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No Matter Where We Go​.​.​!

by Latterman

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we'll rest our heads on strong shoulders again. to form new mindsets to bring us through. give up. regain. move again so we'll still sustain and build until the end. with our hearts synced to tempos we set for each other we all still strive and fail. build and fall. but these are connections the miles can never break. we all struggle to find our place and we all will remain. year after year. as we take what we have gained to our new place. so set back our setbacks for one more fucking day. pick up the pieces and remember that we'll always struggle. and hold on to the moments that hold meaning. so no matter where we go all these city's ghosts will follow us on and on
we hope there is solution in these days so we wait for new ideas to get us away. where to start. where to break and let go. where to move. where to look and where to grow. covered in blanket statements try to break free again and again. we move past these empty walls. start to look for our connections to get us through someday soon. always remember to send out the glowing praises as we look to attempt to get out of these boxes. we need to get out of these boxes. we'll break away one of these days and tell ourselves there are no connections to these screens
we know things lose their shine over time. so the things that you love you say wont feel the same way. so move out. move on. fall deep in love with your meaning. and if we haven't found it. i hope we can all start looking. so look out. look up. even though the skies are cloudy gray. spend every new day. look deep and fall in love again. cause things can't stay new forever. we have to work to keep it together. old melodies renewed and recreated. we have to keep on singing
Dear Boys 01:02
we've been within worn out frameworks for sometime with the literal chance it will all come crashing down so i hope to echo the statements. i hope that we'll be searchers pursuing solution but i hope i have the context right. so as we try to understand each other with the weight of the world on our shoulders. i'm sorting this out with another poppy song. i'm not feeling too young these days but this time i'll make it sound better. clouded mindsets keep us apart more than the miles do to be honest. there was more i needed to say then. so i hope time will be on our side. at the point it will all come together. fall apart. document. break and build. let it go. grab a hold. move. set it free and believe
get me home again. start to search for a good friend. you know and i know there will be those ups and downs no matter where we go. with my sight and mind blurred within those miles. i'll get home again feeling lost and alone in these walls i know. break the bottle i still won't find you in the bottom or anywhere around here. break the habit because self destruction is oh so romantic. so says everyone around here. but i know we'll be okay one of these fuckin days. but i know there will be those up and downs no matter where we go. so no matter where we go our hearts will always follow
i can feel another winter coming on. and we're still walking the same ground. our footprints are blending together. and i can still see them in circles in and out of this place. may this headache go away. may this smile stay the same. when i grow up. i want to be like me. and when you grow up i hope that you're still like you. we're still living under the same sky. but these parking lot lights block mine. and we'd like to think that we've changed. but i keep telling the same ten stories in and out of this place. with the same embellished lies about the best times of our lives. and these stories they go on and on
if we could just move in time with our moving words. ideals blurred within reality. well that's reality. your daily dose of disappointment. its who we are not where we live that lets us accept defeat. but there aren't sidewalks on my street. and may the cars swerve into a fucking tree. accept and recognize the failure. deal with it and move from there. like coming home and everyone's left without you. out of town. out of step. but we're still not dead. so far away in the mountains I could finally see. smiling faces looking back at me. to wave goodbye and find what we need to keep moving. lost in the dark of our shadows backs turned again. but with hands held tight now let's begin. to turn and face our faces to the light. if we all have to leave we can build something new. you can come along with me if you want to. i hope to see you someday soon. i need to see you someday soon
just because I go to punk rock shows and because I play in punk rock bands. it don't mean nothing at all. cause there's still so much i don't know. i do the best i can. and there's still so many things I don't know. Just because you didn't call her a bitch doesn't mean you've questioned your own maleness. we all need to think a bit deeper now. cause your dad told you to. and my dad told me to. and tv told you to. and even your own friends told you to. and on and on and on. coming to you from kids who fuck up. oppresive thinking lives inside you and me. indoctrinated. we always fuck up. we have to challenge who we were taught to be. so please don't talk to me. sitting so high up in your tree. cause theres bullshit in my backyard I can already see
may your music break my ear drums. and your pavement scrape my knees. and the next time i get up and try leaving town shoot my fucking plane to the ground. i saw new things in the same old town that year after i decided being dead inside wasn't an option. i think i can be too romantic. yeah i think i was just too romantic. i see life alive in so many peoples eyes. let's hope we won't be dead inside. even though it's warm down here. don't let it lull us to sleep. streets gentrified like it's no problem. boys in bands still singing about killing their girlfriends. people leave communities while their still struggling. come on everybody sing along we're to blame. punks start dealing with their own white priviledge. we tell all the boys to stop being so aggressive. actually giving a shit about the place we live in. come on everybody sing along let's fix this. i see life alive in many peoples eyes


It's like this: Latterman rules. With shouted vocals, screaming guitars and pounded drums, No Matter Where We Go..! is filled with positive, community-minded, socio-political discussion and delivered with an electrifying, reckless abandon. This is throw-your-fists-in-the-air, dance-around, catchy-as-hell punk rock that's sung from the gut and comes from the heart. But punk never sounded THIS good, nor delivered such a timely message. These songs are flat-out impossible to forget, with captivating singalongs and infectious choruses at every turn. Latterman strikes hard and fast with purpose, conviction, relevance and melodies that keep you smiling from ear to ear. Oh, and they're really friendly guys too. Latterman dedicates this release to positivity, friendship, community and anyone who recognizes and struggles against patriarchy, homophobia, racism, white privilege, alienating wage labor and the world's other flaws. Latterman may not save the world, or even rock and roll, but fuckin' a...they saved me. (DER-442)

"Long Island's answer to Against Me!, Latterman play anthemic, energetic and politically charged four-chord punk rock that you can't help but sing (and smile) along with. No Matter Where We Go..! is instantly memorable and exhilarating. 4 out of 5." - Alternative Press

"No Matter Where We Go..! from Latterman is fucking great! The sing-a-long starts here, damn it! Hot Water Music, Fifth Hour Hero and Taking Back Sunday with the quality to match. An energetic blast of hooks, bashing drums and tasteful guitar riffing. No Matter Where We Go..! is of the year's best full lengths. A plus!" - MaximumRockNRoll

"Latterman, a raucous posi-core band that typifies how punk's visceral edge still thrives despite the genre's commercialism. The songs are short, melodic, intense, and filled with group vocals (i.e., melodic shouting). The occasionally ham-fisted lyrics rail against the usual targets, but their pro-feminist slant is refreshing for an all-male punk band. Actually, all of it's refreshing; it's nice to know bands like Latterman still exist." - The Onion

"No Matter Where We Go..! is probably the best thing that Deep Elm has EVER put out. It rips with super upbeat and posi-pop punk which makes you pump your fist and sing along. Latterman deal in catchy rockers that revolve around tight riffing and melodies that burrow their way deep into your frazzled brain. Songs flow into each other with no pause for breath as the band deals the punkage for a solid half hour. The lyrics are definitely worth a read: positive and leaning on the personal political angle. You can't really say any more here; Latterman are on top of their game, they write catchy songs, riff like demons, cram in killer melodies and simply kick arse. Really really good album for anyone who appreciates rocking and melodic punk. This is top notch." - Collective Zine



released August 9, 2005


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