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Sampler 3: Sound Spirit Fury Fire

by Deep Elm Records (Various)

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are you wishing on a star. did you know your dreams are sold. to people who dream only of gold. they'll find a way to pull stars down. stand there. dance with a memory. the caption reads it's all over now. do you feel alone in the secret. are you standing there just weeping. do you feel the light is gone. is it hard to remain strong. in the face of all you know. in a world that's brought you low
is this what you want. it's eight o'clock. i'm nodding off. starlight is stealing my heart tonight. bar fight but i won't be there. and i've tried all this before. you swing and you miss and i miss the way things used to be. late night and you're driving me crazy. wait 'till you find this ain't the life you want to lead. regular. every night. regular. but i won't fight you. what if i don't care
take a swing and we're risking everything it's over when we're afraid to break the rules because it's safe i got a letter saying i'm doing it all wrong i think that i'll write back and find out how it's done take a swing there's got to be more to this than what we hear about take a swing there's got to be more to this than what we're all about and you're wishing your days away do you really want to live your life this way when did the fire die i don't see it in your eyes we all fall down so pick yourself up from the dirt 'cause after all you'd think it'd be the fall but it's the getting up that hurts take my hand and come with me i won't let you down this time there's more than the last time it will all work out
underneath blankets. we can do anything. let's disappear. far from our peers. free from judgment. and hateful eyes. i've got my rockets. and i've got my jets. disintegrate. and fade away. into a place. where nothing exists. i'm growing invisible. we become invincible. fading faster than expected
scars on my back. they prove a point. it points to you and this life and this world is a tidal wave. damn this drama day. these games we play and this loss. and this hurt. it was for you. every now and then it gets easier. i was there when you wrote it down. last place finisher. sad letter writer. stayed up all night composing lines for my movie life. typed you up. a sea. an ocean blue with tidal waves. a whirlpool it was for you
pencils and erasers. never tell the truth. waiting on the table in the corner booth. hour upon hour. skin absorbing stains. the thing you learn about the tips is. when it pours. it rains. there are times when i feel daring and then. others i feel dumb. it's a struggle to maintain my equilibrium. you can't have any more coffee if i take away your cup. i'm afflicted with madonna complex. i just can't give up. butter knives and saucers. vinegar and oil. keep your wishes fresh with aluminum foil. confidence deserts you. nothing you can do. years go by and hand to mouth can get to you. it can't be that awful for me. if it only makes me numb. it's a struggle to maintain my equilibrium. you can't have any more coffee if i take away your cup. i'm afflicted with madonna complex. i just can't give up
their skies turn black. their floors fall out. it rains for what seems like forever and ever. and thicker than water even thicker than blood. they press on. when the road has ended at the end of the world. just remember. what doesn't kill you makes you that much stronger. be still my friend in time. you only have to know. things will get better. we're by your side. have faith. remember the good times. don't try so hard to make sense. out of anything at all now. when there's no explanation. when you're feeling somewhat conquered. there is hope
it's about a quarter till two. and all that you thought you knew. about the truth is old news. wish i came with a kill switch. but i'm so energized. with love and lies and questions. like who the hell am i. who the hell are you. who the hell am i. how long must i wait. what the hell am i. what the hell are you. what the hell am i. how long must i wait. so i put my mind to the test. and now i'm on a quest to be the best. as i smolder. this is the way to kill. your wandering gaze. your dizzy haze. you're up in flames. tonight we'll light ourselves on fire. in spite of all the good days we've never known. we'll burn at the stake. and start to bake. so we can find the center of you. so burn baby burn. you're so flammable. i want you to burn
little boy. always scared. never learned how to make friends. pushed around. laughed upon. you are still stuck in a world that's in the past. and it's gonna last. last until you understand. i won't take this even though i'm sorry too. and i know just how you feel. you're not the only one that's striving for the truth. but this is not the way to be. different ways. still the same. guess we never have much choice. without trust for no one. as if everything is all the same today. like nothing's ever changed. will you ever understand. i would like to know your heart. was it like this from the start. is it ever gonna change. will it always be the same. don't you know just what you do. is there only room for you. won't you come in from the cold. won't you leave your lonely road
the reaching ocean. walked for days. the reaching ocean. you are mine. the falling skyline. is washing away. the empty notion. you are mine. fishing the sky
chessboard maps aggressive snaps the sneaking feeling. a board game wanes army of cells genetic codes all hope. an angry son flails at no one and pain is all around. i'm not alone. i'm not alone. i'm not alone. let this fearless feeling carry. i'm not alone. i'm not alone. i'm not alone. let this fearless feeling carry. trip to the shore beach cabin calls. but it's off season soft breezes that barely lift the spirit. in a wheelchair brave and bare. in a green room the wall close in on our tears. the dreaming of healing. the fishing boat flips us out and she begins to shout. what kind of vacation is this with you so sick. in place of these well we've agreed to not be something. it's called a sulk try to bulk up and buck up son. a pat on the back a brand new cap to cover up your skull
amy's not having any fun. fishing for compliments from anyone. searching the room for ammunition. pretending her feelings aren't hurt. raising the hemline on her skirt. calling it women's intuition. she swallows some confidence. extracts a cigarette. a gentleman lights the fuse. that dangles from her fingers. it may be last call. but amy isn't finished yet. she feels herself warming. where his blurry vision lingers. at his apartment on the couch. she kisses the corners of his mouth. prepares for subtraction and addition. she quietly gathers up her clothes. thanks for the drinks you paid for. looks out at the houses in their rows. i've gotten what i came for. there's always been part of me. that no one really knows. and so it goes. i never could have lived that life. a mannequin. somebody's wife. the cost of living's worth it i suppose. she walks through the lobby. with her panties in her purse. she's asking the doorman. for directions to the subway. she doesn't need magazines. to tell her what she's worth. she left him a note that said. i'll call you maybe sunday maybe monday. amy revolves through the front door. she's never been anybody's whore. she gets what she wants. it makes her happy
my best of friends. this is so familiar. we try to pretend. nothing's wrong. this crutch that we both lean on. tell me that it's fine and dandy. but she said improbable. we're stop and go. we're high and low. and moving slow. just say you'll keep running back to me. improbable she said. my funny friend. this feels so peculiar. the worst ground to defend. we're standing on. these word games you play on me. our language failed us both completely. then you said impossible. it's what we know. it's to and fro. and moving slow. just say you'll keep hanging in with me. improbable she said. my closest friend. looking like the weight of the world. is on your shoulders in my room. where you suffer. there's no upside now. i know you suffer. there's no upside now. i know you suffer. there's no upside. but there's still something left for me. but there's something left for me. i know there's something left for me. i know there's something. something
i've been trapped by my senses. natural kind of fences. that i can't cut through. and time takes away a piece of you. a piece that you thought you knew. it's all in the breeze. now it's floating all around me. invisible thing that i'll never see. but when you think that you got one. it's only just illusion. a trick that was up your sleeve. all that i know. all that i needed was me. all that i know. all that i need is me
hush now. don't you cry. i'll be right here with you all the way. i'll catch up with you up there. someday. i beg for you now. as you fall into nothing. all the way. hold your head high. as you fall into nothing. hold my hand. as you slip away. i beg for you now. as you fall into nothing. always. and i'm better. better now that you've gone home
under stars. i watch the sky. as night consumes the daylight. and i recall the sweetest dreams. but red wine helps them fade. here's to another glass. i need it to displace. the emptiness i cannot swallow. i tried to cleanse these guilty hands. but the stains they won't leave. i tried to rush to your defense. but i tripped on my weak words. don't terrorize. my senseless whines will fade. my eyes complain. my mouth stays shut. i leave you in your bed. i pulled your teeth. to hear the truth. the truth is it still kills me to this day. but don't terrorize. my senseless whines will fade. into another glass. it's too soon for today. today i feel about okay. i wait for these nights to come to an end. so i can feel at home. i tried to rush to your defense. but these guilty hands they shake. don't terrorize. my senseless whines will fade. if i could split my heart in two. i'd give the beating half to you. if these words never rise above us. i swear i'd slit my wrists for you. if life becomes so cold and dim. that to breathe is to live. then i'll breathe for you. but i won't repent. i won't repent for what i did to make this break. here's to another glass. i need it to replace the emptiness. i cannot take away


"Deep Elm continues its legacy in being the best post-punk rock label out there" says Dogprint.

Our Sound Spirit Fury Fire sampler furnishes the sound that is Deep Elm. If you've been asking "who is Deep Elm?" or "what do the bands on the label sound like?," this is the answer. Listen to our favorites (19 songs, 74 minutes) from all the new releases in the Deep Elm catalog - including many records not yet available! You'll hear the music that moves us and the bands that create it. This is our way of saying thanks to all the kids that support us throughout the world. Get one for a friend and they'll thank you for years to come! (DER-400)



released July 10, 2001


all rights reserved



Deep Elm Records

With nearly 280 releases in its catalog, fiercely independent Deep Elm Records continues to build a better label - one that operates for glory, not gold. Deep Elm is about bands and fans coming together as one and experiencing music's awesome ability to inspire, comfort and console. We're not just making music together, we're making history. Dream / Create / Record / Release - Now for 27 Years. ... more

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