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by Lily And The Pearl

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Snowglobe 03:56
boxes of souvenirs on my floor. remind me of how we were. walking down aisles in gift stores. wearing our matching t-shirts. here are the tiny buildings. drowning in store bought seas. stuck in the smallest bubble. we left ourselves in that city. do you remember. i said we could be happy in our glass home. do you remember. i said things would be better in our snow globe. i shake this globe all around me. from the sky to the ground below. but everything stays put how it should be. we just get covered in snow
Two Tons 04:34
i don't want to struggle to prove my past. every story i have is met with a laugh i don't need this. two tons of hurt on my back, you say you'll help but it doesn't. seem to last, i'm too patient. if you let me go easy. you'll know where to find me. maybe we can act it out this time. you'll be the hammer and i'll be the wife. i'll be quiet how you want me. just so we can get it right. go hide in the bedroom and watch this fight. from the outside. give me some gloves. i can put up a fight. this is how we show love. this is how to make it right. i was better before. i opened the door. for you to see. what it's like. to be me
Jack 03:12
i watched jack walk down the street. carrying his favorite things. he walked over every sidewalk line. i sat down and closed the door. watched him walk away some more. i realized what was no longer mine. i don't know what's gonna become of us. i don't know what's gonna become of us. i don't know who to believe. i don't know who to believe. i don't know who to believe. i don't know what's gonna become of us. i watched jack climb up the stairs. carrying his favorite things. counted each step that he stepped on. i looked up and watched his back. waited just to hear a laugh. wondered if he was really gone
i couldn't drive fast enough. all i wanted was your touch. i crawled beside you there. wrapped my fingers around your hair. necessary sins i say. wrap your arms around my leg. three years and the drug is gone. i'm still right where i belong. i'm fine. with the secret. if you know. where to keep it. they keep. on repeating. but i just. want to keep you. inside
last night i watched the stars. they were falling. and i thought of airplanes and flying machines. i thought that i could build one from my pocket. with nickels and wrappers. and crumpled up dreams. i don't need anyone telling me this is impossible. i'll make it work. i have been waiting for someone to tell me i'm wonderful. and i am worth. dreaming about
i am relieved that you're the one leaving. so i can see myself out. with no hesitation you left on vacation. from your heart-no better time than now. i don't think a band-aid will do the trick. when my heart starts to tear open these stitches. sew me up. one more thing a favor before you leave. could you please fill up my first aid kit. with a letter and a polaroid of our last kiss. so i can remember when i start to forget
i turned twenty three, in combat boots and lace around my hips. i caught you looking at me, as i danced to local stars as a smile stretched across your lips. you turned thirty four at a death cab show we were standing on the floor. looking at a cityscape made of fabric and light. i looked up at you and saw what i was always looking for. but i didn't know it yet, i didn't know that night. i climbed to you. with a steering wheel in my back. and you whispered i love you. but i didn't know how to say it back. not yet
last night i loved you too hard you said. i took my heart pushed it inside your head. do you want me to lie? i would do it again. last year i said you loved me too slow. i told you to leave i told you to let go. do you want me to lie? i would do it again. and i cut off my hair for you. i sold it cause i cared for you. i bought you a brand new guitar stand. you broke up your band for me. and you sold almost everything. to buy me a brand new headband. would you do it again? i would do it again. it's out of our hands. last night you said i loved you too hard. you wished i could just love you for who you are. do you want me to lie? i would do it again. i took out your heart for you. i broke it in half for you. i tried so hard to make you understand. and you made a new life for me. and you changed almost everything. you made it okay to hold my hand. would you do it again? i would do it again. would you do it again? i would do it again. we'll see where we land. it's out of our hands
they sneak in like tiny mice. come in so silently in the night. they walk in like strangers with bibles. to come fix my sin and tell that i will. be saved. they come in like an allied invasion with the sky all painted black. and i stood still like a monument pending the anarchists attack. why do i turn my back to you? when you're all that i need. i'm still shaking with calendar news. but i am older than sixteen. i'll take you back there. i'll hold your hand. i will walk you out. i will walk you out
Be Mine 02:27
walk away before i call you back. i caught you long before you noticed the attack. won't you be fine. won't you be good. won't you be mine. tonight. walk away before i hold you back. i loved you long before you felt my attack. walk away before i call you back


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released January 1, 1950


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