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No Fate

by Lock And Key

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like a song that's been sung before this seems all too familiar but strangely distinct. this time it's every man for himself, nature's harshest reality. held under water, can we help each other? or is it too late? gasping for air, lungs filled with water. is it over? is it too late? i never meant to hurt you, so delicate, so innocent, so sweet. now i'm dealing with the guilt, the consequences of our independence game. held under water, can we help each other? or is it too late? gasping for air, lungs filled with water. is it over? is it too late?
seeing things from another's point of view. hearing things from a whole new you. try to understand where it all began. your roots, beliefs, goals and demands. what if all those words you said were true? (words don't lie). what if i played victim? (victim just like you). while i can't say that i fully comprehend. i can say that we'll miss you, friend. don't say that we let you down. i hope we'll (still) see you around
Clusterfuck 03:27
my brain is racked like a throat, cannot scream without another breath. my heart is weak like an overrun horse, it needs a chance to breath, to rethink. the breath is sacred, just like a chance to rethink. the chance feels like days, the horse grows lonesome, the heart mends. stop saying that you know what's right for me, that we are the same. stop saying that we are the way we are, that we cannot change. stop telling me that i've had my chance, that i am too late. cause you can't tell me what i've got to say
Crutches 03:52
what does it mean to you? do you need its calm? does it represent the answer to your qualms? what could it mean for them? would they sing this song? if you don't know you'll just blindly sing along. rethink. rethink again, think again. its yours. its yours again, yours again. your choice to choose again, choose again. to question
we used to dream out loud. we could talk about our future together and the days when we would finally be free. "take some time apart. it is what we need." can this make us stronger? will we find what we've been looking for? if we don't like what we find can we just shelter it? like the actions of a drunken night, we could black it all out. selective memory. now we're separated. taking a break. i don't know if we will ever be happy
Outsider 03:04
they say we'll never need it. your fathers did the same. just sign your name right here. they say we fight for freedom. security's at stake. there's no backing down. heartbeat racing, future's fading. you just don't know what to believe
Provocation 03:00
and you said you don't feel it. and you said you don't feel it at all. what you can't see, i see it. what you can't see, i see it in you. the feeling's got to be there. the feeling lies dormant in you. what you don't know, i know it. it's buried deep, hibernating in you. and you said you didn't mean it. and you said you didn't mean it at all. what you thought, you couldn't say it. you couldn't say it, cause you knew it was true. you can't take back, you screamed it. you screamed it like you felt it was true. your words provoked reaction. reaction i didn't mean to be true. and you said you don't feel it. what you can't see, i see it. this feeling's got to be there. what you don't know, i know it. and you said you didn't mean it. what you thought, you couldn't say it. you can't take back, you screamed it. the cycle continues


Erupting from every direction with a barrage of rapid-fire drumming, crunching dual guitars and aggressive, striking vocals, it's instantly apparent that Lock And Key is well on their way...not only album-wise, but as a cohesive, single-minded, rock n' roll wrecking machine. Still, even in their most aggressive tracks, Lock And Key's true foundation lies in sincerity. Their ability to mesh ferocity with tried and true melodic sensibilities immediately ignites, engulfs and absorbs the listener. Songs like Crutches begin with an ominous strain, exhibiting the band's range from tense to emotive to explosive in less than four minutes time. It's impossible not to become invested in the infectious hooks of No Fate, which says a lot for a group characterized by their sheer volume. Lock And Key will proceed as usual: with thoughtfulness, honesty and passion...at about four thousand miles per hour. We'll continue to watch as Lock And Key evolves, but now it's time for the rest of the world to pay their respects. Recorded by Ethan Dussault (Garrison, On The Might Of Princes, The Lot Six). An incredible debut. (DER-435)

"On No Fate, expect plenty of gruff vocals, ultra-melodic guitars and catchy choruses from Lock And Key, a Boston punk act whose sound is straight outta Gainesville. The band is energetic, dynamic and smart, and for fans of early Hot Water Music and Blank, you can't afford not to check out Lock And Key" - Alternative Press

"Post-hardcore needs one solitary ingredient to truly engage; panic. That palpable, almost suffocating feeling that echoes from the depths of all great post-hardcore records, of a band at a loss of what to do and where to go (non-musically of course) is utterly enthralling, and Lock And Key have it in spades. On occasions, as with the abrasive chaff of "No Fate," you can literally hear the desperation engulfing their music, channelling their relentless wire of riffage and razor-cut vocals into an emotional void that's at breaking point. It makes a mockery of post-hardcore's plentiful pretenders and by rights should catapult Lock And Key to the very top of the pile." - Logo

"Boston's Lock and Key have a honed formula on their first release, No Fate. This seven-song set is the definition of working man's hardcore. Guitars swarm and assail like a besieged hornets nest, yet also incorporate a rough-edged melody to substantiate the music without making it sound too pretty. Drummer Keith Casella's frenzied beats whip the music into a lather and just as easily relent to give the claustrophobic surroundings a little air. Guitarists Ryan Shanahan and Mike Vera contribute gruff but sincere vocals, often shouting in unison on peak moments. The result is minimalist hardcore performed with clenched-teeth determination. Fewer hard-hitting bands feel more organic and heartfelt." - Journal Review



released April 6, 2004


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