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Safety In Numbers

by Surrounded

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flattering clowns and stars of fame. bigoted clones who frown. harboured in an integrate disorder. shut me out i did not pay you. to cover up the flaws. 'til they find out. waiting for your fall. the great parade. they're rolling out the red carpet. and then you know. today and forever more. you're bound to save your face. you can't be found. until you're found out. slowing down thoughts. ticking clocks and angry calls. the cut-and-dry parrots. calling for your inoffensive tortures. cast me out i did not fail you. the blunder now is yours. where you hide out. waiting around to call. to fake the pain. you're older now. your aircraft's touched the ground. and today and forever more. you're bound to change your name. you can't be found. until you're found out. until your story's told. waiting for your fall. the great parade. they're rolling out the red carpet. and then you know. today and forever more. rewind and erase the tape. you will be found. when you're found out. until your story's told. you're far far down. far far down.
set your dogs on me. and rest upon what you read. in the papers. your daughters soon will represent. you fill my breath with diesel fumes. and a funny smog that smells. of hope and perfumed lungs. of cuddly singsong hosts. you set your clocks by me. like feeding on someone's head. in the stables. your daughters will be heaven-sent. so fill my tanks with bleeding fuels. and a sunny shock. that wraps me up. in dirty sheets. from collective beds unmade
Pro-Files 02:42
the solitary wars. in a littered heaven. i see her riding on. throughout the globe. on a motorbike. to fuel the sun. while clerks begin. to moan. hey where are you going? hey there. now your stuntman's diving in. your quicksand pros. you didn't mean to. you didn't mean to. planetarium dwellers. high in the race. for immaculate plainness. and charms. in brick havens. where martyrs feed their own. hey where are you going? hey there. now your gunman packs it in. your tiptop pros. didn't see you. were you wise to cope. while things just kept aging. hey where are you going? hey there. now your stuntman's riding in. your quicksand pros. you didn't mean to. you didn't feel new
the greatest visions. from all your catalogues. on token pictures. and blurry photographs. no ark to save those who didn't last. under water in your science labs. on top of the world. you're on top of the world. so now just train my eyes. and name our wars. the safe addiction. and plastic autocrats. arms been saved. for the bitter ends. you know we're waiting. for your skies to land. on top of the world. you're on top of the world. now they're by your side. now we're on your side
bakers of hopes. wide-eyed in dreams of a needle. and condors like planes. in the mouths of whales. slumber is safe in the ocean. you had a large heart. you had a large heart. you had a large heart. now are you the one. hating yourself to be whole. tankers of holes. the wayfaring lights of a beacon. in bunkers on capes. in the crowds of apes. you hunger for praise and a feeder. you've had a long walk. you've had a long walk. you've had a long walk. now are you the one. with colours that are bolder. slowing the heart. to float on your back in their arms
winter drowse quarters. bitten hands of feathers. half-light eyes of green. and surgeons knives for devils. now we've all been warned. sober waxed dependers. heading back to court. in dragsters without horns. wooden rafts for summers. sunburnt backs for cancer. ditches flow with wheels. and coppered spines of gamblers. now we've all been stored. plastered in delusion. the traffic's heading north. in dragsters without horns
you loved your dolphins til you fell. for standard-bearers' charm. but now it's time to pass. and your old transmitter's crashed. but that's just stupid. enslaving thoughts. how to make your story short. to be better off alone. it better not be so. one thousand hatchets. in your bags. on asphalt along the line. you mistook your censored hopes. for no-admittance zones. and now your sacrifice is a sham. you did not quite come up to them. so you're better off unknown. it better not be so. but this is where it has to start. in a minefield in a trap. in a sailplane off the ground. with a new transmitter's sound. and while doctors offer stress. brainwash mags and tests. you better not be home. it better not be so. it better not be so
jesus' walking on water. frozen crowd to stare. applauding another act. something's blurred. in a little corner of the world. flowerbeds and sundowns. sharp teeth washed cars. witch hunts and farewells to arms. something burns. in a little corner of the world. jesus' walking on water. chosen cops despair. enforcing another sham. someone yearns. in a little corner of the world. in a little corner of the world
burning treetops. in your fenced parks. popguns aim. at your own doormats. marching backwards. into your purse. gladly injured while you conquer. in rags of clover. and kitten murders. the friar's swiss watch, your neighbours' sunblocks. here's something you know. here's something we hold. the one thing you chose. the global charm course. and on your homeground. we flip a coin down. into the wizards' big hats. and the boiling fishtanks. for a lifted curfew in the whirlpools. saw the price tags. on my foreheads. the white maps in your cold bags
sweeping the rivers. for my missing body. the name tags. the numbers in the files. flushed into the sewers. like the old sores. and the new trash. that's what they would do. that's what they will do. sweeping the oceans. for my sunken treasures. the same gags. the blunders and the mines. swinging whores and deaf towers. in line for the distant powers. and you're ashamed. so you're not ashamed
Neglectarine 04:21
fractured hands will not. mend the other ones'. and now tomorrow is not the day. that you saw coming. from outer space. and the way back home. got blocked by angry soldiers. and captives on the main drag. you said would ruin our holiday. and now you drive. into that tunnel. for a fast redemption. and static sounds. but these words are not our own. and the riddle not to be solved. i think you got me wrong. but it's just another habit. you can eat your cake and have it. you can eat your cake and have it. you hung your plaques of youth. in commodious dorms. while the lame man took up his bed. to walk out on crutches. made of goodwill and melted cups. from the sane wars. now we're stranded. on the pale lawns. with shards from a golden age. and now we drive. into that tunnel. for a lost intention. and static pounds. but these cars are not for sale. and the riddle not to be solved. i think you got me wrong. but it's just another habit. you can eat your cake and have it. you can eat your cake and have it


Masters of the celestial epic, Surrounded creates atmospheres of fragile beauty by blending surrealist lyrics, mournful melodies, orchestral flourishes and spacey experimentalism with a subtle, cinematic sway from lo-fi to hi-fi. Encompassing a strangely beautiful rainbow of sound and emotion that twinkles beneath layers of cello, mellotron, radio chatter and synthesizers, their debut Safety In Numbers envelops the listener with an entrancing collection of songs that range from the innocent to the insane, the troubled to the tender, the sweet to the sad. It's the sharp drumming, smart guitars and steady basslines that add just the right depth to each miniature symphony, helping to maintain focus on the band's rock foundations. A kindred spirit to The Flaming Lips, Sparklehorse and Mercury Rev, vocalist Marten Rydell pours his cryptic heart into each song, poignantly exploring the human condition through lyrical metaphors including kitten murders, plastic autocrats, brainwash mags, flattering clowns and crowds of apes. Remote industrial towns of the western world have long been regarded at the perfect soil for artistic breeding. Few bands epitomize this more accurately than Vaxjo, Sweden's Surrounded. (DER-428)

"One aural peek into Safety In Numbers from Surrounded and you'll chalk up another victory for Sweden, as drums crack like burning wood and synths backfire like classic Mercury Rev. And then there are melodies here that resonate the power of gospels and slide in the air like broadcast signals barely revealed underneath all the layers but always felt. Epic? Certainly. But like most Swedish bands, it isn't length or the cosmetics that make them so great; simply the gorgeous songs. Surrounded's might be longer than most of their fellow countrymen, but they're every ounce as emotionally weighted and spiritually swollen." - Lollipop

"Surrounded creates a truly celestial, compelling record with Safety In Numbers that communicates a meek and frail beauty; an ultimate idea that in some ways can be touched and embraced, yet in reality is always just a fingertip away. Singer Marten Rydell is cryptic, but at the same time earnest and pleading. The ethereal, masterfully orchestrated music can sometimes disconnect one from his grim tales of kitten murders and crowds of apes, but serves to provide a shocking, invigorating reconnection." - Bandoppler

"Surrounded creates lush, modern rock on its artfully crafted debut album, Safety In Numbers. Launched with Linear Elevator, a mournful but captivating instrumental stomp, the disc soon drifts into the abundant soundscape of Exit Serenade. Safety In Numbers gives a little more away with each listen, and with adventurous songcraft like this, it's doubtful that disciples of Mercury Rev and Sparklehorse will mind dissecting pieces of this triumphant entry." - Allmusic



released October 6, 2003


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