Planes Mistaken For Stars

by Planes Mistaken For Stars

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Planes Mistaken For Stars drags you under...and never lets you up for more than a trace of air. A defiant mix of graphic vocals, aggressive screams and churning guitars that burns and smolders of raw post-hardcore emotion. The vocal dueling is incredible. "Melodic but so intense they'll rip you to shreds." From Denver, Planes Mistaken For Stars loudly stomp and quietly crawl, playing each show like it's their last. You'll be nothing less than amazed. "The Past Two" on Emo Diaries 3. (DER-377)

"Heartbreaking dynamics that plunge you from discordant discomfort into an almost lulling drone of guitar and sparse drumming. The guitar has teeth cutting through the skin that slowly wraps around you. Drown in this, until it lifts you up, and you're flying, but it's night, you're angry, and all you can do is bang your head against the rage. There's an ache between every note, and the shift from scream to whisper just drives it deeper." - Big Takeover

"Emo music could not be more vital than it is today. In a global society that can be so isolated, emo music breaks free of any boundaries that tend to hold back the musician. To define emo simply as a prefix for emotion or emotional, yet its sense of existence is more complicated than that. Emo music or emo-core can offer a sense of therapy, beauty and intensity all in the same breath. Planes Mistaken For Stars proves the above analysis to be correct, but not in safe flight patterns. If you are hoping to easily take your emotions from point A to point B without turbulence, think again, as this album is filled with harsh phrasing and teeth-gritting feelings. First captured on Deep Elm's "The Moment Of Truth: The Emo Diaries Chapter III," the Peoria, Illinois band (who recently moved to Denver, Colorado) takes an abstract, post-hardcore approach to their self-titled EP. Less than a half-an-hour in length, the time is not a factor when it comes to eight songs of intense bitterness. Vocalist/guitarist Gared O'Donnell is angry, not only in his voice, but with his words as well. On the song "When The Arrow Went Out," O'Donnell screams out, "And I don't know if it was the weight of your words or the way you said my name that sent me packing." This is a demonstrative example to get a feel for the tone of the release. Listen closely and it's the precision and musicianship that really makes this release shine. There is a nice array of feedback, disdainful guitar riffs and classical guitar influences that seems most impressive." - Consumable

"Mix some raw vocals, aggressive screams and post-hardcore emotion and you get PMFS. Take Lifetime and replace the punk sound with melodic post hardcore and vocals that are more emotional, and just better in general, and you'll start to get an idea of they sound like. In a genre of music that has so many clones and so little originators, PMFS surpass anything else released in a long time. While many others lacks in lyrics, music, and originality PMFS shine in all three areas." - Heckler

RIP Matt Bellinger (1977 - 2017)


released April 13, 1999


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Copper & Stars
and i don't want to say that i wasted my days chasing instead of catching keeping. wasting wishes on copper and stars. i'm wanting you to save me and i'm not only asking. because i can face this falling it's just the taking that i fell. i'm breaking down
Track Name: Division
poet i'm sick of your pretty lies. and it was about the song that sang of the shelves i wished you on. now sing along. and i used to wish my heart as good my heart as strong. and i used to wish i. don't say it's gone. i'll pull the truth to you. and even if it breaks us both down. don't say it's gone
Track Name: The Time It Took
winter's breaking and this should be better and i left letters by your bed knowing that you wouldn't write back
Track Name: The Past Two
and i swear i tried to find the light in this i held my breath for as long as i could hold on. you've known i'm not much for complaining but there's not much left of me this winter got the best of me. december killed the best of me. and i'm sure it's been catching and gaining but how could you see. and even if you spun cartwheels with sparklers in your hands it wouldn't be enough for me december killed the best of me. and i just called and i just wrote to say goodbye. cuz i'm afraid when the snow clears there won't be much left of me. december killed the best of me
Track Name: Somewhere In September
and i begged the summer that stole spring to stay. and this is struggling to find the faith i lost when you fell away. and it's remembering you silver and golden that scares me because when the memories fade it makes you feel like you don't own a thing. and he said boy be good. and i'm trying
Track Name: Standing Still Fast
i strapped my memories to my back i'm leaving. i'm already gone. and i was on a train somewhere wishing sweet stings to you. to make you never forget the poetry in wanting. i want those days to hold you
Track Name: Knuckle Hungry
fucker break down i beg you. look backwards all i ever wanted was to hear "son sorry i was gone it's been so long." what you build. what you've built. means nothing weighted against what you've left behind. you let twenty years slide and in my heart i'd always hoped you'd try
Track Name: Where The Arrow Went Out
if i make it home with what i have left i'll never ever leave again. and i don't know if it was the weight of your words or the way you said my name. say my name. that sent me packing. i stagger away. if i never see your face again it won't kill me half as much as it will keep me alive. keep me alive. two hundred fifty miles and i still can't shake the thought of your place. the thought of you. the smell of you the smell of your house the thought of your face