chris Crisci's Enigk-like vocals to form a distortion-fueled firestorm, while the infinitely more subdued 'Remedios the Beautiful' employs gently strummed guitars and whispered vocals to evoke a mood that's spooky and gauzy, yet no less affecting then their full-on sonic assault. In all, fine efforts from all three bands." - Splendid


released August 17, 1999


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Track Name: Planes Mistaken For Stars - Staggerswallowswell
i thought this walk might sober me. but i only got lost in dreaming. i held hope high. down to copper and stars. it only stirs thoughts of days. i'm sure i'll never see. so sing to me. to pull through. that we'll build to push on. sing you won't leave. until you feel summer on my face. sing, i'll sway
Track Name: Race Car Riot - Broken
Track Name: Race Car Riot - Raincheck
when i looked around. i did not see your face in town. and well i know by now. you didn't want me anyhow. well i know by now. you're so cold. these things i cannot change. you're so bold
Track Name: Race Car Riot - Racing California
Track Name: The Appleseed Cast - Tale Of The Aftermath
wake. dark smiles this wishing glass. i will not stay. bathed in loss and shadowed heart. which road. which one is the way home. this is it. i will not wait. i am through with rings. this comic love. i will find my way. find this wretched heart
Track Name: The Appleseed Cast - Remedios The Beautiful
looking for doorways. and finding halls. windows and walls. and outside the sun. never stops shining. leaves never fall. these hands never failed you. can't see to far. can't see too well. it's all the ending. and you're in hell. who and where to. pain by the pound. i want to help you. but i don't know how