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Mira 01:55
Sleep 06:19
The sky was gold until it rained. But I wasn't ready for a sign of god. So I'm still here waiting. Not willing to be blinded like a fool. And like the silence I surround you. I pull apart the seams. And separate the sound. But my eager arms are full. And that's how it's got to stay, dear. For better or for worse. Weπll sleep when time allows. Defy all of my strength and make a man of me. (I swear I will let you in). Your saga is something I can't read. Your solace is something I don't need. Asleep or still?
The Hill 04:02
I could be the person that you want me to be. The strength inside your fingers or the slur in your speech. If you let me, I could be the one. I could be the stranger that you see in your sleep. Or the reason that you lie behind the hole in your teeth. If you let me, I could see the sun. How do you learn to say what I've done is enough? The friction is quite alright as far as I am concerned. When it's time I will let you in. I could be the person that you need me to be. I could sweep the ground from beneath your feet. If you let me, I could be the one. In the background, in silence, with a lover to kill. Take me back to that age when your love was a thrill and you let me in. But I shut the door. Your tightrope, it breaks when you bend the truth. And I find, it's better to lie than lose. You know, I won't ever let this die. And I feel your heart always disagrees with your words. It tends to take sides with me. You know, I won't ever let you down. When it's time I will let you in. When it's time I will let you in. When it's time I will let you in.
If only our dreams were seen in colour, unmodified. With your head on a string, you'll reach the sky. This is the wind that carries you. A future bred without a truth. Calming eyes need darker views. If this is the wind that carries you. I'll stretch this canvas 'til it prints for both of us. I'll stretch these chords until they sing for both of us.
Culling 04:05
Oh, I have seen such real things dear. Yes, I have seen so many things. You will know all that I'm after. Yes, you will be my everything. And in the light you'll see my pride align. And in the night you'll be my bride for all time. If simple things aren't what they seem here. My mind is such a simple thing. I have seen pity break a lover's stride, dear. But you will be my everything. And in the light you'll see my pride. Brush that chip right off your shoulder and let it die. Our flame will burn before my eyes. And in time we'll feel colder. But I will be a bigger me
I'm all out of reasons to run. This science has proven itself, with all it knows. My body's a mausoleum, designed for yours. I'm all out of roads here to roam. We've buried ourselves by hand, beneath the sun. The soil replaces us all after we go. I'm all out of reasons to love. A lie that you tell yourself to pass the time. But our lies draw themselves in sand, for all we know. It's a shame we all can see. The eyes in coffins never weep. And in my head I can't ever leave. But God, I see it like it is. The walls relate to all my sins. Even dogs take a bow sometimes. And I can feel it in my blood. The sea we swim beneath my chest. A wretched womb to woo us all. But I feel alright. A tidal wave, the ocean floor. All as one inside this room. Inside my head I feel alright. I feel just fine. A hollow shell, a hollow shell. And I feel alright. A single cell, a single cell. By God I live my life (and I live it well). It's all I have, It's all I have. And I sleep alright, I sleep just fine. A hollow shell beneath it all. Weπll all be devils soon inside this room. In time we'll be next to strangers, beneath the dirt.
Perspectives 06:28
It sure has been quite a year, waiting on things to change. I heard that while you were asleep you forgot to breathe. My shoulders aren't strong enough to carry you to the morgue. But that went unnoticed. You always were one to ignore your heart. It's like I'm rewriting his story with permanent ink. It sure has been quite a year, waiting for snow to fall. And bury me with you, a whole new perspective on the truth. I was stumbling in between a marriage in surgery. If you left it up to me, I'd write my own eulogy. I unraveled all the seams, and you're still a part of me. But if you left it up to me, I'd write my own history
Canyons 05:39
Somewhere beneath the sea an ember glows an amber glow. You'll find me all alone, where canyons go. Somewhere between the seams an ember glows an amber glow. We'll build ourselves a Rome where canyons go. With an ember in mind, I sing a ballad. With an ember in mind, I sing again. Somewhere beneath the sea an ember glows an amber glow. I've finally found a home where canyons go. Somewhere, surrounding me an ember glows an amber glow. Our plots can now unfold, where canyons go. I'll build monuments for you where canyons go. Our love will finally see an amber glow. But if nowhere feels like home, where can you go?
Album Preview: Still (free) 07:56


Picking right up where the The Cast Before the Break's highly-regarded EP, As Your Shoulders Turn On You, left off, Still conjures up images frozen in time...those important still-frame moments forever locked in your mind that refuse to fade. Following a more structured, considered path that finds just as much comfort in the delicate moments of a song than the whirling, western showdowns of distortion, tempo shifts and and cathartic build-and-releases, the album shows layers of depth and marks a noteworthy progression for a band with much to say. Vocalist TJ Foster sings with fervent intensity, "And like the silence I surround you / I pull apart the seams / And separate the sound..." and you feel that exact, captivating rawness to each track. Produced by Mike Lapierre (Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (Moving Mountains), Still strives for balance, exploring post-rock elements while at the same time finding the value of a powerful melody over distorted guitars, crossing genre lines and consistently tugging at your emotions. This is an album that lingers long after the final notes of TCBTB echo away. (DER-527)


"In just six tracks I felt a part of something bigger than me..." - Music Under Fire

"TCBTB create narratives similar to the dogged delicacy of the world's best novelists. A monumental success." - Absolute Punk

"Every track masterfully entwines elements of post-rock, indie, rock and smatterings of post-hardcore." - Strange Glue

"Still is an amalgamation of everything good in music. Guitars, bass, drums, the end. It's that simple. It's winning…with tiger's blood. It is a battle-tested bayonet, bro. There are turtles dying...something for everyone. When Culling hits your speakers, you feel like you have been dragged through the mouth of hell, which looks remarkably like my bedroom. Get ready to rock with a goddess. A Series of Rooms? More like a series of Winning Decisions. Canyons are large, like the rocks I smoke." - Charlie Sheen

"The Cast Before the Break's understanding of delicate textures and intriguing crescendos has increased to meteoric levels. The creative process is one of trial and error. Quantity begets quality. Bands need time to fool around and find their true calling. Sometimes this takes three albums, or more commonly, it never happens. TCBTB needed the album equivalent of a long afternoon to realize that they were containing themselves in a much-too-restrictive frame. Their sound needs room to cultivate. This windows-open aesthetic lends itself to songs like six-minute 'Sleep' or ear-smashing 'A Series of Rooms,' which create narratives similar to the dogged delicacy of the world's best novelists. TJ Foster's delivery has reaplced most of its angst with a deeper, more intriguing weariness. That's not to say that Still is carefree, but this album's certainly more relatable. When he switches to falsetto on 'Perspectives,' it is for effect and necessity. These words don't just flow out; they must be forced. He painfully yearns: 'If you left it up to me / I'd write my own eulogy.' Hard to hear? Sure. Easy to listen to? Of course. The force of As Your Shoulders Turn On You hasn't been completely forgotten, though. 'Canyons' uses feedback and distortion as a landing pad for the disembodied screams of its second half. Ryan Crosby's drums do some seriously inventive tempo changes while the band wails with the disgruntled passion of a lover scorned. It's Mono meets Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and I'm not going to hell for saying that. Closer 'A Breath of Fresh Air' is instrumental and emotionally jarring. To think that this band could make such progressions, both between albums and within Still, makes me overjoyed despite the album's downtrodden themes. Bands don't typically grow like this. As a friend said, 'I like things that are stylistically similar, but still made to stand on their own.' Still and As Your Shoulders Turn On You are clearly born of the same creators, but the newest incarnation is more precise in its mood. The band has mined its strengths and also searched out new ones. It's a self-aware progression, one that can't move forward without peering behind. And clearly, it's a formula for monumental success." - Absolute Punk


released March 8, 2011


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