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Save Yourself A Lifetime

by Burns Out Bright

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right now, it's time to put your name on the line. you've wanted you've waited for it all this time. they've set your price, will you sell. or can you hold on to this when there's nothing else. inside, you know this is life. depression, passion, leaving love behind. don't lie to yourself. you've got to think of all the reasons that you're doing fine. you'll sign and then you'll sing. they'll market everything. poison everything you love. sell it to the one's you hate. you'll sign and then you'll scream. remember everything. the only thing you love. and the job it just became. you're all a part of the scenery to me. open, you've got to open your eyes. it's money that they're driven by. when you are thrown up against the wall. will they follow you or will you fall. inside, will you survive. your passion, depression, all you left behind. no need to fight, this is only your life. just close your eyes and hope it turns out right
this thing's been eating away at me. for too long now. staring me right in the face. daring me to make a change. cookie cutter kids with faux rock discs, indifferent. to a culture given to them, everything d.o.a. start waking up to the fact. that all of this is the same. do you hear me screaming? yeah, oh yeah! imagination traded in for imitation. empty fashion tore apart what once was passion. sold us out to get ahead. let go, kill yourself to save the nation. whatever happened to underground? and my punk rock. counter-culture is what we were. something mainstream couldn't steal. sold it for cheap and now it's gone. here we are. punk rock is dead in the trunk. and you're asleep at the wheel. let go, ready or not!
move aside, you've sold away your pride. they're writing all your lines in a paper institution. reverse the damage you have done. we need a new sound, right now. not an empty gesture, not a brand name for our back. formulation serves as the spine that you lack. imitation is what gets you by. this frustration has kept us down inside. so get out right now. take your last bow. you're on the way down. so get out right now. and realize, these strings you can't hide. that money buys your time. you're part of a revolution that's selling exploitation. we need a new sound, and we need it now. not an empty gesture, not a name brand for our back. life is music, this is our soundtrack. to the way we live our lives, to the way we feel inside. to the way we hold these dreams and hope they never die. we are strong, we're alive, and frustrated inside. someday we'll have our say and we won't be denied. sing while you can, bide your time, know that you live a lie. soon you'll be moved aside for the next in line
moderation has never been one of my. strong suits me fine. so if you're out past ten, and you see me then. please send me home. before apathy turns to atrophy, and i stop listening. i kill myself to feel alive, i time release my suicide. bad days justify. we're fighting ourselves for our lives. one more shot to all of the kids who stand outside. i know that i'm off the mark. but i like to think i tried. what i hold dear has lost its shine. did i give up or did it die. aspiration, another drive that i want to die. each and every day, another chance for me. to make a change. no matter what i do, or how hard i try. they end the same. so if you're out past ten, and you see me then. please send me home
Sincerely I 03:42
face down lying on the floor. lash out at me and i went two rounds with you. you always knew the score. i'm not keeping track anymore. cause i've waited long enough for this to work out. i realize now i'm through with you. i don't need you anymore. i left a note signed by the door. sincerely i. write one last time. jaw clenched, staring down the hall. i knew i had to just be through with you. but to your face i'll say. everything i wrote that day. and i'll gladly make it clear to you. i want us to never speak again. i wrote in pen "no lies". and just signed it with my eyes. i never though i'd follow through. we've been part of this for so long now. you always said you wanted more. and i swear to you. this time i found my way to set the score. one last time
i thought you saw just where you were. you're on firm ground, but on the edge. you don't seem to understand, your situation is. darker than you thought it was. i only tried to help. yeah, and i bid farewell. i wish i could wish you well. yeah, and i bid farewell. with one last thing to tell. just don't look down. you won't find that i'm not there for your fall. and i won't answer when you call. just don't look down. but i was wrong. i offered a resolve to you. you spit it in my face. the end is here, these problems i can't solve for you. i'll leave you in your waste. you've sadly mistaken what's given for what's taken. you cut me wide open with thoughtless words soft spoken. when you lied to save yourself. well said, you lost a friend today. well done you lose again today
put down the pen and scream the words into time. no reason to write the lines from your mind. is anyone listening? why aren't we screaming? cut the rope and the fuel behind the drive. all that you love will pass you by. hold on tight. is anyone listening? why aren't we screaming? we're all thinking the same thing. we're all doing the same thing; nothing
somehow i have given up. on this in my life. all i seem to find here. is wasted time. of the all the hopes i have killed. one won't die easy. life is still standing still. but i won't die easy. i try to tell myself i'm leaving. when i'm the one who's left behind. can we make this happen faster? because i think i'm out of time. and i'm not lost just unfound. in this place i stay. with nothing to show for now. or any time. and i had hoped that someone. would pull me through. the saddest part was i had thought it was you. i can hear a smile in your voice. and i can see a smile in your eyes. i'll give up just like i know i should. you'll let me down just like i knew you would
it seems to me that lately, life has been too much work. punctuated by time spent with friends. it's not enough. i'm drinking by myself tonight, and that's alright. because i know that. friends like these, we don't need a reason. to stay out late. times like these, you're all i need. to know that i'm all right. no need to say what we know is true. i'm alright, so here's to you. it's friday night and i'm out with all of you. until the end. i'd rather be no place else. sleep can wait one more day. i'm thinking all this to myself. and i'm alright, because i know
i'll be the first to criticize what i've done. you won't care, i'll just smile and prepare. the same role that i've played that's reprised everyday without change. it's less convincing each time, but i'm comfortable. failing every effort to understand. what it means to be certainly free. and by compromising all that i had planned. no, this can't be all i have to give. but i'm surrounded by memories. that remind me how everything changed. this is my final oversight. i've got one more chance to make this right. so give me one reason to stop this feeling. so give me one reason, to give this up. i'll take my trying, when the time comes. and i'm dying; i won't miss what i've lost. i can't hide from what is offered to me. i'll take pride in what i've sacrificed. all these words they sound the same as before. i won't listen again, i've had practice. constructing my misery in hopeless reality. it won't end, take it back, it won't end. till i've thrown all the hope that i've known to the side. and watched everything that i once loved die. but for what i'm not sure, it's been taken for granted so far. so i'll leave it all behind


Dodging the pitfalls and landmines associated with the inane world of mainstream music - and the mindless crowds that follow - has made Burns Out Bright sharper, stronger, more assured of their abilities and purpose...and maybe a little pissed off too. It's a potent mix that finds Save Yourself A Lifetime reaching for rich textures, dynamic song structure and biting commentary instead of tired cliches. The qualities that endeared Burns Out Bright to fans and critics alike on their Distance And Darkness EP are here, only tenfold. The guitars attack with burly chords and rapid fire riffs that ricochet from graceful arpeggios and agile picking, while the frenetic percussion and propulsive bass charge with reckless abandon. The melodies are spot on, adding bite and sarcasm to the mix, but not without the sustained honesty and yearning with which lead vocalist Isaac Stone has always penetrated our hearts. Recorded by the highly talented Drewcifer LeClair, this record is fucking mint. (DER-447)

"After hearing Save Yourself A Lifetime and spending some time with it, I can understand completely what people are fussing about. Burns Out Bright never lets up as it chugs from one song to the next, making a record chock full of sing-a-long anthems. These guys have perfected a sound that mixes everything from punk to emo to hardcore to indie. So many bands try to spice up their music by including so many elements, but majority of them fall flat on their face and end up creating a huge mess. Burns Out Bright, however, have mastered a sound which includes a mix of styles without overdoing it, while still incorporating a flavor of their own. Hopefully, you will be be as moved by it as I was. Save Yourself A Lifetime may take some time, but the lasting result is more than worth it; I, for one, am in love with it." - Absolute Punk

"First off, this has got to be the most daring layout in ages. This just looks so bloody good. Fortunately, the quality doesn't stop at the way this thing looks because Burns Out Bright has delivered quite the debut with Save Yourself A Lifetime. It's melodic punk like never heard before. The band slaved over this thing for two years, and it shows. It's ambitious, determined and thought-provoking. When it comes down to it, a band like Burns Out Bright, young guys who are not concerned with any of trappings of the music industry in their quest to simply make good music, is such a rarity right now. Let's put these guys up in the echelon of truly heartfelt bands and hope they persevere and become one of punk's shining beacons, bright and burning." - Wonkavision

"I don't need to go on and on about Burns Out Bright because the music does the talking; it's brilliant. For me Save Yourself A Lifetime is an excellent record from start to finish and the band's best moment so far by a country mile. From the exquisite artwork to the angry undertone of each track, this takes in all kinds of influences, yet comes up trumps with a record that sounds absolutely brilliant. While Save Yourself A Lifetime is a record steeped in anger, Burns Out Bright's message isn't diluted or lost in the quality of the record as each song is stacked with twists, turns and plenty of melodies. Get this record now." - Punktastic



released March 14, 2006


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