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Sampler 2: Records For The Working Class

by Deep Elm Records (Various)

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today i packed all my things. how many things do i need. tomorrow i'm moving from paine street. i guess this is goodbye. and i'm moving on my own two feet. just to get my direction. and the movement of my own two eyes. catch a reflection of me alone. is this why i'm terrified. waiting there you are watching. watching me drowning. depression has settled in again. how many days will this go on. time takes time. how many days will i take. now you are drowning. goodbye
i'm ready i'm looking like a hero but i'm feeling like a zero i'm ready i'm feeling kind of hated or maybe just overrated like a time bomb unchaperoned but i'm allright so don't you stare i'm ready i'm feeling kind of cheated or maybe just mistreated i'm ready i'm looking like a zero but i'm feeling like a hero like a bad check rubberneck but i'm allright so don't you stare don't you dare i'm ready but i'm allright so don't you dare why don't you care why won't you care don't you dare i want it back right now
remember that night. secrets said. you doubted you'd always want me there. remember that time. fears were fed. i chased you up to the street. one of our lows. how could I make you feel that way. but the road will rise for us. the sun will shine for us. like glue it's stuck to us. remember that place. shields were shed. i wish we could close our eyes and be there. remember that day. we looked dead. we said all there was to say. heaven knows. how did we live another day. but the road will rise for us. the sun will shine for us. like glue we're stuck to us. remember that night. curled in bed. we said all there was to say
all your hatred soaked up in the walls. terrifying as it fills the room. pouring out and hitting anyone. no regrets and making your eyes glow. faces looking down. no one makes a sound. you know i hate you still. and everything you did. it just makes me shudder. i guess it always will. you crushed everyone. who wouldn't play your game. and i came in your way. no compassion. always striking downwards. intoxicating everyone around. you gave your fear to me and made it grow. it's still there awaiting to be found. and always when we meet. i get freezing cold. all those words escape me. though they should be told. thrown back to that time. and all those years you stole. i turn into stone. and everything goes down. who knows where it started
hasn't it been an interesting year sitting here i watch the walls watch back and i can't seem to let this one go cause you know it was going to be mine to shine i'm right back where i started again and i'm wondering how i got to where i've been but full circle never felt so good and i knew it would because i've been lied to all this time and hasn't it been a difficult year i'm still sitting here and that's a lot to say the least it's so good to know you still care it's so good to know your there it's times like this when everything goes black and white that there's so much more that i want to say but i can't and you know that's all right
it's as if you've taken everything. and turned it into this. something no one here can translate for you. maybe if i had a clue. of what to do with you. i'd make it better for you somehow. one step back. you've faded off again. falling down and losing insight. one step back. you've faded off again. crashing down into a new life. when she walks into a room. coming back for more. everyone around is watching. standing tall she's got a view. eyeing everyone. making sure she finds a new one. what's been said and done is over now. so let's just let it be. going over things inside of you. what's inside of me. breaking out into a new life. a new found end to this. something both of us can cling to now. one step better. one step closer to the end
every star falls every plane crashes down. every night we could drive twenty miles out of town. and watch the pinholes as they come down. we'll watch the satellites. we'll chase the fireflies. i wanna hold your dishpan hands. i wanna give into your crazy demands. placing wagers on the alphabet. a one subject college ruled romance novelette. solid gold from head to toe. we slow danced on the picnic tables. and i'm bound to bring you down. criticism made of anyone else. is a truism about myself. i wish i might. i wish i may into aerospace. that tonight i'll see your freckled face. i'm through crying over the milk. that has yet to spill. standing still amidst. a commotion while every night. i lie awake. miss you. lost you. i still need you. so long. farewell. auf wiedersehen. goodnight. and i forget sometimes that. all your time. can't be mine
it's hard to see the sun sometimes through these eyes. it's hard to see the truth sometimes looking through these eyes. but yet i try. windowsill world of mine. maybe sometime i'll get up and go outside. leap of faith. i could close my eyes and jump. the hope of someday is safer and it doesn't hurt as much. i stand at the edge of the world and i cry. the rain beating down on my face as i try to swallow my fear of failing again. and wait for the clouds to break for the sun. do you remember the time when you said you could see the worry in my eyes. you don't know how hard i've tried to let it go. let it all subside. things seem so different when i look into your eyes. it all seems so simple when i look in from the outside. everything seems fine. you know me better than i know myself. and i trust you more than i trust anyone else. but promises broken are promises made. at least from what i've seen it all fades away
sometimes i watch you when you sleep. watch your eyes move while you dream. you look so far away. your pretty mask burns up inside to hold monsters at bay. this city tears your soul away. you wonder if it's worth the stay. i've been feeling that way. our glimpse behind the brick facade reveals despair, decay. this beautiful charade. we were the last to know it. leaders of the parade. we were the last to know. i know exactly what you'll say even before you speak. and i know just what you are. but i can't see the gathering storm that changes sun to gray. this beautiful charade. i was the last to know it. leader of the parade. you were the last to know. you always know so much
is the sound in my head the sound of the dead stereo here we go again quadraphonic supersonic alcoholic reaganomics owner of the last delorean cause i'm the bearer of bad news i'm the fighter with the long fuse i'm the holder of what's unused and i'm around skylab's falling on three mile island and i'm out walking around mount st helen is what i'm selling so get in line and spend your dime friends cause i'm the bearer and i'm proud cause i'm the bearer i'm the fighter i'm the holder i'm the soldier i'm the conscience with insurance and i'm proud
what brings you to me are some memories in photographs. you're up on the table spending nothing but the borrowed past. breathe out the ballast come to the surface. when you're swimming and alone. drink from the chalice drown in the blood as it turns to stone. your heart's a magnet and in my dreams i'm dancing with you. and we kiss tonight it's a child's kiss. what you fell in love with. did you see my father's father's eyes. coming tearing out from all the other insides. how we believe in your lost seams. this family only meets in hospitals and funerals. some kids that only talk about themselves when they're told. they opened up your chest. and fingers slide within your warm dark flesh. for this you know that someone must confess. your doctor's young and he's wringing from you every last breath. his oath tonight it seems like hypocrisy coming from his lips. he is breathing while you're dreaming all alone. and on the phone there were sketches of a family tree that's gone. on a scrap of paper torn and not remembered. the texas sky's so wide i'm feeling nothing permanent or named. well i woke up a verse for your cold imagined stone. while you're dreaming on your own. when you're dreaming she is sleeping on her own
you're so inviting after dark. i'm still here. i'm wearing no one else's crown. i'm still here. fading. you still don't know. smoke it burns. smoke it burns. i finally figured what went wrong. demon brain. i'm feeling angry towards. the sound. i was wrong
so i asked my girlfriend to pretend. that she was foreign. i asked her to imagine. that she came from spain. and i told her to whisper in my ear. and in spanish. and if you do this for me. i will never ask for anything again. and she said. ole. por favor. mon senior. matador. afterwards she asked me. why had i wanted her to do that. so of course i lied. and said no reason. why what's wrong. and she looked down and sighed. pulled back the covers. and said sometimes it feels like. there's someone else on your mind. since that monday night. down at the fort sidewalk. when we saw the flamenco dancer. dance her flamenco dance. i've spent all my time. brushing up my spanish. so if i see her again. i can stand up tall and cry
lovely arrhythmia sighs. and bats her eyes. tucked into her favorite booth on the lower east side. just to her left is muab. who thinks she should break up with rob. she'd like to but what would she do. if she didn't get the modeling job. hey it's a riot. hey do you buy it. now they go down to the show. cause thad forced them to go. to the pulse of the music arrhythmia's moving out slow. we're restless and mean. and we're waiting for nothing today. we're down with the scene. and we're waiting for nothing today. i check my machine. but i'm waiting for nothing today. we're young and we're clean and we're getting our way. we're getting our way. we're getting away. darby is always the clue. that nothing's wrong with you. take one look and you'll find. all your hopes have come true
i can't sleep tonight. eyes wide open. one hundred and six degrees. take me away. speak softly. hide your clock from me. i don't want to get up just yet. cause bedside manner doesn't matter. it doesn't matter anyway. bye bye bye goodnight
i always know where i am. by the way the road looks. the sea brings me back to you


"These bands are some kind of unbelievable; they are young and fresh, with very original ideas and more importantly, good songs. The Deep Elm Records roster is one of the finest around today." - Truepunk


released May 9, 2000


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