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Roots And Wings

by The Sky Life

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Pretentious fraud guaranteed your love dear. Pompous at best, modest to the rest. Too many words coming out of your mouth friend let's wrap this up and we'll both be sane. This city is lit only half of the time by reflective eyes. Healthy respect for human condition. Unverified but my research shows. This city's lit have the time by reflective eyes. Bring the foot soldiers in, one at a time. Strewn buildings spread across a street. Scattered messages on the wall. Display our person unfiltered. Empty lungs trying to hold a tune they yell.
Is this about what he said? To turn your head and run. And to be a better son, to be lovely daughter of a man. Is that not what he just said? To give up on this dream. To be a better son. Don't you dare turn your back on me now. One is roots and the other is wings. We should need to say anything. One is roots and the other is wings, you've never turned away from anything. You've been chained to cars your whole life running at a hundred miles a hour don't you think it's time to stop? And who's driving this car away. Is this about what I said? To leave your past behind. Hun you're so awfully confused. Don't you dare turn your back on me now.
In The Dark 04:28
Appreciate the past for what it was but don't get caught there to long. You've got the present now. Don't let it slip out of your hand. Now on whom to depend when you've opened up the valve and out through your eyes pours broken dreams. You plunge into the darkest place and totally ignore the world out your door. You'll never find yourself like this I suppose you'll have to explore. I don't believe you have someone to cradle your fall. But not many of us do. You reach expectantly out to those closest to you. Its winter and we bear no fruit. Your limbs are exposed and so obviously drained. You dried up your roots years ago. You plunge into the darkest place and totally ignore the world out your door. You'll never find yourself like this I suppose you'll have to explore.
Neon Stars 04:01
The perfumed rain that's far from innocent has come back again to split this town, into two. The obstacle stands but doesn't stand a chance on where it sits and over again, it'll swallow us up. Under neon stars, there's something about this place and living under neon lights that has me saying that I never knew, and I want to go but I won't go. My dreams are in a video. That's made me love all over again. The one to call me home has gotta be peace a fantasy far past concrete to something warm. To some power is guns to some self control but either way it'll swallow us up. And we'll be healed.
Ghost 04:01
Do you believe in ghosts? Cause he just rolls like that. You won't see him much anymore. It depends. It's when he feels the pressure around him builds. Just when you think he'd cry just like the rest of us ≠That's when he starts to hunt, I'm sure he'll find me wherever I lay my head. And I'll never fall asleep cause I knew he doesn't rest. My Ghost drops crying but doesn't forget his place and takes off and my breath is that cold smoke. That rises up. Now let me explain. I rise up with him. I can only go so far till I leave him with a breath. And the fleeting air rises up with him. And so will you, with whatever controls you.
It's my night, and I'm closer to the edge and I'm going to jump down were angels sleep. I'll bring you, just so you can see the night is all we have in the morning they'll wake up. So take this drink and put it to your lips but please don't hate me for this. Oh, I'm spinning around again. I like I said I wouldn't be. Oh I'm spinning round again like love. Now there's light and there dark. The two when together don't seem exist. In a place where angels shut their eyes dark seems to win. No one sees my sneak.
There is nothing more to this but something more to me. I'll tell you all my secrets like I do / to randoms and strangers they just seem to understand / but if you. don't you have to be polite, please be polite. The center of my head speaks with a shaky body. So I pulled the earth around myself curled in a ball being sure to never lose sight of the one star seen. I was buried by the humid air and bathing in your sweat like I do. In my head, I'm losing control. Ya it felt good to let it melt away, away. Entranced by the television its 4 am. I'm treading through the sidewalks of my life. Trying hard to never step on the cracks, which makes it hard to ever look up, please don't look up. Please don't go far, don't leave me in this room.
Your eyes look old, life painted grey in your hair and thoughts. You died for a cause and even though it seems that you've failed me. You beauties' left no one behind but yourself. Hold up my hands and let me see into your face, and know you're truly mine. Let the pain inside of me not be in you too. Back against the wall, Calming is the wind that warmly brushes up against my skin. At one time this air in another gave life to their limbs. And maybe their cause was great as well; maybe it had to do with you.
Dine With Me 04:08
Full of life and full of mind you're holding onto something right. I can see in your face confusion of some kind. And you know I can relate, cause I've never really known see. If there's a wrong or right and who decides. I am human now. Sit down here with me and tell me what I've missed. Forget your friends for just one night cause I need to know where I went wrong with all of this. Dine right here with me and tell me how you see everything in a bright light cause I need to know if I'll regret the path that I've choose to walk. A young father to his son, speechless in his place, He says I always thought I'd know what to do when I arrived at this stage. I thought I'd always have the answers. Thank God for those who admit that they don't, for they are the first to ask.
Not Right 03:56
Do you know what time it is? I grope for the light but I don't want to turn on and have to look into your face. I've done it again, same scenario just a different face. Take this as advice from a friend. Leave that boy he's not right for you. I'm not right for you. Does this mean that you're not right for me too? I'm holding out for something but maybe I should smile and wave, turn the other way and say goodbye. Is it worth it to live your life a little more like another would have you? When you know it's a good thing and you love them just that much. Or do you follow those butterflies, even if they lead a lonely road?
I don't want to be impolite but this "down to earth" style that's been rude to you has got to go. Investing everything into the sunset. Do you ever wonder what disaster looks like from someone else's eyes? I'll lend you mind just for the night so you can see yourself. But don't be too surprised at what you see you're not the only one who loves to be loved. You dive into the strangest arms you'll never find yourself like this. You hold the coldest hands. I see you sink into his body and he will never know your there. You don't even control the one who will persuade you; take your mind recreate you. Keep your eye on the sign and look at where they will lead. I promise the blacks and blues don't feel like love to you.
Good God my Love I never knew you had it in you. That in your heart you feel the pulse of the world that lives and breathe and inside of you resonates. I often place my head up against the earth to feel you. I wrote a page down for you that won't reach your hand. I've lost someone that meshed their soul into mine. I often place my head up against the earth to feel you. I can breathe right there to your rhythm.
Ghost (live) 03:44


Organic and electrically charged, teeming with ambience, personality and emotional resonance, Roots And Wings is the second studio effort from Canadian quartet THE SKY LIFE. A sterling synth-rock masterpiece filled with climatic anthems that dip into the tender feelings of the human heart, this album is a truly poetic, absorbing union of melodic pop and rhythmic beats. It's a well-balanced collage of sound brimming with luscious layers of instrumentation, memorable hooks, introspective lyrics and stunning performance. Every song, whether it leans alternative, arena, acoustic or indie, stirs wide-eyed reflection and resonates with an inspiring spirit and refreshing energy. Songcraft remains one of the THE SKY LIFE's greatest strengths and each poignant excursion takes the listener on a sonic adventure that reaches far above the norm, creating a special listening experience that connects every time. Synth-rock, alterna-pop, emo-tronic...call it what you will. Get on board. This album soars...


"A truly poetic union of emotional pop-rock, soft electro-synth with a deeply rooted organic feel." - Record Rebellion

"Luscious layers and memorable hooks add to inventive lyrics to craft an album that is truly inspiring." - Froglix

"A thoughtfully-crafted, careful melding of ambient synths, piano and guitars that connect." - Music On Demand

"The meaning behind the band name is something most people can relate to" says lead singer Justin Carter. "It's about living above the norm...the desire to do something that seems out of reach. Our music is meant to emit a feeling of openness and freedom and we hope listeners come away with a feeling of positive clarity. The thought of inspiring other people, the listener, inspires us to write. An album is an amazing opportunity to get inside the head of the band members, to feel what they have felt. It can be almost a spiritual experience when you truly connect with the lyrics, so I write lyrics that are honest and open to capture emotion the best I can" says Justin. "Our debut, Dimes and Discourses, was about pulling out of a lifestyle, questioning all actions, asking ourselves if we're doing things for good reason and heart or because this is just the way they've been done in the past. Roots And Wings is about realizing the need for a breakaway. Your past life or upbringing, the 'roots' of a person, can't be ignored even when rejected. The 'wings' is now, it's the break, being unshackled and renewed. Roots and Wings hints at the band's roots, but it's the beginning of lift off for us" says drummer Josh Steffen.

THE SKY LIFE is Justin Carter (vocals, guitar, programming), Josh Steffen (drums, vocals), Bobby Khul (keyboards, vocals) and Dwight Werbicki (bass). Roots and Wings was produced and engineered by Rando Lin (Stereos, Ten Second Epic) at TurnKey Studios in Edmonton. Programming was done at Sky Life Studios. The album was mastered by Tim Branton (Lights, Alexisonfir) at Joao Carvalho Mastering in Toronto. Album artwork by Laconic Design. Photos by Ashley Champagne for Kinetic Studios. Deep Elm Records is simultaneously releasing the band's debut "Dimes & Discourses" which was originally released in October 2008. Deep Elm will also be releasing a holiday-themed EP titled "Lights And Electricity" as well as the band's forthcoming more electronica-based album "Under These Closed Eyes." THE SKY LIFE currently resides in a place more known for it's hard crushing, thrash metal bands (but through time they've won their locale over), the City of Champions, Oil City and home of Gretzky the Great...Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Recommended For Fans of: Angels and Airwaves, Deathcab For Cutie, Taking Back Sunday, Les Sages


released November 9, 2010


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