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Temporary Contemporary

by Cross My Heart

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i always play the fool. i'm this years' nominee. falling backward wasn't so hard. try to remember remember. but that was a long time ago. wear your mind. raise your glass. try to remember. where you're at. try to remember. where you're at. try and try. you tell me that love won't break your heart. i'll tell you yeah you live forever. in a lie you'll never see. say there's nothing to be afraid of. that there's nothing really there. but that was a long long time ago. raise your glass. raise your glass. to death the new revolution. to death the new revolution
it's about a quarter till two. and all that you thought you knew. about the truth is old news. wish i came with a kill switch. but i'm so energized. with love and lies and questions. like who the hell am i. who the hell are you. who the hell am i. how long must i wait. what the hell am i. what the hell are you. what the hell am i. how long must i wait. so i put my mind to the test. and now i'm on a quest to be the best. as i smolder. this is the way to kill. your wandering gaze. your dizzy haze. you're up in flames. tonight we'll light ourselves on fire. in spite of all the good days we've never known. we'll burn at the stake. and start to bake. so we can find the center of you. so burn baby burn. you're so flammable. i want you to burn
Paris 04:48
a simple little lie. and i believed you. closing of your eyes. and fall asleep. i could leave tonight. you won't even notice. drive straight to the airport. a simple transaction. i lie awake you lie asleep. i dream of paris. the thought of a better day. just knocks me off my feet. maybe i'm crazy. but i know you're faking. just do me a favor. no explanation. desperate pleas for your hand. just a cold shoulder. that's all you offer me. it knocks me off my feet. paris on a good day. i might just fall in love. my life i'm over it. i wait for the better days. why do you want my sanity. i wait for the better days
hear the sounds of the subway station call. i'm thinking all about human condition. i wish that i could paint myself invisible. or at least take me out of the phone book. last night. i was ready to pull the plug. that fueled the light in my eyes. and i know i should be happy. i take my medication. cause it will make me happy. a psychosomatic way of life. maybe i'll fly down to mexico. just get me through the next seventy two. spinning around. my head is all over town. and i could love you better than he can. last night i was ready. and london bridge is falling down again. and i deserve to be happy. tonight i'll dream in the green green grass. and smile with smoke filled lungs. but i know i'll dream of a painful past. and sleep with psychotic eyes. and i know if i can. i'll try it all over again. so i take my medication. cause it will make me happy. and it will make me whole
you're so eager to keep moving. never satisfied with distance and time. just don't drag me around with you. this is where i want to be right now. and we'll play these games with bells on. you can return me. i come with a receipt. exchange for a better boy. one that doesn't get annoyed. one that's all smiles. and is attached with strings. and we'll play these games with bells on. you're dragging me all around. you're dragging my arms around. you're dragging my legs around. and we start to change. cause nobody stays the same. and if we play these games we'll break. you're dragging me all around. you're dragging my arms around. you're dragging my head around. you're dragging my legs around. you're dragging my heart around. this is the last time
dreaming of my past life. can't remember who i used to be. now and then it hits me. like a hurricane in my head. your eyes said so many things. never could decipher your code. even now i know. the worst of a bad situation. i believed every word that you said. i believed infinity. i'm coming over. we'll straighten this out tonight. i'm coming over. let's straighten this out tonight. lies that surround you. i don't believe. i don't believe. i don't believe. i don't believe anymore
under the covers. i hold my breath. i hide my head. from alarm clocks and lovers. that wake me when i wish i were dead. what do you want from me. wake me when i'm not over it. i can't think straight with nothing left to say. said it all when i was sober. legion of liars. don't want to face another day. what am i here for. why do i treat myself this way. you said you had enough of me. you said you had enough of this lie. what do you want from me. you can't believe i'm not over it. can't think straight. with everything to say. come to think i'm irrelevant. and they say my time will come. and they say my day will come. but it's walking straight away from me. can't think straight. with everything to say. come to think i'm not over it. can't believe you said you had enough of me. away from me
went for a walk today. left me feeling empty. a bitter chill in the air. a heart with a great big tear. this coffee is burning my hands. i look at the tops of the buildings. and wait for the angel to come down. and tell me everything is going to be fine. my dear. you are the only one. you are the lonely one. my dear. a puff of smoke fills my lungs. look up and search for the sun. feel like a terminal case. but today takes a day from my face. my dear. you are the only one. you are the lonely one. my dear
and the sound of my old voice. echoes through my brain. couldn't be convinced to calm down. and i have nowhere to go. and no one to talk to. my thoughts become my enemy. it might be years till i drink all my fears. and the way i feel right now. always contemplating. resistance is fading. always on the wrong side. like to run and hide. memories like movies. let me rewind my greatest days. it can't be true. that you've found someone new. and the way i feel right now. lost and lonely all these years. i haven't slept in days. you take all the shame. sorry i'm alive. promise i won't write


"One of the most anticipated records of the year and, oh, does it deliver" says Summer Salts. This Baltimore quartet offers up an aggressive yet delicate, diverse collection of songs that surrender each into the next with a certain sultriness that has you breathlessly following along. Led by the sweeping vocals of Ryan Shelkett, Cross My Heart guides you through a world of hopelessness and regret, sorrow and resolve. With a sound that is piercing, restless and powerful, Temporary Contemporary is a lesson in subtle seduction. Imperative listening and a stunning follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled EP. Unreleased song "Hearing Things" on Emo Diaries 3. (DER-389)

"Cross My Heart manages to play rock with high energy and to convey feeling better than almost any other band out there. Impeccable recording, tight playing, and the lofty, almost too-perfect vocals of Ryan Shelkett make me think that it's too easy. Shelkett's vocals are characteristically sweeping and soaring, often singing low and sometimes screaming with what the band is trying to get across. And, man, they're so good when they're playing fast and furious. Any fan of their earlier EP will feel comforted with "Tonight We'll Light Ourselves On Fire," probably this album's best song, keeping the pace high and infused with impressive guitar work. Cross My Heart plays the most emotional and powerful music being played today, whether they're on the verge of screaming their hearts out or singing slow and personal. Their power and aggressive rock is just amazing...maturing on Temporary Contemporary. A ride definitely worth the price of admission." - Delusions of Adequacy

"Loud power chord solidity and rhythmic octaves waiving...so damn catchy. Cross My Heart are a melodic indie band that can rock out hard in that untamed indie sort of way. On Temporary Contemporary they are controlled and have mastered the best aspects of soft indie rock like Karate or Chamberlain. They play all the parts right and have a great production to back it up." - Heartattack

"Finally, the much anticipated first full length from Cross My Heart is here. Temporary Contemporary exceeds any expectations I had for this record. From the first chord played I was drawn in and held for the entire album. I can imagine listening to this on a rainy day while staring out the window and smoking cigarettes. For the most part the album is pretty mellow, but it can also change dramatically into powerful guitars and screaming vocals. Ryan Shelkett matches the music just right with his vocals, changing with every mood. This is an excellent album. Temporary Contemporary is a hit." - Heckler

"Temporary Contemporary is intense emo that moves further and hits deeper than Cross My Heart's last release. It's not as intense as in hardcore, though you can feel it when the group rages. The poetic lyrics read like lines from lost love poems, with tales of longing and loss. There's raw intensity that explodes and is also held back, but even in the quietest moments, you can feel the guitars straining to get out. It's structured yet loose enough to hang yourself by, as you cut and strain along with the vocals that tie knots in your throat. Moving alongside bands such as The Appleseed Cast and Pop Unknown but holding its own, Cross My Heart has its own dynamics, sharing a style but making it breath with a certain heat." - Big Takeover



released July 18, 2000


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