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Slowride / Red Animal War

by Various Artists

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hello sports fans, the year is nineteen seventy-seven! the saints are down by four, and the yankees just won the pennant. and there's no call, no letter, no signifying action except the one that still stands today. it's all in your head now and it's all in your mind. two is too much to leave behind. sensei! that's just one term we never needed and it's fair now. that's fine - we're not bitter. so where are you now? better yet - where were you then? look at this cycle - it's building up. it's all in your head now and it's all in your mind, or was this cancer too defined?
she's got issues. and i've read 'em all. got them laid out on the table. but i want her. more than ever. i don't care that she's unstable. stare at me from your flame. tell me things i should know. yeah i want her. yeah i know it's wrong. but she's so irresistible. stacked and crazy. a walking time bomb. i'm pretty sure she's not the one. with a question i stare. answers float in the air. in a daze i am there. hangin' on. like a dart from your flame. only i am to blame. and i guess you could say. i was one. did you think it would last?
there's a cold liar under these soles. there's a place i can hide where no one ever goes. cut to these feelings - straight through the ceiling tonight! an electrical king with a crown of live thorns says: "we all want it black and white!" - like our lives! time will erase him (his hopes - his dreams - our fears). but bloody hands remain (the country so unclear). and all that we've done is just bury the gun - if we don't see this now then we never will. push in the potion - you've quelled the commotion i'll say! an oswaldian theory: "he's the one! don't get near me!" we all want it anyway...
i take the freeway. to avoid cops and stoplights. my job is one smoke and three jawbreaker songs away. arrive with coffee-stained breath. and a stack - unopened mail. that i add to the pile of paperwork. that is my desk. these letters will never see the light of day. discover my responsibilities for the week. then i sit in my room and write these songs instead. kinda like right now - i've got better things to do. then there's you - you are so well dressed. but you're so depressed. your life is sickening to me. and have you ever had ideas original? you've got a reference for all things. you are you're own biggest influence
he broke up the line and checked the time. "a soldier never cries." but there was one, cracked by the sun, collapsed but not quite done. wake up and die! force fed your life. they've got his soul and spine - where he can't breathe but he can burrow. where he will only know the whites of their eyes. he will go down into the air, down where no one cares. his name's on a wall they will never see. is history such a grand place to be? if it's up to speed outrace the irony. the wife he'd never leave - his body's on the beach. and if it's up to speed he will get there soon. does he have to feel like he is not allowed to feel? as he holds his hands in the air and hopes for somewhere real - where he can breathe, but he can love all, where he will only know her brown eyes. he will go down into the air, down where no one cares. his name's in a book they will never read. is history such a grand place to be? so what is up to speed? a folded flag on knees? his boys grow up to be someone that's too much like me. and if it's up to speed he will get there soon. here / there - i'll be damned
this one's goin' out to you. i hope you listen to it through. appreciate my words. unbelievable at times. you amaze me with your lines. so now we're through. all i wanted was an answer. given to me straight and true. all i got was broken english and you. in these paragraphs to you. in these documents of truth. laid bare and exposed. the way you ruined you for you. you take another then refuse. your face, your own. what is love. is it really worth the mess you'll find. it's just inside. once in love - i'm never going back. it's suicide with you


Dallas, Texas is well know for three things: the Cowboys, the JFK assassination (the inspiration for the artwork) and this split between Slowride and Red Animal War. All recorded by Ed Rose (The Appleseed Cast, Get Up Kids, Brandtson, Slowride) in winter 2001, these songs show two Dallas-area labelmates at their absolute best...both lyrically and musically. Starting with Red Animal War's "77", it never lets up until you're clapping along to Slowride's fittingly-titled ending track "Dear John." We'd be inclinded to offer a 100% money-back guarantee on this split, but it's hardly necessary...there'd be no returns. Simply awesome. This is the Second release in our self-titled Split Series. (DER-412)

Deep Elm has done it. They've put out a split with Red Animal War and Slowride that blows the Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music ep out of the water. Doing it the right way by allowing each band to build off of the others songs, the record starts out with Red Animal War who showcases their ability to write a strong lyrical song as well as implementing some very interesting music. Next up is Slowride with the Jesus Candle which starts out with some driving guitars and then turns into one of the better melodic punk / indie rock songs I have heard in a long while. Filled with dark and catchy lyrics, this release is definitely one to check out, as it draws a picture that the hardcore kid can relate to but is catchy enough for those who enjoy the poppier side of punk rock." - Poptart

"Wow. I haven't been this impressed by a split like the Red Animal War / Slowride EP for a long time. Red Animal War pride themselves on being very technical with their music. They remind me of Braid and Fugazi with many different time signatures and songs that are always unpredictable. Slowride on the other hand is influenced by pop, punk and sometimes even hardcore. They are reminiscent of Jawbreaker, both with their rhythms and structured songs. The band has lots of energy and aggression that will please everyone. All the songs by Red Animal War and Slowride sound fantastic. If you love Deep Elm, go get this now!" - United Front

"On this split, Red Animal War go through a remarkable progression with three new songs (maybe their best so far) while Slowride stick to the concept that made their debut so charming and enjoyable. Red Animal War kick things off, preserving a deep, technical approach, but now they're working with clearer structures. Describing their songs is not easy, as they're so multi-layered, so rich with different perspectives. They never reveal too much; they need to be discovered with patience. Still, they're hard-hitting as ever. Meanwhile, Slowride specialize in emotional rock, which includes powerful guitars, catchy melodies and charismatic vocals. To sum it up, this release is for those who can't get enough of Slowride's full length and it marks Red Animal War's progression of becoming one of the most interesting and original bands on Deep Elm, as well as in the whole genre." - Enough



released June 25, 2002


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