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Sounds Like Violence / Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish

by Various Artists

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i push you up the stairs. it's like you never get rid of your fears. and all good words you bring. yeah everybody knows they don't mean a thing. yeah! i waited all too long. waited for something that'd never come. i'm dead! i'm dead! it's because you're fucking with my head. you don't care. you don't bear to lift up your head anymore. you're not here. you're not here anymore. what is there to ignore except me? you just slip and that's for sure. it's not what you do. it is just what you don't. i keep on believe in you. it's the worst thing that i could do. you don't care. you don't bear to lift up your head anymore. you're not here. you're not here anymore. what is there to ignore? you don't care anymore!
a cried response is easier to make. another second chance will you please allow. disengage the bodies when they're torn. until the spectacle ends with thin crust. why did I curse so loosely? can you dance? can you dance triple dreams? can you dance? [no, I can't]. can you dance? the silhouettes might need more efforts than this. motion is what moves this room. why did I curse so loosely? can you dance? can you dance triple dreams on ashes. can you dance single lines on sand. and multiple choices with my half being. can you dance? why did I curse so loosely?
eyes sleep in wondering naked in the woods. i won't give in to your fucking lies. eyes glued shut don't let them infect the ones. love soon they'll too hunt you down. please lie and tell me it's over. you got to be fucking kidding me i'm not fighting your war. these are not your eyes to use. these are not your arms to rape. these are not your lies to spread. you fucking coward president send your soldiers to do your killing
who placed the dots on dyslexia? i did, i did, i did, i did. a badly kept motive for. crisis to pisces. axis, axis, spinning around. defying gravity. i'm on a handstand, i'm on a handstand. i'm on a handstand. (where are all those living legends that you can't see). (they are on my own tv). i'll place the dots on dyslexia. i'll place the dots on dyslexia. i am your teacher. you are my teacher. we are all teachers. you are my teacher
i once saw sun rise aware, above the horizon. i once saw bright signals above the horizon. don't let them kill you, and if it does. don't let them know when you need to sleep it off. no matter how hard you try. it still ends the same. my days are numbered. so much for friends. keep whispers on turned back. don't turn on me. are you listening? don't turn on me. keep the fork to the tongue to yourself. don't turn on me. you can't take what i don't have. please don't turn on me
the sun again. and nothing seems to work out right. keep on messing around. stay in bed and think. about mistaken words. keep on messing around. it's broken glass. in this crowded room. is this all we left? i guess i will forget. as soon as i'll be gone. cause we're broken glass. in a crowded room. no one cares. until everyone had gone away. it's time to rearrange. but i could be wrong


Sweden's phenomenal Sounds Like Violence begins the record with an impressive example of what this young band is capable of, and also highlights everything that's right with their debut The Pistol. Though only one song, it's insanely passionate, highlighted by Soderlund's pushed-to-the-brink vocals, razor-sharp guitar swipes and frantic rhythm section. Settlefish carries the fiery torch...the stout, rolling bass lines and jerky, kinetic guitars are a respectful nod to indie rock's forefathers, and Jonathan Clancy's dynamic singing is easily the most electric he's been on record. Continuing on the path of unpredictability, Desert City Soundtrack is simply breathtaking, welding their piano-based songwriting with the sounds of hardcore past. DCS takes the best parts of their debut Funeral Car's melancholy songwriting, but assaults the listener in a hailstorm-finale of keys, pummeling drums and bass and sprawling guitar feedback. These three labelmates represent unique sounds from different regions of the world, but share the common desire to innovate, challenge...and tear you up from the inside out. (DER-437)

"This latest release is unquestionably the best of Deep Elm's split EP series, and goes down as one of the finest underground rock records of the year. Sounds Like Violence begins, a band that never seem to be short of energy. You Push Me Up The Stairs is a rip-roaring rock beast, with vocals that sound like they are screaming for their life. I consider SLV to be the very best new band I've heard in at least three years. Don't miss out because they'll knock you out. Desert City Soundtrack play yearning passionate, piano-based hardcore. Many think they are the best band on Deep Elm, and this is music that is hard to ignore. Settlefish have a slightly more experimental sound, with a touch of Pavement and Sonic Youth. Luckily, they don't let experimentation overwhelm them and write some touching, intelligent songs. While their debut album was an engaging listen, these few songs suggest the best is yet to come. All three bands demand your attention and this is a record that won't let you down. Highly recommended." - Penny Black Music

"This three way powerfest from Deep Elm is a healthy serving of the barbaric beauty for which this hardworking indie label has won worldwide renown. Of the three, Desert City Soundtrack is my favorite and is one of the few bands that gives me chills with the sheer nerve of what they're doing musically. Their high-intensity theatrics are daring and caustic, wretched and angelic. Their two tracks showcase their love of blistering vocals and languid piano in the same song. Three songs from Italy's Settlefish showcase a hardcore band growing bolder and more secure in their methods. They pummel the listener with Dischord-like ferocity, the vocalist coming across like an animal with a thorn in his soul. Settlefish's raw post-hardcore should appeal to all fans of powerful and reckless music. They hold nothing back. The third act is Sounds Like Violence with a song that is noisy and aggressive. It packs an angry punch. This split shows that Deep Elm is still a label to reckon with." - Culture Bunker



released June 22, 2004


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