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Pull Up The Floorboards

by Lock And Key

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Alchemy 03:47
Those defining moments, the ones you'll never forget. Like a bitter cold day, you can't think yourself warm. I wish I never knew my worst fears were all true. Phrased so innocently. Right then, right then. Right then, you proved you never cared. Took some time to admit to me. Right then, right then. Right then you proved you never cared. We tried so long to mend it, you can't change a person. Like alchemists, we tried the impossible. I wish I never knew my worst fears were all true. Phrased so innocently. Right then, right then. Right then, you proved you never cared. Took some time to admit to me. Right then, right then. Right then you proved you never cared
I don't know who you are I only know who you were. We have changed. What we had, will always be there. At least in memory. We have a choice, we can let it run us into ground. Or pick up and start again. I choose to stand stronger and learn from my mistakes. Live for the moments when I can release. For me its therapy. If you ever need it you'll have a friend in me. A friend in me
303 04:15
If we go with what we think feels right, if gut instinct proves true. If we run with this, if we take the chance. If we try for something new. If anybody's got my heart it's you. Right there hiding in the shadows, you had your hood drawn tight. Too shy, or too scared to come out, you kept yourself inside. The next time you let a little bit out, enough to catch my eye. Best friend who left to find himself, ended up in your hometown. The winter's snow into the spring's new growth. The spring's new growth into a summer on the phone
Ammonia 03:40
Let's take this chance. Let's forget about all we've learned. We'll learn to live like we used to when we were young. Extinction, extinction of the mind. Free will, the thing that used to bind us. Bind us together with open minds. No preconceptions, just desire to live and learn on our own. We'll try. Let's fill the tank. Let's run this block into the ground. We'll live harder lives, at least we'll never forget them. Just because we've tried once over. Doesn't mean we can't start over
Volatile 03:55
This is an excerpt from my journal. Words run in circles as blood boils. Dancing around my defensive decoy. It's an example of how I can never let things go. That's not the way it was supposed to be. I tried to see their thought. My eyes can open shut. It's obvious now how the pattern repeats. I need to fight my impulse. Keep sight of what might help us. If it takes a man to admit he's wrong. Then I am ready to take that step. To take a risk and not look back
Albatross 03:09
Tired song of love and loss. You're back but with an albatross. Growing closer makes more to lose. Time apart is a coward's refuge. Don't always like my point of view. Had a tough time seeing it through. But with you "that much further west." We're better off I guess. It's time to prepare myself for the end. Cause you won't come back. And you won't look back this year. It's time to make our last amends. Cause we won't have time. And we won't forget what we said
When you aren't alone. You can't admit there's more. To this relationship. Thoughts untold the truth unfolds. Words that you'd never think you'd hear. Cover the tracks none of it is fact. Whispered words (that) were never really said. We swore we'd learned ourselves a lesson. We swore we'd never go through this again. Sometimes you can't deny the feeling. Sometimes you can't stand being called a friend. But when you aren't alone you can't. Admit there's more to this. Than just another relationship
Searching for some peace of mind. Filling the gaps with things I find. But you aren't ever going to see my inner side. Find the truth to be deafening. Like the glass he smashed not feeling. But the blood won't bring her back to your side. Now I've messed it up again. Look for answers within my friends. But they aren't ever going to see my inner side. It's time to realize the answer is here. Beneath all the shit I've come to fear. But the answer won't surface this year. Just in your mind
Don't just stand there faking. Don't just stand there making like you're one of us. You can't just fit the part. You have to set yourself apart. The story of the rejected, the outcasts of everything thought right. Saw through their bullshit, questioned the ways taught fit. We wear these badges of heart forever inked in. Don't just stand there faking. Don't just stand there making like you're one of us. You can't just fit the part. You have to set yourself apart. Predict your actions, you fit the mold so well. Who could have thought that you'd choose that shell. Never thought you'd change like the rest out of your own will. Never thought you'd change like the rest now you always will
Opening 04:42
Ambition crumbles like the wintered Boston streets. Another day of rain, an empty promise repeats. Salt stained leather bound the soles of your feet. Amongst good company, a drink to empathy. Morning breaks and it's a brand new day. Growing outward like a plant in the shade. Hung over from the night, and my back isn't right today. But the sun brings back a feeling like the end of a long work day. Soil breaks, new life penetrates, and we move forward


Pull Up The Floorboards is post-hardcore that way it should be: raw, abrasive, urgent and always on the brink of panic...delivered with uncompromising conviction and gut-wrenching ferocity. An emotional overload of the highest order, Lock And Key play with furious guitars that smolder, crackle and chug behind the razor-cut signature vocals of Ryan Shanahan. Buried beneath the thick slabs of combustible guitars and machine-gun drumming are irresistible hooks that dig deep. There's a restless energy that permeates Floorboards, a sort of shadowy unease and distemper like the first warning signs of a nervous breakdown. It's a dangerous precipice for a band, walking the delicate line between thoughtful articulation and the frenzy of incoherent desperation. But unlike many of their peers who deliver marginally at best, Lock And Key have composed a startling achievement of brain, brawn, pathos and, most importantly, heart. (DER-440)

"It takes a band like Lock And Key to remind me why I loved this type of music so much in the first place. On Pull Up The Floorboards, Ryan Shanahan's hoarse voice, when singing, is gruff and when screaming, impassioned. The instrumentation is loud and intense, taking a page from the band's heroes like Hot Water Music and Fugazi, incorporating emo and post-hardcore into a vicious blend of pounding rhythms, driving yet melodic guitars and vicious intensity. It's the way emo used to sound: pure urgency and powerful guitars and rhythm. Pull Up The Floorboards is a great record, well produced and well played. It reminds me of a style that never really died out." - Delusions Of Adequacy

"If more bands aspired to master emo as it was known courtesy of Jawbreaker and Samiam, we'd have more bands like Boston's Lock And Key to listen to instead of an embarrassing myriad emo-lite groups. Their debut full-length, Pull Up The Floorboards, comes on the heals of their much heralded No Fate EP and several stateside tours. Showcasing the formidable presence of Ryan Shanahan in the midst of a bevy of angst-laden songs that bleed sincerity and desperation, Pull Up The Floorboards is one of the best emo releases in recent history." - Weekly Alibi

"Lock And Key breathes new life into the post-hardcore sound championed by Hot Water Music, Fuel and Fugazi. The rough vocals give them a raw edge, but the music is textured and atmospheric without seeming complicated or indulgent. Pull Up The Floorboards is best thing Deep Elm has put out this year." - Punk Planet



released October 26, 2004


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