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by Down To Earth

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Prisms 1 03:50
i'm about to be dazed. but anyway, i'll seize the day. about to depress? not thrownaway, more castaway. in a diamond it stands. which side of me takes it away? a dive in that prism. intruder in that reckless land! smart bodies and lips glazed by death! with blissfully blinks! (inner riots here...with absurdly blinks) i'm blasted and weaked. but anyway i'll seize the day. i'm scared to be heared/here. not thrownaway, real castaway. more dives in that prism. which part of me feels addictive? falsetto realm in (the) midst of my head. (inner riots here...with absurdly blinks). (i have to) give my pictures a factual sense. inner riots and new facets! i love to be dazed. 'cause anyway i'm thrownaway. i've blown out my brain. this part of me took it away. in a diamond it stands. this part of me took it away!
Prisms 2 02:45
find myself in a murmur. find a mean to answer. find myself. in coloured shapes. escape the dead line. bring the rhythm down. far monotone words i've heared the most / far monochrome scenes i've seen the most. will disappear in state of silence
Prisms 3 02:38
i'm buried underworld so give me ladders! nightmares didn't make attempt to my mind in shreds. time to use them, to write anthems for my escape. i'm far from undertow, no more leftovers. we've already dived anyway. been deep and out. where prisms throw anywhere the same vision. nightmares didn't make attempt to my mind in shreds. time to use them, to write anthems for my escape. i'm far from undertow. never recoil from here. we've already dived through anyway. been deep and out. where prisms throw anywhere the same vision
Contro 02:39
scars were just reopened, true colors throwed on the film. as it should be done. separate links to forget, no missing pieces revealed to me. did i cheat too much ? put a rope over my chin? expecting for fortune? on and on and wait. screwd my head round too much ? critic or just pretending? entertaining people? did i get over my head / should i get over my head / abusing of lies with talent with silence for answers. upper besides me and under, you couldn't get into my head. abusing of lies with talent with violence for answers. possess everything, how could i? never knew. by flooring my friendship, to control my circle. on and on and down, nuance and tolerance. should i get over my head, did i get over my head. abusing of lies with talent with silence for answers. abusing of lies with talent with violence for answers. sprawling
Versus 03:53
sprawl i did like virus. humble, i whish i forget, my back. worried about them, sorry for you. cautions to my new half-life
Slide 01:56
fly slide on the deeper water with sirens. here's your securited land
at circus station, the clowns came in. an obvious sale of work making the most of. a proper march of adequate shoes. a theatre of jelly sentences. a merry-go-round of broad-minded ideas. a countdown to highlight someone. who can do this? you can't do this! they get the light each time it comes around and never care to bring it. they tense the tummy once they're on the set. leave impression to own worst ambitions. to be loved by those that they won't see. to be shown for what they're not. in remembrance of their ego ids. countdown to highlight anyone! just to point at that we highlight like warhol said
Blackwalls 05:13
sirens scream the same warning sound. a minute before i wake up. a casual scene seen everytime. someone gets under the veil. evacuate shelters / leave the ground. you're seed of urban legacy. blackwalls are closing face to face. increasing the hole and modeling the surface. sirens scream that same warning sound. a minute before i give up. an usual/unusual feeling each time. someone gets under the veil / sees throught the veil. uproot yourself and leave the ground. you're seed of that legacy. blackwalls are closing face to face. increasing the hole. hammered out against while living in them streets. watchful considering where the limits are ending. read between the lines enclosed in a tight square. the smell of ideal vanishes into the air. hammered out against leave don't go astray. running far keep eyes opened whatever. if hammered out against leave don't go astray. running far keep eyes wide opened whatever if. blackwalls of square, blackwalls are closing all around here! blackwalls of square, blackwalls are closing! closing all around here. don't go astray!
Radio Stoned 03:32
switch off your brain, radio's on air. you switch off. cause you will drop out - boredom. tuner turned off, swamped by big circle waves. you're hearing cracks that smell bad. how how how could they sing that ? how how. tuned, turning off. tuned, turning on. the radio station as a petrol station. set the fire now! stoned dead or active audience, please participate! recycled artists disposable music, entertainment champagne sex in artistic campaigns, go away! radio "stoned", radio "deaf", consequence of smoking fans. you are opened. you are opened up when burn it down? radio "stoned", radio "deaf", consequence of smoking bands. you're not cracking up and coming down! you've got the choice, your voice can scream it loud. next/change/next/change. skip tracks
Mirrors 06:18
about the change of that man from the old son, from these plains to cities he crossed so many wrong rivers, withdrawing the first to be the last. in an empty room he stands now awake, approaching insanity and lost in between thin mirrors, who's by it and who's behind? where enemies will fall apart, hold him apart from here. then resume spin outspread. he hasn't read the script , where he's supposed to live in a world where there's no time enough to try and get the most chances. as a result of luck, fate, lust and bad habits he faces guilt for the worst errors he made, and comes to standstill. unreal lack of verve or real black off-hand thoughts the wind recalls him on the cleaver. resumption spin outspread. where enemies will fall apart, hold him apart from here. then resume spin outspread, hold him apart from here. resumption spin outspread, hold him apart from here. resumption. approaching insanity and lost in mirrors
Album Preview: Prisms (free) 05:52


Make no mistake, French trio Down To Earth doesn't make concessions or concern itself with musical fashion on their second full-length Prisms. Revealing a progressive interplay between aggressive rock and provocative melody, the album revs up like a dirty shot of adrenaline and burns like alcohol on an fresh wound. The combination of searing vocals, angular guitars and a pounding rhythm section makes for prime moshing material. Needless to say, few bands can pull it off this easily or this well. Shaken and stirred, this band aims to leave bruises and change lives...not the least of all their own. Harmonized vocals shift between a blustery bravado and edgy recklessness, running a gauntlet of self-examination. And the music fights back with everything it's got...building, brooding and burning right up to its finale. (DER-493)

"Make a list of countries you expect a raucous post-hardcore band to hail from; is France one of them? No, of course not. France is the home to luxurious food, vintage wine, fine art, awe-inspiring architecture. It's not supposed to be home to a band that's as furious as it is talented. Well, defying conventions in more aspects than that one is trio Down To Earth, who deliver a crushing barrage of progressive post-hardcore. It's full of passion, (as if anyone with more than two brain cells expected less, after all, they are French), aggression, and perhaps most surprisingly, carefully constructed melody. These guys have as much concern for rules as they do for their vocals. There's only three people, three instruments: guitar, bass, drums. This helps their sound sound uncluttered; it's not that uncommon for post-hardcore to sound like there's too much going on all at once, Down To Earth don't fall foul of this. They have three very capable musicians who each bring their own edge, with none of them being too over-bearing, or over-shadowing each other. It's almost as if they are each doing their own thing, yet, somehow, they still sound tight as fuck. Take Thomas Laprele on bass, how often does that instrument refuse to be dominated by the guitar, and not only that, contribute equally towards the dynamics rather than being all muted into the background? Opener 'Prisms 1' starts with stuttering guitars, building towards Nicolas Aigrot's coarse vocals, complete with noticeable French-accent, which then spills into 'Prisms 2' - DTE at their cantabile finest. It starts off with quiet, euphonious guitars, slowly burning towards an intense ending. That then runs into the third and final instalment of the Prisms songs: the storming 'Prisms 3'. Those first three songs are probably the perfect summary of this band, able to drift between the quiet/loud dynamic seamlessly, surging at one moment, serene at the next, but at all times maintaining a melodic nature. When the music is pounding and driving is DTE at their best. The heavier songs such as Radio Stoned' and 'Countdown To Highlight' are pulled off largely because of the riffage and how utterly pissed-off they sound. If you like your guitars explosive and vocals ferocious, this album is a must-own. At their best, Down To Earth prove to be more than a match for the heavyweights of this genre. It's the kind of music that was just made for the live-setting, where their anger will spill over into the crowd causing riots in music venues everywhere. Consider 2010 kick-started." - Rockfreaks

"I don't know what they're putting in the water over in France, but apparently it creates bands worth paying attention to. Bringing you a style reminiscent of the glory days of late 90's Indie rock, Down To Earth show that they're a French power trio capable of rocking out with the best of them. Combining elements of rock, indie and even some punk, "Prisms" takes your love of rocking out but also keeps it...well...down to earth. This band knows how to write a catchy song, and it shows. Deep Elm was wisely picked to release their sophomore effort. Every song seems to have that "I don't know what" that gets you appreciating how well-written every part is. And I can honestly say there was not one track on this CD that I didn't like. Be it the vocals, technical guitar/bass work, pounding drums, even warm melodies sprinkled throughout for good measure...it's all there. And definitely worth the listen. I'd keep my eye on these guys." - StereoKiller



released January 25, 2010


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