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Sampler 4: Hearts Bleed Blue

by Deep Elm Records (Various)

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dove-like stares. so blank. so long like prayers. that never filled your self-made hole inside our hearts. so don't you talk? no, no. don't you feel? no, no. don't you hurt? no, no. this is not what you believed in. down these stairs we had our fun i swear. we've got more feelings in our lost and lonely hearts. so don't you talk about it? don't you feel some doubt. and don't it hurt? god protect. is this not what you believed in? i was denied tonight. so let's just hold our hands out. everyone is down. so far so in-between. does every girl think the same? hon, take care, i heard the news, i'm scared. they said the sky was bright, brilliant with our cause. but don't you talk to him and don't you feel something and don't you hurt ever? this is not what you believed in. i was denied tonight
i remember the first time. i saw you on heroin. a hero in my eyes. a hero in disguise. i pretended not to care. while all these eyes were on you. but your eyes weren't you. you've paid for this. black eyes. arms were skinny. i did not recognize. your pale face. white like bleach. it's hard for me to preach. when everyone's to blame. but no one wants to be the same. you've turned on yourself. one more time. there's no more time. trains will never travel. upon these tracks. no going back. the needle has skipped. and you will be missed. you've turned on yourself. and i remember the last time. i saw you on heroin. and how it made me cry. and oh how i cried
unwinding stairs and transparent hands. unforgiving eyes. is a gentle crutch. wedded stare. undying prayer. your innocence is lies. trace the departure. find the failure. rip the suture
who will put my feet back on the ground, when there is none to be found, at all? but you only speak a word, and the void gives birth. it's all lost, meaningless. make a path, only to lose your way. and you're always wanting more, a stranger to the shore. you keep a watchful eye on the horizon. who will gather remnants of a man, cast broad like seeds from a hand? but you measure everything, you fill the spaces in between. it's all lost, meaningless. make a path, only to lose your way. crave, crawl, grab at ghosts on the wall. and you're always wanting more, a stranger to the shore. you keep a watchful eye on the horizon. crave, crawl, grab at ghosts on the wall
in a box under my bed i've kept them safe from all the world and every one wished upon in some way but that never works out burning bright then burning out disappear and then fall down are they special or just broken dying or moving on am i always wrong did you see it there's another one right there and it's falling 'cause it's finished being a star can you feel it does it mean as much to you honestly am i that wrong is it me every time show me how to take this as you go on and on
abandon your safety belt. horizon could be possible. just to emancipate yourself. from the mess we're in. i've locked the brakes for good. now debate can finally start. about decisions edging rough. now recreate a universe. it's like a second skip of blank. it's like a moment of bliss. free falling towards active. transitions won't escape me. i shot the breeze. avant-garde alignment is. a freer form of cloud. to reshape and now re-mould. to re-mould and now reshape. into a splash of water. bubbles
techniques forgot. things fall apart. ignore your problems long enough. just like a match it burns you down. my song's compatible with yours. but still you fight your stupid wars. when you could drop your fists down. just out of reach but still i reach. for it and fail. life is a bitch. so now you know why i'm so bitter. so here i am out in the world. i'm shaded blue with undertones of grey. i'll shake it off. i know i can. montana. i'll take a trip. so far away. you'll never know. won't miss a day. i'm sure my name won't even cross your mind. then we'll pretend to make amends. we'll work it out. we'll remain friends. i'd tell you what. but you won't hear
takes me down underneath its weight. it is my master. i will drown underneath its sea it spells disaster. underneath its sea all's lost and found. until it's swallowed whole what's yours no way to ever know how much this can weigh. hollowed-out and broken. feeling i have lost control. and everything is gray. my dark cloud hovers overhead. constant companion. wrapped in dark shroud. lie alone in bed bottomless canyon. lie alone in bed all's lost and found. until it's swallowed whole what's yours no way to ever know how much this can weigh. hollowed-out and broken. feeling i have lost control. i am so tired of this conscious sleep. lethargic, low and uninspired. sinking ever deep. wallow in wet cement. i'm mired. crush me underneath it all. pull me from the weight that squeezes down
i picture you sleeping. when i am not there. i think of you smiling. extending yourself to the edge of the mattress. i see our apartment. the clothes on the floor. the books on the nightstand. your breath on my face and your hair on the pillow. you told me that you were so happy. in that dress that the sun shone right through. i will come back from the war. and then i'll marry you. the ocean is wide and it's deep. but the undertow pulls me to you. we leave in the morning. i'm terribly scared. i want to return as the man that you saw wave goodbye at the station. i will try to be careful. i will button my coat. i will count the days backward. i will concentrate and will the bullets to miss me. you told me that you were so happy. it turns out that i'm happy too. i make a lousy soldier. my heart isn't in it that's true
you went out there on your own. you went out there to carry the weight. and nobody here goes free. you went to wear the crown of thorns. to throw the first stone at yourself. cause nobody here is clean. and you gave yourself away. every finger is pointing at you. everything is accusing you. everybody is needing a scapegoat. so you got out there. you're hit in the face. you're spit in the face. now where is your god. and where is your grace
driftin' in the ocean. far from from home. frames in slow motion. never alone. as far as the eye can see. a staggering blue. swaying like palm trees. just me and you
hello sports fans, the year is nineteen seventy-seven! the saints are down by four, and the yankees just won the pennant. and there's no call, no letter, no signifying action except the one that still stands today. it's all in your head now and it's all in your mind. two is too much to leave behind. sensei! that's just one term we never needed and it's fair now. that's fine - we're not bitter. so where are you now? better yet - where were you then? look at this cycle - it's building up. it's all in your head now and it's all in your mind, or was this cancer too defined?
no matter what words i say she just thinks it's my best line she'll look at me that way and say yeah she'll say boys lie thanks guys you've really done it for me this time now i'm watching her walk away i'm not like all the others i get lost inside your eyes and it comes as no surprise that still she won't believe me she's heard it a hundred times she'll just look at me and say boys lie i'm paying for her past because the last guy didn't last i'm stuck in the middle of this riddle so cruel there's no point to argue 'cause you know as well as i do that it's true crazy that we will never be happy so much time invested you and me and all this wishful thinking so much time you wasted i get lost in your eyes while you just look for the lies
it's about a quarter till two. and all that you thought you knew. about the truth is old news. wish i came with a kill switch. but i'm so energized. with love and lies and questions. like who the hell am i. who the hell are you. who the hell am i. how long must i wait. what the hell am i. what the hell are you. what the hell am i. how long must i wait. so i put my mind to the test. and now i'm on a quest to be the best. as i smolder. this is the way to kill. your wandering gaze. your dizzy haze. you're up in flames. tonight we'll light ourselves on fire. in spite of all the good days we've never known. we'll burn at the stake. and start to bake. so we can find the center of you. so burn baby burn. you're so flammable. i want you to burn


"It's hard to say a bad word about anything that comes out on Deep Elm, a label that's 100% independent in the tradition of Dischord. Not only is their mission to put art before profit and create a non-exclusive music scene, but their execution is unparalleled as well. You can bet your bottom dollar that care and attention have gone into anything that bears their logo, from recording quality to artwork to promotion." - Rockpile (DER-415)


released March 16, 2004


all rights reserved



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